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Evaluation of HART CEO Andrew Robbins begins

A Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation committee Friday began discussing a one-year evaluation for Executive Director Andrew Robbins. Read More

Council bill would address lengthy building permit times

A bill requiring the city to process less complicated building permits within 60 days won preliminary approval from a City Council committee Thursday. Read More

Panel rejects mayor’s plea to reconsider rental bill

Despite urging from Mayor Kirk Caldwell, members of the Honolulu Planning Commission on Wednesday stood by their earlier decision not to recommend his short-term vacation rental omnibus bill for approval by the Honolulu City Council. Read More

Council advances bill to raise $44M for rail from city bonds

A bill allowing $44 million in city money to be used to help pay for the $8 billion-plus rail project won preliminary approval from the Honolulu City Council on Wednesday. Read More

Portions of Ala Wai parks to close for improvements

Major portions of Ala Wai Community Park and next-door Ala Wai Neighborhood Park will be closed for maintenance through Dec. 26. Read More

2 Ala Wai parks to be closed for maintenance through Dec. 26

Portions of Ala Wai Community Park and next-door Ala Wai Neighborhood Park will be closed 24-hours-a-day for maintenance projects from Wednesday through Dec. 26, the city Department of Parks and Recreation announced. Read More

Some at UH support ballot question despite union

Although a ballot question on authorizing a surcharge to support public schools is opposed by the University of Hawaii faculty union, a group of more than 118 university faculty and graduate students Monday came out in support of it — arguing approval of the proposal is a way to provide necessary funding to make improvements in a public education system that grossly lags behind others in the country. Read More

‘Monster houses’ bill is criticized as not addressing the cause of the problem

The draft of a bill designed to crack down on Oahu’s illegal large-scale houses is already drawing fire — and it hasn’t even gotten its first public hearing. Read More

Bail revoked for suspect in Haleiwa murder case

Bail was revoked Friday for a man charged with a fatal shooting in Haleiwa last month. Read More

Updated homelessness plan targets health services, public safety

The city’s updated plan for tackling homelessness calls for launching public safety initiatives and providing more health care services for the unsheltered. Read More

Caldwell signs bills to keep homeless from blocking sidewalks

Caldwell and supporters say the new laws are designed to keep sidewalks clear for pedestrians, but opponents argue that their main goal is to punish the homeless. Read More

Team to look into harassment claims by Council worker

Honolulu City Council Chairman Ernie Martin announced this week that an investigative team has been formed to look into an allegation that Councilman Trevor Ozawa verbally harassed another Councilman’s aide for supporting his political rival. Read More

City of Honolulu may have to repay $8M, HUD warns

A local U.S. housing official warned Mayor Kirk Caldwell Wednesday that the city could be forced to repay nearly $8 million for failing to find commercial tenants for the Chinatown Gateway Plaza building on Nuuanu and Hotel streets. Read More

Higher Windward sewer capacity helps ADU applicants

A jump in the number of approved pre-check forms for accessory dwelling units (ADUs) is being attributed to the recent completion of the Kaneohe-Kailua Wastewater Conveyance and Treatment Facilities project. Read More

Building violators could go to jail under bill approved by Honolulu City Council

Ignoring a city order to halt construction due to building or land-use violations could land a contractor or property owner in jail under a bill passed unanimously by the Honolulu City Council Wednesday. Read More

Bills banning obstructing, lodging on sidewalks passed by Council

In a further effort to clear the homeless from Oahu’s sidewalks, the Honolulu City Council gave final approval Wednesday to two bills that would ban people from obstructing or lodging on public places. Read More

Oahu voters asked to solve HART board members dilemma

Oahu voters are being asked to help the city resolve a problem with the board of the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation. Read More

Caldwell opposed to altering sidewalk bills

Mayor Kirk Caldwell wants Honolulu City Council members to pass his bills banning “obstructing” and “lodging” on Oahu sidewalks without language they’ve added that would delay their implementation. Read More

Caldwell signs bill targeting building violators

Builders of so-called illegal monster homes and other city building code violators now face stiffer penalties under a bill signed into law by Mayor Kirk Caldwell on Thursday. Read More

Counties file appeal on constitutional amendment question

The four counties filed an appeal today of a state Circuit Court ruling denying their challenge to a proposed constitutional amendment that asks voters to allow state lawmakers to impose real property taxes for public education. Read More

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