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Editorial: Caution needed for aid in dying

Those who advocated for Hawaii’s new medical aid in dying law — and those who opposed it — have been on a decades-long journey, finally ending in its enactment. Read More

Letter: Don’t let guns flood into our islands

Hawaii is in a unique position geographically in terms of guns. We can choose either to keep them out of our state and avoid mass shootings, or we can allow them in to become every mother’s nightmare. Read More

Name in the News: Linda Santos

Dogs and cats and turtles, oh my! As it turns out, that was the path, starting in childhood, that led Linda Santos to her post in charge of Honolulu’s lions and tigers and bears. Read More

Watch out for Freeway Service Patrol

Should you, while motoring along the H-1 or H-2, spot a state Freeway Serv­ice Patrol truck parked next to zipping freeway traffic, show our flat-tire first responders some respect. Read More

Letter: There are many ways to stay safe on streets

I believe it is also my responsibility to stay alive and uninjured while walking, rather than merely depending upon someone I don’t even know to avoid hitting me with their car, bicycle, skateboard, moped or whatever. Stay alert and pay attention. Read More

Editorial: Strict stun-gun law benefits isles

In recent years, several states have made it easier to carry or buy guns and electronic arms, such as stun guns. Read More

Letter: Set WWI memorial away from beach

Yes, we should honor our past. We should rebuild a memorial set back from Kaimana Beach that honors our soldiers who served in the First World War. Read More

Column: Honolulu should reconsider its property tax rate structure

While the ballot measure on using property taxes to fund public education was disallowed by Hawaii’s Supreme Court, completing rail construction will require the use of property taxes. Read More

Assessing the impact of Navy SEALS

To be sure, the Navy SEALs and other special-ops forces do dangerous, mission-critical work on behalf of the American people — many times under cover of darkness, literally and figuratively. Read More

Letter: Minimum-wage workers help us all

Some argue that if workers don’t want to be paid minimum wage, they should get educations and better jobs. Read More

Letter: Strike expensive for hotel workers

I live four blocks away from the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani Hotel, but from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m., I and thousands of other Waikiki residents are bombarded with incessant drums, bells, megaphones and general cacophony. Read More

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