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Mayor directs department heads to plan for climate change

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell issued a formal directive Monday requiring city departments and agencies to take action to meet the growing impacts of climate change and sea level rise. Read More

Abigail Kawananakoa records secret despite Supreme Court directive

First Circuit Court Judge R. Mark Browning said in court last week that he’s all about due process and fairness as he oversees the now-yearlong legal brawl over control of the $215 million trust of Campbell Estate heiress Abigail Kawananakoa. Read More

Kawananakoa Foundation directors join fight over trust

The judge in the Abigail Kawananakoa trust fight Friday granted a request by the newly formed Abigail KK Kawananakoa Foundation board of directors to enter the case. Read More

Kawananakoa ‘appalled’ by move to take over foundation, her attorney says

The attorney for Abigail Kawananakoa said in court Thursday that his client is appalled by a move to remove her from the board of directors of a charity she set up in her trust to serve the Native Hawaiian community after her death. Read More

Former Honolulu ethics investigator run over in his own yard by truck

A former Honolulu Ethics Commission investigator died in a freak accident last week when he was hit by a runaway dump truck in his own yard. Read More

Climate change could increase rat lungworm’s range

University of Hawaii researchers have found that rat lungworm disease is poised to expand its range under the spell of climate change, a fact that could leave more people vulnerable than ever before. Read More

Native Hawaiian board forms to protect heiress Kawananakoa’s foundation

In the latest twist to the court battle over Abigail Kawananakoa’s fortune, a newly formed Abigail KK Kawananakoa Foundation board of directors is seeking to insert itself into the case in an effort to protect the Native Hawaiian charity that was planned to be underwritten by about half of the Campbell Estate heiress’s $215 million trust fund after her death. Read More

Native Hawaiian board forms to protect Kawananakoa’s foundation

The Abigail KK Kawananakoa Foundation board plans to seek a postponement of a key hearing to allow it to catch up on the 4,000-plus pages of filings previously submitted in the Probate Court case. Read More

Kawananakoa’s former employees can stay in Pearl City home for now

They were facing eviction, but the former longtime employees of Campbell Estate heiress Abigail Kawananakoa won a victory in court Thursday that will allow them to stay in their Pearl City home — at least for now. Read More

34% of Hawaii’s coast at risk as climate change accelerates, study finds

A study by University of Hawaii researchers has found a third of the state’s shorelines are vulnerable to coastal hazards as the waves and storms that hit the islands become intensified by the growing impacts of sea level rise. Read More

Interstellar intruder long gone but still offering surprises

‘Oumuamua, the mysterious space object that rocked the astronomy world last fall after it was identified as a visitor from another star system, is now roughly 600 million miles away from the Earth and getting more distant by the second. Read More

Hearing for heiress’s ex-workers delayed

A hearing on the possible eviction of former longtime employees of Campbell Estate heiress Abigail Kawananakoa from their Pearl City home will take place this week after being delayed. Read More

Rowena Akana fires back at state Ethics Commission

Office of Hawaiian Affairs Trustee Rowena Akana had vowed to fight ethics charges filed against her, and on Wednesday she did just that, filing a lawsuit that aims to block the effort. Read More

Hawaii officials dismayed with Supreme Court travel ban ruling

It was a hard fight, but Hawaii ultimately took it on the chin Tuesday when the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the third version of President Donald Trump’s travel ban affecting a handful of mostly Muslim countries. Read More

Endangered species get boost from pact with Kamehameha Schools

Kamehameha Schools entered into an agreement with state and federal agencies Friday that targets the recovery of 32 federally endangered species and one threatened species on the island of Hawaii. Read More

TMT gets its day in court — again

Once again the fate of the stalled Thirty Meter Telescope rests with the state Supreme Court following oral arguments on Thursday. Read More

Thirty Meter Telescope back in hands of Hawaii Supreme Court

During today’s oral arguments, the justices asked pointed questions on both sides of the issue and didn’t seem to signal which way they are leaning. Read More

Customer shot at vape store after he confronts robbers

Honolulu police are searching for as many as three males in an attempted murder investigation after a male customer was shot in the abdomen as he confronted suspects robbing a vape shop in Aiea. Read More

Kawananakoa dispute puts estate’s horse farms at risk

Many know her as a descendent of Hawaiian royalty, a philanthropist and an activist known for freely giving to Native Hawaiian causes and institutions. Read More

Heiress’s former employees ask for hearing delay

Three longtime employees of Abigail Kawananakoa are attempting to step into the legal dispute involving the $215 million fortune of the Campbell Estate heiress in an effort to protect their interests as beneficiaries. Read More