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Column: Why states are losing battle to increase public school funding

On Oct. 19, the Hawaii Supreme Court threw out the constitutional amendment ballot measure that would have allowed the public to vote on using an investment property surcharge to increase public education funding. Read More

Column: Fighting violence begins with awareness

I don’t think a person can truly recover from the pain of domestic violence, but with the right people in your life, it will make the process less painful. Read More

Column: Tax system favors big business, investors

Here are two examples of our government failing to design or properly implement systems that tax out-of-state investors equitably but not excessively. Read More

Column: HART’s P3 plans built on unbelievable ridership estimates

Rail is a terrible candidate for public-private-partnership (P3) due to exaggerated ridership numbers and uncertainties of final construction costs. Official passenger projections are as unbelievable as the initial estimates of $3 billion for construction, which will likely spill well over $10 billion entering the most difficult downtown stretch. Read More

Column: DOE’s bullying policy won’t work

Addressing bullying in Hawaii’s public schools is an important issue. Read More

Column: 1978 ConCon delegate says a ConCon now would be too risky

In 1978, as a young progressive lawyer, I stood for election as a delegate to Hawaii’s Constitutional Convention (ConCon). Read More

Column: More free-speech awareness is needed

As the president and CEO of ‘Olelo Community Media, I was disappointed to read about the social-media threat. Read More

Column: Homeless outreach, services offer options

As a homeless-shelter operator, I understand that entering one is not for everyone. But homeless persons have many other options for accessing help. Read More

Column: Make Hawaii tourism No. 1 again — using innovative, comprehensive ‘Teaching Hotels’

Ultimately, a Teaching Hotel will elevate Hawaii’s hospitality training ranking and become itself a top Hawaii visitor attraction — so it is a mystery why such a hotel does not exist in Waikiki, the state’s economic engine. Read More

Column: Methodology, conclusions of sex-trafficking study flawed

A recent study about sex trafficking in Hawaii, “Sex Trafficking in Hawai‘i Part 1: Exploring Online Sex Buyers,” has gotten a lot of attention. Read More

Column: One job should be enough

Over 7,700 workers — 2,700 in Hawaii — are on strike at 23 Marriott-operated hotels in eight American cities. Their strike is about issues that are vitally important to us all. Read More

Column: WalletHub misrepresents Hawaii public teachers’ salaries

A widely cited study issued last month by WalletHub erroneously stated that Hawaii public school teachers make a starting salary of only $24,409 when adjusted for cost of living, supposedly lowest in the nation. Read More

Column: Tax would hurt renters and landlords, with no guarantees for education

Much has been said about the Nov. 6 ballot question of modifying the state Constitution to allow a tax surcharge on investment real property to supplement funding for education. Read More

Column: Say no to constitutional convention

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Vote no on ConCon. Read More

Column: Plan for disrupting high-tide flooding by mid-century

We need to eliminate dangerous fossil fuels, plan for more frequent and intense weather hazards, and adapt to sea level rise. Now is the time for new policies and behaviors to protect our most treasured places. Read More

Column: Adapting to climate change requires a mix of responses

We are beginning to learn a great deal about the current risks associated with climate change. We should not let what we don’t yet know keep us from doing the things we ought to be doing now. Read More

Column: Access to dental care crucial to health

In Hawaii, approximately 50 percent of our 365,000 Medicaid beneficiaries essentially have only one option for insured dental services — the emergency room. Read More

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