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Column: With crime putting Chinatown at risk, police patrols needed now

Over the last two years, the intersection of Maunakea and Pauahi streets has become a vortex for drug dealing, public drinking, street sex, street brawls, stabbings and murders. Read More

Column: Solutions for Chinatown should heed its character, people

Each of the city’s redevelopments brought controversy and some level of pushback, since they were often out of scale with the general character of Chinatown. Read More

Column: Memorials are touchstones to our honored dead

Today, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Vietnam Women’s Memorial is an honor to the legacy of service of all women veterans. Read More

Initiative focuses on more trees in Oahu’s concrete jungle

The canopy of trees that shade developed parts of Oahu is shrinking. The city, and an enlarging network of nonprofit groups concerned about that, are working to reverse that trend. Read More

Much achieved in last ConCon, held in 1978

Today’s ConCon debate echoes some themes from the lead-up to the previous Constitutional Convention, held through the summer of 1978. Read More

Column: Plan for disrupting high-tide flooding by mid-century

We need to eliminate dangerous fossil fuels, plan for more frequent and intense weather hazards, and adapt to sea level rise. Now is the time for new policies and behaviors to protect our most treasured places. Read More

Column: Adapting to climate change requires a mix of responses

We are beginning to learn a great deal about the current risks associated with climate change. We should not let what we don’t yet know keep us from doing the things we ought to be doing now. Read More

Column: Water-rate hikes to boost upkeep of aging system

This long-term look is the best approach to sustain, expand, repair and replace critical water infrastructure to support Ka Wai Ola for the people of Oahu. Read More

Column: Technology helps improve, recycle Oahu’s wastewater

On the surface, most people just want to be assured of no adverse side effects from using biosolids on farm crops or reclaimed water for more purposes. The two ways to do that are through studies and education. Read More

Insight: Hawaii has long history of strict firearms laws

While a recent court ruling tests “open carry” here, Hawaii’s history of strict firearms laws is assessed. Read More

Column: School tax would help kids and deter rich outside investors

As voters we have a choice: Do we vote for our keiki, or do we vote for these wealthy developers? We must choose our keiki. Please vote YES on the amendment to fund our schools and our keiki. Read More

Column: Schools’ problem, fundamentally, is dysfunctional DOE

We strongly oppose the proposed constitutional amendment that purportedly would increase DOE funding. Read More

Column: High cost of living makes Hawaii fertile ground to grow gig economy

With Labor Day weekend recognizing the invaluable contributions made to our country by the labor movement, a new group of workers has recently swelled in number. Read More

Hawaii Opioid Initiative: Remedy for relief

Unlike cases soaring across the U.S., Hawaii’s rate of opioid misuse is low — and an action plan is working to keep it that way. Read More

No roof, no problem: How ratepayers can share in the solar revolution

If things continue to progress at their current pace, more of Hawaii’s electric ratepayers soon will start to feel some warmth from the solar energy revolution, even if they own neither a roof nor a photovoltaic cell. Read More

Colleen Hanabusa explains why she deserves your vote

In a tight contest, the two main Democratic gubernatorial candidates discuss key issues and why they deserve your vote. Read More

David Ige explains why he deserves your vote

In a tight contest, the two main Democratic gubernatorial candidates discuss key issues and why they deserve your vote. Read More

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