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Column: Bridging cultures on basketball court

True friendships can be created through establishing connections with others, despite differences that may riddle the surface. Read More

Column: Family care continues after storm

Our community’s collective response to the threat of Hurricane Lane demonstrated the positive power of organizations large and small, and family members of all ages, working together to support each other in times of crisis. Read More

Prepare to implement Our Care, Our Choice Act on Jan. 1

After a 20-year fight, the “Our Care, Our Choice Act” goes into effect on Jan. 1, authorizing medical aid in dying in the state of Hawaii. Read More

It’s time for publicly financed elections

Will these candidates stick to their pre-election commitments and move this necessary change forward during the 2019 legislative session? Or will we be discussing how much seats were sold for again in 2020? Read More

Cleansing and re-inventing the Catholic Church: Let the sisters lead

American women religious have shown both strength and grace in weathering an unwarranted Vatican investigation that dragged on for seven years. Who better to lead the cleansing and reinvention of a church that seems to have lost its way? Read More

Our communities are our kuleana

There’s an ‘olelo no‘eau that goes like this: Pänoanoa ka ‘äina, mänoanoa ka po‘e. It translates to: Scarce is the land, many are the people. Read More

State needs to protect neighborhoods from tour helicopters

Last Tuesday, the state Department of Transportation-Airports Division held a public meeting in Hilo to announce another roundtable committee to discuss the impact of the helicopter tour industry on the residents of East Hawaii. Read More

Progressives put incumbents on notice

Progressives across the island chain made it clear on primary-election night that, as Nina Turner of Our Revolution says, “any ole blue will not do,” vigorously challenging incumbents, and targeting open seats at all levels — county, state and federal. Read More

Stop harassing Makua Bay dolphins

As a naturalist and environmental educator, I am writing to promote awareness about another result of rampant tourism “development” that is harming our animals and environment. Read More

Commercial aquarium trade violates Native Hawaiian rights

Make no mistake, the excessive taking of our reef wildlife and ohana by the North American pet trade, for pure profit and exploitation, is a campaign issue. Read More

Visitor lodging hurts neighborhoods

Mayor Kirk Caldwell is proposing a rezoning bill that would permit short-term tourist rentals (STRs) islandwide. Read More

There’s no aloha in Aloha Poke’s litigious business practices

The recent flurry of cease-and-desist letters unleashed by Aloha Pokë Co.’s lawyers has rightfully resulted in a passionate backlash from Native Hawaiians, other indigenous peoples, and those for whom cultural exploitation leaves a bad aftertaste. Read More

The importance of moral principles, in personal and public actions

While people might agree about the importance of living from a moral center, there are major differences surrounding the specific values each individual chooses. Read More

Give input on Ala Moana park plans

Plans for improvement should keep the park usable and convenient for local families, not diminish their ability to enjoy the park. Read More

Isles’ economy, jobs at risk if lodging restricted

As city officials look to update the nearly 30-year-old laws governing alternative accommodations, it is crucial to understand that if severe restrictions are enacted, they could have a negative impact on Oahu’s economy. Read More

Aggressive recruitment, initiatives help bring in teachers

At the core of our promise of equity and excellence in public education is ensuring every student has a highly qualified and effective teacher throughout their educational career. Read More

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