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The holidays in Honolulu wouldn't be the same without Clarence Ing. For the past 35 years, Îng has played key roles in both the Salvation Army's Thanksgiving Meal at Blaisdell Exhibition Hall and the Live Nativity scene at Waioli Gardens in Manoa.  Story »

The front of the lava flow coming from the Kilauea Volcano advanced another 10 yards Sunday. Hawaii County Civil Defense said the front of the flow remains active but sluggish, moving 15 yards on Saturday after stalling for five days.  Story »

An Indonesian helicopter searching for the missing AirAsia jetliner saw two oily spots in the water Monday, and an Australian search plane spotted objects elsewhere in the Java Sea, but it was too early to know whether either was connected to the aircraft and its 162 passengers and crew. Story »

 Maintenance rebate for solar water heaters brought back
Hawaii Energy, a ratepayer-funded energy conservation and efficiency program, will relaunch a $150 rebate for homeowners to help offset the cost of solar water heater maintenance. Story »
Campaign stresses practical care

Patients who go to the emergency room with a headache may not automatically get a CT scan. Children with pink eye may be told to wait a couple of days and let it resolve on its own rather than use antibiotic eye drops.

Judge criticizes city's bungled prosecution in tossing indictment

It was billed as the largest criminal indictment in Hawaii history. The counts related to gambling numbered 414. Nine defendants. Nearly 80 sweepstakes machines seized. The investigation spanned roughly two years, but pursuit of the charges unraveled in a matter of days.

Vacation cons take their toll

With average hotel room rates approaching $250 a night, he and his wife determined that a trip to Hawaii last January wasn't in their budget. But they reconsidered after spotting a last-minute deal on Craigslist for a condo at the Waikiki Cabana for $80 a night, or $500 for the week.

Big Isle farm gets out of tomatoes

awaii's supply of locally grown tomatoes has gotten considerably smaller after one of the state's biggest producers decided to exit the business.

Basketball: Injured UH guard will give it a go

Hawaii coach Benjy Taylor noted Southern University's 10-point loss at No. 12 Iowa State and recent four-point defeat at No. 22 Baylor. Tomorrow night will be all hands on deck, and that could include senior guard Garrett Nevels, who is slated Wednesday to have surgery on his right hand.

5 Things We Love: New Year's Resolutions

Capture tasty traditions in writing • Learn basics of money management • Train your brain with exercise • Ukulele lessons go underground • Shoes mix hiking with recycling

People often leave neighborhoods that are dominated by vacation rentals to compete for finite housing resources in less-expensive districts. Those at the bottom of the ladder may become homeless, filling up shelters or tent cities. Story »

President Barack Obama was back on the links on Sunday, the ninth day of his Christmas vacation. Story »

 Astrological signs point to positivity
The end of the year is a time of reflection and looking ahead to new beginnings with a vexing mixture of uncertainty and hope over how one's life will unfold over the next 12 months. Story »
Capture tasty traditions in writing • Learn basics of money management • Train your brain with exercise • Ukulele lessons go underground • Shoes mix hiking with recycling Story »

 Our View: Apply TAT to all vacation rentals
Trying to get a handle on the burgeoning problem — some say boon — of in-home vacation rentals will be a daunting task, but it's one that must be tackled. Story »
 Winston doesn't care who is lined up opposite FSU
If someone else said it, it would be considered by most as just funny. But when Jameis Winston exaggerated to make a point, some reading on social media took what he said as disrespecting an NFL star — as well as his opponent. Story »
DeForest Buckner was taken back Sunday to when he was a child and his life changed forever, when his father, George, was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. Through tears, he shared the story of being a young boy in Waianae and having to grow up fast. Story »

 Hawaii's Backyard: Oahu’s only dairy farm keeps production natural
Nine-hundred-pound Pickles is as cute and friendly as a puppy. The 5-year-old Jersey cow is the mascot of Naked Cow Dairy Farm & Creamery, the only dairy on Oahu and one of just three in Hawaii (the other two are on Hawaii island). Story »
Information about the official New Year's Eve fireworks display in Las Vegas has been announced. Known as "America's Party," the show will encompass both the annual fireworks show on the Strip and live entertainment downtown at the Fremont Street Experience. Story »

On the edge of the historic Anacostia neighborhood here there is a very ugly bridge. It once linked Capitol Hill to a freeway that headed to southern Maryland over the Anacostia River, but it had little inherent value to the neglected, largely African-American region through which it passed.  Story »

Do you plan to buy any fireworks or poppers to celebrate the new year?
Having A Ball This Holiday Season
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Adjusting To Life In America
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