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U.S. asks judge to approve seizure of ‘Pharma Bro’ assets

“Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli appeared in court for the first time since a judge locked him up for his online antics, hearing the government argue that he’s on the hook for more than $7 million for his securities fraud conviction. Read More

General Mills gets pet-friendly again with Blue Buffalo purchase

General Mills said it plans to buy high-end pet food maker Blue Buffalo for $8 billion. It’s a return to the pet business for the more than 150-year-old company, which used to sell food for cats, dogs and birds back in the 1950s. Read More

U.S. companies distance themselves from NRA as pressure mounts

U.S. companies are taking a closer look at investments, co-branding deals and other ties to the gun industry and its public face, the National Rifle Association, after the latest school massacre. Read More

Fed expects economic gains to prompt gradual rate hikes

The Federal Reserve says it expects that the ongoing strength of the U.S. economy will warrant gradual increases in interest rates this year, delivering the same steady-as-it-goes message under new leaderJerome Powell as it had provided under Janet Yellen. Read More

State auditor blasts HTA for lax oversight and accountability

Updated on  February 22, 2018 at 5:18 pm
The Hawaii Tourism Authority suffers from “lax oversight (and) deficient internal controls,” a scathing state audit issued today says, noting that the agency isn’t ensuring that taxpayer funds are spent effectively. Read More

UPS adding to electric truck fleet

Updated on  February 22, 2018 at 1:06 pm
UPS says it will soon start using electric delivery trucks that cost the same as conventional diesel- or gas-fueled ones. Read More

U.S. stock market on pace to snap two-day losing streak

U.S. stocks were moving mostly higher today after a two-day losing streak. Industrials stocks accounted for a big slice of the rally. Energy companies also notched solid gains as crude oil prices recovered from an early slide. Read More

Hawaii hotels start out 2018 with strong January, led by neighbor islands

Hawaii’s hotel industry kicked off the year with solid growth in average daily rate and revenue per available room in January, according to a hotel performance report released today by Hawaii Tourism Authority. Read More
Updated on  February 22, 2018 at 3:56 pm

Satellites see big fishing’s footprint on high seas

Updated on  February 23, 2018 at 11:24 am
By using ships’ own emergency beacons, researchers got the first comprehensive snapshot of industrial fishing’s impacts around the globe. And it’s huge — bigger than scientists thought, according to a new study. Read More

SpaceX launches Spanish satellite, 2 others from California

An Earth-observation satellite built for Spain and two experimental satellites for internet service were successfully launched into orbit from California at dawn, creating a brief light show as itarced over the Pacific Ocean west of Los Angeles today. Read More

Money an issue as many businesses don’t give caregiver leave

Within three months, one of MacLaren Cummings’ staffers passed away from cancer and then both his own mother and the mother of an employee were diagnosed with breast cancer. Although he was the CEO, Cummings says, “the last thing I could think about was work.” Read More

Groups want details on Trump’s approval of Keystone pipeline

Opponents of the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada are asking a judge to force the U.S. government to turn over emails and other documents related to President Donald Trump’s approval of the project. Read More

Hundreds of KFC outlets in U.K. close amid chicken shortage

Chicken is still as scarce as hen’s teeth at KFC’s British outlets. KFC says about 470 of the fried chicken chain’s 900 U.K. restaurants remain closed because of a chicken shortage. Read More

Stuck in an opioids crisis, officials turn to acupuncture

Although long derided as pseudoscience and still questioned by many medical experts, acupuncture is increasingly being embraced by patients and doctors, sometimes as an alternative to the powerful painkillers behind the nation’s opioid crisis. Read More

Luxury property ad blitz heralds Trump son’s visit to India

Glossy front-page advertisements in almost every major Indian newspaper, which have run repeatedly in the past few days, herald the arrival not of the American president but of his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., who is in New Delhi to sell luxury apartments and lavish attention onwealthy Indians who have already bought units in a Trump-branded development. Read More

Walmart takes bruises from Amazon battle in 4Q

Walmart reported a lower-than-expected fourth-quarter profit and wrestled with slower e-commerce sales during the busiest time of the year, signs that underscore the company’s challenges in a fiercely competitive landscape. Read More

Wynn gets no money in termination deal with casino company

Updated on  February 17, 2018 at 12:51 am
A termination agreement between embattled casino mogul Steve Wynn and the company bearing his name leaves him without any severance or compensation and prohibits him involvement in any competing gambling business for two years. Read More

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