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Hawaiian Air posts record $18.1 million in bag fees

The carrier cites an increased number of passengers on mainland routes

By Star-Advertiser staff

LAST UPDATED: 10:44 a.m. HST, Dec 18, 2012

Hawaiian Airlines took in a record $18.1 million in baggage fees in the third quarter, according to a federal Bureau of Transportation Statistics report issued Monday.

The local airline ranked 11th in the nation in total collections. The $18.1 million follows previous record amounts of $16.5 million in the second quarter and $16.1 million in the first quarter of 2012.

Hawaiian has earned $50.76 million in year-to-date baggage fees, virtually ensuring it will exceed the record $56.6 million in fees collected in 2011.

Hawaiian also collected $4.75 million in cancellation and change fees in the third quarter, up from $4.35 million a year ago. Its total through three quarters of 2012 was $13.74 million.

Hawaiian said the increase in bag fees was due in part to the increased number of passengers on mainland routes.

"We increased the number of passengers carried on our North America routes by 16 percent for the third quarter compared to the same quarter last year," said Ann Botticelli, Hawaiian spokes­woman, in an email. "That includes the daily service to JFK (New York) that began in July and has proven to be quite popular."

As a whole, U.S. airlines collected $924 million in baggage fees in the third quarter, up almost 3 percent from the same period last year, the bureau reported.

United Continental Holdings Inc. reported some of the biggest gains. United collected $187.3 million in bag fees in the third quarter, up 10.8 percent from a year earlier.

Delta Air Lines Inc. is the second-biggest airline by traffic, but it had the top spot for baggage fees. It has collected $662.8 million so far this year. That's up slightly from the same period last year.

Baggage fee collections fell sharply at American Airlines, which is reorganizing under bankruptcy protection. It took in $138.3 million in the most recent quarter, down 9.5 percent from a year earlier.

Even Southwest Airlines Co., where passengers can check two bags for free, has collected $104.3 million in baggage fees so far this year. That's mostly because its AirTran subsidiary does charge for baggage. In fact, AirTran raised its bag fees Friday.

Ticket-change fees are up, too. Airlines collected $652 million in change fees in the most recent quarter, up 8 percent from $602.9 million a year earlier. Delta is tops in that category, too, with $200.4 million in ticket-change fees, compared with $171.9 million for United.

Airlines report baggage and ticket-change fees to the government. Fees for other add-ons, such as picking a seat or getting on the plane early, are not reported separately.

Airline profits jumped almost 55 percent to $1.39 billion in the third quarter, compared with $902.2 million during the same period last year, the government reported.


The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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wsato wrote:
too much omiyage
on December 18,2012 | 04:55AM
Sunny wrote:
Soon they will charge for hand carry's as folks try to avoid the checked baggage fees.
on December 18,2012 | 06:11AM
aomohoa wrote:
It's annoying when someone has a carry on almost as big as my suitcase and tries to shove it in the overhead. Sometimes they get away with it.
on December 18,2012 | 05:40PM
busthalfnut wrote:
Time to regulate this greed.
on December 18,2012 | 06:52AM
kainalu wrote:
Exactly. At the least, require them to take of their masks while they're robbing us.
on December 18,2012 | 09:16AM
turbolink wrote:
On the other hand, isn't it nice to have a local airline that is first in the nation month after month for on-time performance and customer service, that isn't in Chapter 11? Count your blessings.
on December 18,2012 | 10:15AM
808behappy wrote:
Their on time performance is due to the fact that they won't allow you to board the plane 40 minutes from take off if you have check in luggage. Wouldn't allow a group of us to board and have our luggage come on the next flight!
on December 18,2012 | 11:55AM
aomohoa wrote:
That's just a ridiculous statement and not true. Maybe one weird example with a demanding customer.
on December 18,2012 | 02:35PM
al_kiqaeda wrote:
on December 18,2012 | 07:40PM
false wrote:
There ontime because the game the system. shouldn't that be a crime. The always takeoff 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time. No surprise they are on time or early. Wake up people.
on December 18,2012 | 01:10PM
aomohoa wrote:
Another weird comment. Do you fly very often false? I fly with them all the time.
on December 18,2012 | 02:36PM
aomohoa wrote:
Thank you turbolink. Some people are so use to thinks being run into the ground and losing money(like our government) that they confuse success with greed. I fly Hawaiian minimum 3 times a year. They run on time, they are nice, there is lots of leg room. The best thing, for me ,is most of the planes only have 2 seats on each side and I only sit by my husband, which is the way I like it. I also get lots of miles that are always easy to use.
on December 18,2012 | 02:34PM
H20 wrote:
It IS greed. You telling me they would fold if they gave kamaaina at LEAST half price on bag fees? Nope, greed.
on December 18,2012 | 06:26PM
HD36 wrote:
Fees = another form of disguised inflation= another form of taxation
on December 18,2012 | 06:59AM
akuman808 wrote:
Plus, offering $15 special meals that are worth perhaps $8.00. No blankets and pillows; while fuel prices continue to decrease. I look forward to the entry of Southwest Airlines into Hawaii, and will continue to remember Hawaiian's menu of additional charges. As a Pulani Gold member, it's disappointing when you cannot reserve a seat because Hawaiian blocks that informaiton to "sell" premium seats and for travel agents. Auwe, where's the ALOHA!
on December 18,2012 | 07:12AM
aomohoa wrote:
The regular meal is fine and very few airlines have meals any more. I get a blanket and a pillow. Its usually just in the way. Funny I never have a problem getting a good seat. Maybe it's you. Where is your Aloha.
on December 18,2012 | 02:38PM
nodaddynotthebelt wrote:
I can't wait for Southwest Airlines. These baggage fees are ridiculous.
on December 18,2012 | 07:16AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
What a rip. SWA, come on in!
on December 18,2012 | 07:19AM
fairgame947 wrote:
Disgusting!!! Of all the airlines, Hawaiian knows when we have to travel, especially to the mainland, we're going to have baggage. They should exempt Hawaii residents from the first bag charge.
on December 18,2012 | 07:51AM
hilopango wrote:
We will just continue to keep the US Postal Service in business by sending stuff ahead.
on December 18,2012 | 08:18AM
aomohoa wrote:
They are so incompetent they will lose your luggage. Hawaiian has never lost mine! The post office has lost 3 items of mine this year that I mailed to people on the Mainland.
on December 18,2012 | 04:10PM
aomohoa wrote:
We fly several times a year with Hawaiian,because they are the best. Join the club people. We pay nothing for luggage.
on December 18,2012 | 08:42AM
aomohoa wrote:
This is private enterprise people They are suppose to make a profit. This is not our government!
on December 18,2012 | 09:01AM
false wrote:
Getting a little expensive to bring all that beef jerky back from Las Vegas isn't it?
on December 18,2012 | 09:25AM
aomohoa wrote:
Not sure who you are talking about. I never go to Las Vegas.
on December 18,2012 | 02:40PM
Ripoff wrote:
wait wait wait....I thought the "bag fee" was to help offset the cost of oil? I don't know who's worse HA or HEI.....
on December 18,2012 | 10:06AM
Numilalocal wrote:
First they charge for check-ins. Then they charge for carry-ons. Maybe it's just a ploy to increase revenue for their freight operations?
on December 18,2012 | 10:22AM
HAJAA1 wrote:
What a joke. PLEEEASE hurry Southwest!!!! Need some serious competition back around these parts.
on December 18,2012 | 11:22AM
HAJAA1 wrote:
FYI.....when our keiki was on Fall Break (which the mainlander keiki do not enjoy), Hawaiian jacked the prices big time on their flights to and from as they knew we were taking our little ones to the mainland parks. ALL OTHER AIRLINES DID NO SUCH THING. So there it is! They cannot say it's due to competition! They scr*$@ed their own people of Hawaii. Enough said about Hawaiian, that's really all you need to know right? Who would be loyal to them after that?? Not I.
on December 18,2012 | 11:27AM
aomohoa wrote:
Fortunately the complainers are in the minority since Hawaiian airlines is very successful and expanding all the time. Aloha
on December 18,2012 | 02:46PM
LadyNinja wrote:
Crazy, gone are the days of Hawaiian-Aloha where you got to check your baggage for free. I miss those days and the hospitality, too much no more Kamaaina rates and too much Haoulified......bring back the free baggage and maybe more locals can afford to fly.
on December 18,2012 | 03:16PM
aomohoa wrote:
Welcome to the real world, do you pay the same for groceries that you paid in the good old days? NO
on December 18,2012 | 04:11PM
bumba wrote:
Thanks Hawaiian Air. Another BOHICA (bend over here it comes again).
on December 18,2012 | 03:22PM
aomohoa wrote:
I'm more annoyed at paying extra taxes for rail and people who don't contribute to society.. You don't have to fly.
on December 18,2012 | 03:28PM
Kapaho wrote:
I still cannot understand why airlines charge for the first bag. Anyone traveling will need at least one suitcase to go as baggage. Hawaiian Airlines is making a deal just with baggage charge. They could at least reduce the airfares but they won't. I hope Southwest Airlines comes to Hawaii and provide interisland fares. At least they don't charge for baggage.
on December 18,2012 | 04:31PM
al_kiqaeda wrote:
Basic Low Ball Marketing 101.
on December 18,2012 | 07:49PM
tiki886 wrote:
ALL YOU FREAKIN WHINERS AND COMPLAINERS DON'T EVEN FLY ON A REGULAR BASIS!!!! If you did, you'd know that the baggage fee is FAIR!!! Why don't you fly with a competitor of Hawaiian Airlines if you feel ripped off!
on December 18,2012 | 08:27PM
aomohoa wrote:
Wow, you are right on tiki886. I am sick of these complainers!
on December 19,2012 | 08:20PM
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