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Vog takes a breather from Hawaii skies

Last week was notable for the heat index getting close to or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit in some parts of the state. Yet, another unpleasant condition and human health irritant was noticeably absent: vog. Read More

Kapolei housing construction begins

In about 18 months, a new dynamic should be present in Oahu’s “Second City” with people living in the Kapolei urban core that was master planned for businesses. Read More

Natural disasters nip at state’s economic growth, report says

Economic growth in Hawaii this year took a couple knocks from natural disasters but hasn’t been stopped, according to an academic report being released today. Read More

Hawaii timeshare occupancy ticked up in second quarter

An April flood on Kauai and an erupting volcano during May and June on the Big Island didn’t seem to deter timeshare visitors to Hawaii, according to a state report released Wednesday. Read More

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit to open first Hawaii location in Kapolei

A 77-year-old restaurant business that slowly smokes meat and claims to be the biggest barbecue chain in the country plans to open its first Hawaii location next month in Kapolei. Read More

After years of planning, new senior housing project to break ground in Kapolei

A rental housing tower in downtown Kapolei for seniors with low incomes is set to start construction after several years of planning. Read More

Kilauea lava upsurge dies down; naming new fissure heats up

The dominant source of lava since May from Puna’s volcanic eruption could be tapped out. But one increasingly active issue with fissure 8 is the effort to give it an official name. Read More

Hawaiian Memorial Park seeks 28-acre expansion in Kaneohe

The owner of Hawaiian Memorial Park has filed a new draft environmental impact study in a bid to add 30,000 more burial sites to the Kaneohe cemetery nearly a decade after a similar effort was rejected by a state commission. Read More

Line forms early to buy condos in planned tower near Ala Moana Center

Waiting in line for hours on a sidewalk to buy condominiums in a planned new high-rise near Ala Moana Center was a job for many people Friday. Read More

Olivia causes flooding and landslides but no injuries on Maui

State and county officials Thursday got a bird’s-eye view of the parts of Maui County hardest-hit by Tropical Storm Olivia. Read More

Olivia makes brief but historic landfall on Maui

Tropical Storm Olivia made history Wednesday as the first such storm to make landfall on Maui in modern times. Read More

Maui prepares for Olivia’s impacts

A forecast path taking Tropical Storm Olivia over Maui looked foreboding Tuesday, but life on the Valley Isle less than a day before the storm’s projected arrival was pretty calm. Read More

Maui County evacuation shelters opening, schools to close as storm bears down

Maui County will hunker down for Tropical Storm Olivia late tonight and Wednesday, opening seven evacuation shelters, granting leave for nonessential county workers and stationing emergency relief personnel in key areas, Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa announced today. Read More

Algae biofuel company to launch commercial work

A company that set out 11 years ago to test whether it could make fuel oil from algae in Hawaii announced Friday that it is ceasing research work after succeeding, and will try to build a commercial production plant in the islands. Read More

Oahu home prices hit record-busting $810K median

Oahu’s housing market took just a small step in August but crossed a big threshold to top the $800,000 price mark for the first time. Read More

Oahu home sales last month set price record

Previously owned single-family houses sold for a median $810,000 in August, which surpassed the high of $795,000 reached in June 2017. Read More

Big Isle, Kauai housing markets mostly positive

Home sales and the median price of homes mostly rose on the Big Island and Kauai in August, according to local real estate agent trade association data released Wednesday by Hawaii Information Service. Read More

Affordable units make up 20% of new Waikiki rental tower

The developer of a planned rental apartment tower in Waikiki has given the project a name and increased the length of time homes would be affordable to residents earning less than the median income. Read More

Kakaako road owner violating new law, state agency says

A 4-month-old Hawaii law aimed at resolving a vexing issue over the use of private streets in Kakaako is being put into action. Read More

Petitioners want Haseko’s Ewa Beach lagoon opened to ocean

A petition advocates that a predominantly freshwater lagoon dug into coastal Ewa Beach land at Hoakalei Resort be modified so it has an opening to the ocean. Read More

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