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A 63-year-old visitor from Michigan is dead and a Big Island police officer on administrative leave following an early morning collision on a notoriously dangerous stretch of Waikoloa Road in South Kohala on Sunday. Story »

Daylenn Pua's family remained hopeful as Monday approached, marking the fourth day since Pua left Waianae to hike Haiku Stairs alone in a T-shirt, shorts and slippers. Story »

A 26-year-old nurse said in a newspaper interview that a hospital where she had worked in Dallas and its parent company failed her when she contracted Ebola while caring for the first person in the U.S. diagnosed with the deadly disease. Story »

 Tide coming in for nonprofit
The nonprofit Wai­kiki Community Center, which broke even for the first time in 2013 and finished 2014 with a surplus, is hoping the Duke Kaha­na­moku Beach Challenge, its annual signature watersports event, will keep it riding high. Story »
Los Angeles police shoot, kill man after Skid Row struggle

Authorities say police shot and killed a man who struggled with officers on a sidewalk in the Skid Row section of downtown Los Angeles.

UFC's Ronda Rousey looks to future after 14-second win

Ronda Rousey won a fight in 16 seconds last summer, falling a second short of the quickest victory in UFC history. At the time, the bantamweight champion figured the speed with which she pummeled Alexis Davis was a fluke.

USS Mississippi commander is pulled from post, Navy says

The commanding officer of the Pearl Harbor-based Virginia-class fast-attack submarine USS Mississippi was relieved of his duties Friday due to a loss of confidence in his ability to command, the Navy said.

Suspect in fatal Los Angeles street race held on $2M bail

Police say a 21-year-old man suspected of participating in an illegal street race that killed two spectators in Southern California has been booked on suspicion of murder.

Bids to develop two Kewalo sites are accepted

A pair of Japanese companies no longer have an inside track to develop two pieces of public land bordering Kewalo Harbor after an exclusive period to negotiate a lease with a state agency ran out and wasn't extended.

Samsung ditches plastic design, adds mobile pay in Galaxy S6

Samsung, locked in a tight race with Apple to be the world's biggest smartphone maker, has unveiled an important new phone that ditches its signature plastic design for more stylish metal and glass.

Mountain draws pilgrims to take the climb of Ireland's patron saint

Shrouded in mist, the sacred mountain rises above the countryside, majestic, mysterious and a little foreboding. Here, St. Patrick is said to have fasted for 40 days and nights as he wrestled with demons and banished snakes from Ireland.

 Hiker's solo trek generates 2 days of fruitless searching
Daylenn Pua's family remained hopeful as Monday approached, marking the fourth day since Pua left Wai­anae to hike Haiku Stairs alone in a T-shirt, shorts and slippers.  Story »
A 63-year-old visitor from Michigan is dead and a Hawaii island police officer on administrative leave following an early morning collision on a notoriously dangerous stretch of Wa­ik­oloa Road in South Kohala on Sunday.  Story »

After delivering a no-frills State of the City speech last week, Hono­lulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell will likely submit an equally low-key budget package to the City Council on Monday.  Story »

 Garden Party: Angel Ramos tends a collection of 4,000 plants
Angel Ramos, 86, has never not been growing plants, whether as a hobby or for survival. Raised in Ilocos Norte in the Philippines, he and his six siblings helped tend his impoverished family's crops. He learned to grow things from seed. "We had to farm because there were no jobs," said Ramos. Story »
 Our View: Volunteer help welcome but parks still city's kuleana
There's plenty to like in Mayor Kirk Caldwell's E Paka Kakou initiative, which commits to spending more to improve Honolulu's public parks, and, dovetailing with a bill before the City Council, encourages community members to also spruce up the facilities.  Story »
 Wahine pump out win over Spartans 
Sarina Jaramillo went to the plate ready to unleash some frustration. "I had some anger in me," the Hawaii shortstop said of her at-bat in the bottom of the fourth inning of Sunday's game against San Jose State. Story »
A series that started off so promising ended with a thud on Sunday. Hawaii allowed eight runs after the sixth inning as Pepperdine pounded UH pitching for the third time in four days to win 10-5 and take the series at Eddy D. Field Stadium in Malibu, Calif. Story »

 Hawaii's Backyard: Fashionably lathed
In the gifted hands of John Mydock, blocks of rigid wood are transformed into art that curves, bends and even seems to shine like glass. The renowned Hawaii island artist uses the painstaking processes of pyrography and pearlizing to embellish his vessels.  Story »
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It was evening at one of this city's most popular yoga centers, and teacher training was about to begin. Students wore flowing genie pants. Votive candles lit a classroom. Annie Prasad Freedom, the studio's founder, greeted arriving yogis.  Story »

Millions of Chinese, gripped and outraged, watched a 104-minute documentary video over the weekend that begins with a slight woman in jeans and a white blouse walking on to a stage dimly lit in blue. As an audience looks on somberly, the woman, Chai Jing, displays a graph of brown-red peaks with occasional troughs.  Story »


Should marijuana possession of an ounce or less be decriminalized, into a civil fine of $100 maximum?
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