Wednesday, September 17, 2014         

A former civilian defense contractor is being sentenced to seven years and three months for divulging military secrets to his Chinese girlfriend and keeping classified documents at his Honolulu home. Story »

There's a possibility cooling tradewinds could return next week. But computer forecast models are at odds over whether the high pressure system that brings tradewinds to Hawaii will build or be blocked by another weather system north of the islands. Story »

The Republican-controlled House voted grudgingly to give the administration authority to train and arm Syrian rebels on Wednesday as President Barack Obama emphasized anew that American forces "do not and will not have a combat mission" in the struggle against Islamic State militants in either Iraq or Syria.  Story »

Oahu residents can check the community's energy consumption as often as every hour with energy measuring tool Island Pulse.  Story »

 Top chef at Alan Wong's strives to bring out best in staff's skills
For Miya Nishimura, chef de cuisine at Alan Wong's, the secret to success is an attitude of openness -- to direction, critique and hard work.  Story »
The push to build a center in Honolulu honoring President Barack Obama has percolated mainly at the University of Hawaii, which is leading the bid.  Story »

Budget cuts hit special education, bus service

The state school board Tuesday approved wide-ranging spending restrictions that will touch everything from special-education positions and athletics programs to per-pupil spending and bus transportation.

Sidewalk crackdown may expand on Oahu

Moments before signing into law a bill making it illegal for people to sit or lie on Wai­kiki sidewalks, Hono­lulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell said Tuesday he is leaning toward supporting a separate proposal that would apply the same ban in business districts of six other Oahu neighborhoods.

Albizias on way out

Carol Kwan was just a little nervous when Hurricane Iselle was barrelling toward the islands last month. Hawaii island took the biggest hit from the Aug. 8 storm, with hundreds of albizia trees having been walloped by tropical storm-force winds in Puna.

Bills climbing on Oahu

September marks the fourth month in a row that Oahu residential customers will need to put a little extra toward their electricity bills.

Hawaii Grown: Eager to face old foes

Kaiwi Crabb is no stranger to going head-to-head against fellow football players from Hawaii. On a daily basis, the starting left guard at Colorado finds himself up against senior Juda Parker, a Saint Louis alumnus who recently moved inside to defensive tackle.

Kitchen tradition

When I was a child, my knowledge of Portuguese cooking was confined to my grandmother's kitchen on Maui. She was a frugal woman, we were far from wealthy and our diet was much influenced by where we lived -- in a deep valley that was pig -- not fish or beef -- country.

By Request: Nostalgic Noshes

The plate lunches at Rainbow Drive-In fall firmly in the category of not-broke-don't-fix. Change is unnecessary for purposes of taste or economics (Rainbow already moves 1,600 to 1,800 plate lunches every day, thank you very much). But growth, that's OK.

 High energy tune-up

Hawaii's match against toyota auto body offers more than an exhbition; it promises to be a high-energy tune-up.

 Testimony on State Hospital is filled with contradictions
A psychiatric technician told a state Senate investigative panel Tuesday that his supervisor threatened to fire him after he made public comments about unsafe working conditions at the Hawaii State Hospital, but the supervisor said the employee "got mixed up."  Story »
So this is how the other half lives! National Geographic explorer Daniel Lin and I swapped canoes for the journey back to Pago Pago, where our expedition should arrive sometime tomorrow. Hikianalia is sailing along south-southeast late Monday morning at   Story »

 Football: Warriors need some backup backs
Hallmark does not make sympathy cards for college football teams with depth concerns at running back. "That's life in the big city," Hawaii running backs coach Wayne Moses said. "I don't see anybody with the violin for me." Story »
Hawaii Warrior World

 A trip through Panama Canal is special way to see Americas
There are many ways to travel from the West Coast to the East Coast: » Flying: The most common and expedient method. » Driving: A very long road trip. » Sailing: The scenic route. » Walking: Not recommended. Story »

What do you think about Hawaii vying to locate the Obama Presidential Library in Kakaako?
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