Sunday, September 21, 2014         
It is dawn on Lanai. Yellow and orange hues wash over the island. Yet this dawn is unlike any ever seen on Lanai before.  Story »

Hawaii's $75 million federal Race to the Top grant draws to a close this week, marking the end of an unprecedented four-year investment that launched some of the most aggressive education reforms ever seen in the state's public school system.  Story »

A man known as the "Manoa Rapist" who sued prison officials for refusing to let him enter a work furlough program on Oahu has lost his case in federal court.  Story »

Commercial koa farming has been an elusive pursuit in Hawaii where native old-growth forests of the most valuable wood in the state have been heavily logged. One fledging and unique endeavor, however, has taken root.  Story »

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Lambert's whirlwind career is full of life lessons
On her latest album, "Platinum," country music star Miranda Lambert wanted to show the maturity of an award-winning artist who just turned 30. Lambert headlines a show at the Blaisdell Arena Saturday that continues months of touring. Story »
From "Robinson Crusoe" to the "Swiss Family Robinson" and "Gilligan's Island," audiences have been enthralled by stories of travelers shipwrecked on tropical islands. "Lost" -- the ABC series shot on Oahu from 2004 to 2010 -- is arguably the most complex, convoluted castaway saga of all. Story »

James Moncur, as a water resources researcher and economics professor at the University of Hawaii, still takes an academic interest in what's going on at the Honolulu Board of Water Supply, although now he's following things remotely. He's retired and moved to Phoenix, a desert city that has different issues with water than Oahu.  Story »

Project saves isle palm tree from near extinction

As a youngster in South Kona, Mel Johansen remembers his "Uncle George" telling the story about the time he discovered a rare palm tree and saved it from a bulldozer.

House hopefuls split over ways to reform VA

While both candidates agree that reforms taking place within the Department of Veterans Affairs are needed, the challengers vying to represent Hawaii's 1st Congressional District — both veterans themselves — disagree on the approach that should be taken.

Leaving a legacy

Commercial koa farming has been an elusive pursuit in Hawaii where native old-growth forests of the most valuable wood in the state have been heavily logged. One fledging and unique endeavor, however, has taken root.

The LOST legacy

Everywhere Jean Higgins looked from her spot near the outdoor screen at Sunset on the Beach, she could see people. A sea of faces stretched before her.

Football: Red-Zone blues

Two friends for decades -- Hawaii head coach Norm Chow and Colorado defensive coordinator Ken Baer -- greeted each other outside the visitors' locker room following the Buffaloes' 21-12 victory at Folsom Field.

Volleyball: Rainbow Wahine go on a roll

Serve aggressive. Serve tough. Most important, serve in. Hawaii's hot and cold outing from the service line this season got hot when needed Saturday night against Northern Arizona.

Molokai provides pristine pleasures

After we heard buzzing overhead in the thick jungle for the second or third time, I asked our ponytailed guide, Gregorson Rider, the source of the noise. "Helicopter?" I said. "Tours from Maui," he replied. "It's pretty obnoxious."

 Cast does well, but racial theme gets blurred in 'Hairspray'
"Hairspray," Paliku Theatre's fall musical, is a confection of revisionist history, all bright colors and cartoon characters.  Story »
SWAINS ISLAND » It’s eerily quiet on this tiny, uninhabited South Pacific atoll — almost no noise except for the aki­aki birds squawking in the trees and the wind rustling through the palms. Abandoned dwellings, gravestones and other mysterious artifacts   Story »

 Golf: Kapolei charms Champions
Fred Funk paused between questions to watch Paul Goydos' birdie putt on the Sony widescreen in the corner of the Kapolei Golf Club media room. "That was pure," Funk said after Goydos rolled in the putt to match him atop the leaderboard.  Story »
Hawaii Warrior World

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 Las Vegas Advisor: The Clarion is now silent, may be marked for razing
The Clarion, located on Convention Center Drive just east of the Strip, has closed. Although it ended its run as an under-the-radar slots-only operation, the casino-hotel with 193 rooms had nearly a 45-year run as the Royal Inn, Royal Americana, Paddlewheel, Greek Isles and, most notably, Debbie Reynolds Hollywood.  Story »

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Should the “sit-lie” ban be expanded beyond Waikiki to cover 11 more commercial areas?
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