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TNR: Most effective way to control feral cats

Last month, the Council unanimously approved a budget that allocates $300,000 for TNR efforts in Honolulu through June of next year. Read More

Young journalist inspired in D.C.

This past June, I was given the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to attend the Al Neuharth Free Spirit and Journalism Conference. Read More

Doubling down on failed sit-lie policies

Where do you suppose the individual or family should go if their very status of not having a place to live has been made illegal? Read More

Immigrants serve U.S. with distinction

Our country is taking a direction for the worse in its policies toward immigrants, but especially those who made a commitment to serve in our armed forces. Read More

Don’t squander precious right to vote — get people to polls

On Aug. 4, the public will have the opportunity to rally at the state Capitol, in a newly created event called “People to the Polls,” and cast their votes in an election thought to be the most significant since November 2016. Read More

Early College: Walk before running

Dual Credit and Early College, programs that give public high school students a chance to earn college credit while in high school, definitely have a role. Read More

Oahu rail budget, schedule remain unchanged

Jacobs Engineering, the project management oversight contractor (PMOC) working on behalf of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), recently performed its biennial “risk refresh” exercise for the Honolulu rail transit project. Read More

U.S.-China trade war casts wary eye on Hawaii impacts

The first shots in the U.S.-China trade war were fired on July 6. Apparently, these won’t be the last based on the latest move by President Donald Trump. Read More

Stem tides of sex trafficking in islands

The status of women cannot be improved until oppressive systems are faced. Read More

Supreme Court rulings do affect Hawaii

With so much at stake in our country, every Hawaii resident should mobilize, resist and stay engaged for the long haul in the fight for a fair and independent judiciary. Read More

People power passed pesticide law — let’s have more of it

In the aftermath of Hawaii’s historic pesticide regulation bill that Gov. David Ige signed into law as Act 45, corporate ag has geared up to fight back structurally, and through the media. Read More

Pause to assess heiress’ well-being

The trajectory of the current trust proceeding appears to have been limited in its focus on the most important thing: the life and well-being of Abigail Kawananakoa today. Read More

Hawaii food threat is real, so start planning now

What is Hawaii’s very best-kept secret? No one is telling that our million people will be starving by 2050 if we aren’t growing all of our food locally by then. Read More

Crowded courts won’t drive DUI deals

The primary function of a prosecuting attorney is to promote public safety by enforcing the law. Read More

American experiment still thrives

America is an experiment and experiments are messy things. By their nature, experiments upset the status quo, the world as it is. They can be frightening. They can be dangerous. They can be divisive. Read More

SCOTUS ruling against unions an assault on middle class

Money and political power are being masqueraded as protection of free speech by the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down the right of public sector unions to collect agency fees from non-members represented in collective bargaining. Read More

UHPA adjusts fee terms, but sees unity as vital for faculty, community

The Janus v. AFSCME decision fundamentally changes how public labor unions will charge and appeal to their members, bringing huge shifts in union-strong Hawaii. Will memberships survive — and thrive? Read More

Voter turnout would increase with active, engaged young people

It is in our nation’s best interest to lower the voting age. Not only has our nation lowered the voting age before, but statistics consistently illustrate how having younger votes increases the voter turnout. Read More

A 16-year-old’s cognitive abilities can’t match an 18-year-old’s

Although lowering the voting age may increase voter turnout, the quality of the votes will surely suffer. The question we should be asking is whether we value quality or quantity. Read More

Civil forfeiture law needs reform

Hawaii’s auditor made headlines this month when it published a scathing audit of the state attorney general’s asset forfeiture program. Read More

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