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Door opens for North Korea’s Kim

If the purpose was to get acquainted, outline intentions and set a stage for real negotiations, the Donald Trump-Kim Jong Un Singapore summit was a success. Read More

Chalk is gone, but efforts on climate change continue

Last Earth Day, the Blue Line Project brought together hundreds of Hawaii’s students, leaders and community members to spread awareness about climate change. Read More

Four steps toward peace in Korea

Focusing on substance rather than style must be the priority for the U.S. and North Korea if they are to make peace out of the pizzazz in Singapore. Read More

Tariffs on Canada are a bad deal for Hawaii’s economy

The relationship between Canada and the United Stated is deep, multifaceted and complex. But one thing is true: for the last 150 years, our spirit of partnership has been unparalleled. Read More

How fathers can help daughters thrive

This is the day to celebrate fathers, and in the minds of some, not necessarily the most important holiday of the year. Yet, we are living in an age when fathers are taking a more active role especially in raising our daughters. Read More

Hawaiian culture has much to teach Hawaii’s students

Our world has become increasingly tumultuous, often because of economic and ethnic disparities. And though we have our share of problems, Hawaii offers another way. Read More

Stopping suicides begins with treating diseases of the brain

We always give suicide lots of attention after celebrities lose their battle with their disease that causes them to feel so hopeless that death became the only option. Read More

Army serves with distinction in Pacific

The Army celebrates its 243rd birthday June 14 with a theme of “Over There! A Celebration of Army Heroes from World War I to Present Day.” Read More

Partnerships change diabetes trends

In Hawaii, 1 out of every 2 adults either has pre-diabetes or diabetes, and many don’t realize it. Read More

Let nonprofit beachboy organizations return to Kuhio Beach

As one of the original “Ambassadors of Aloha,” the Waikiki beachboy is an essential part of Waikiki’s history. Read More

‘Complete Streets’ key issues ignored

This past Sunday’s focus on Oahu’s “Complete Streets” issues was very welcome (“The bumpy road for ‘Complete Streets,” Star-Advertiser, Insight). Read More

Why we need to complete the vision of ‘Complete Streets’

The city’s approach to Complete Streets is always evolving as we gather more information about best practice across the globe and what really works to improve safety. Read More

City’s bulb-outs run into opposition in Chinatown

Anyone coming to Chinatown by car, by bike or walking can see how narrow Maunakea and Smith, our two-lane main streets, are. Read More

Korean peace talks driven by Koreans

Let’s give credit where credit is due: to the Koreans themselves, for the hope of peaceful co-existence. Read More

Campbell students show appreciation for inspiring teachers

“Raise Your Hand,” a column featuring Hawaii’s youth, appears in the Insight section on the first Sunday of each month. It is facilitated by the Center for Tomorrow’s Leaders. Read More

‘Complete Streets’ just an excuse for government to spend

Clean and sustainable transportation will come with the bulk electrification and automation of urban vehicles. Technology, ingenuity and ride-sharing are solutions. Complete Streets are not. Read More

Reduce houselessness with living wage, paid family leave

More than a quarter of the 25 seats in the Hawaii Senate are held by women. More than a quarter of the 51 seats in the Hawaii House of Representatives are held by women. Read More

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