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Column: Nele i ka Hakahaka Pani ʻOle ʻIa

Synopsis: It is difficult to find Hawaiian-speaking substitute teachers for immersion schools. Students suffer as a result. If you speak Hawaiian, you might consider applying. Read More

Column: Ka pali kahakō lele a koaʻe

Synopsis: The double doors fronting Webster Hall have remained partially inoperable due to the inability of the makai facing entry to open properly. While student fees and tuition have risen consistently, services seem to have declined. Read More

Column: I Mea Aha Nā Moʻolelo

Synopsis: This article is about a new movie project entitled “The King” and the casting of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Kamehameha Paiʻea. This choice has generated much controversy. Read More

Column: He hana kā Hirono? He oki loa paha kā Kavanaugh

Synopsis: Political positions lie on a continuum. U.S. Sen. Mazie Hirono’s is closer to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s than mine, as a captive participant in American politics. Read More

Column: He Ahi ʻĀ Nopu Hōʻae

Synopsis: A catastrophic fire destroys nearly the entire collection of a Brazil museum, including an important Hawaiian gift. This tragedy serves as a serious reminder to all museums and caretakers of knowledge to have contingency plans in case of emergency. Read More

Column: He aloha ka mahalo i ke kūʻai ʻia

Making money by selling Mahaloha burgers (mahalo + aloha) decreases markedly the value of Hawaiian words in Hawaiʻi. This callous disregard for such important Hawaiian words represents a net loss for the Hawaiian language. Read More

Eia aʻe kahi makani pāhili ʻo Lane: Aloha ʻino kākou!

As we prepare for Hurricane Lane, we should exercise more aloha by not overstocking on certain necessities. We should remember that others have similar needs. Read More

Alohe ē ke ʻahi i ka pokē ʻia

This week, we continue our examination of the word “pokē” (as it is spelled on the Aloha Pokē Website), and whether or not it is a real Hawaiian word. If it is not, should we be concerned about its co-option? Read More

He aloha ē ka iʻa i ka poke ʻia

The appropriation of language is certainly of importance, but we must not forget some of the more egregious inequities inherent to existence under colonial rule. Read More

Ua mau anei ka pono o nā kānaka ʻōiwi?

The Restoration Day celebration at Thomas Square, where the Hawaiian flag now flies alone, gives hope to those of us who support a completely independent Hawaiʻi. Read More

Ahuwale ana ka pū o ka halihali ākea ʻia mai

The second amendment rights of a Hawaiʻi man have been upheld, allowing him to carry a handgun for protection. In what way does this protect the populace? Read More

Alu ka pule i Hakalau

Synopsis: Because of the loss of Officer Bronson K. Kaliloa, there is a concentrated effort to find his killer. However, there also should be a united effort to create better avenues for the incarcerated population instead of only making stricter laws and more severe penalties. Read More

Pūʻali ka hau o ‘Ioleka‘a i ka maile pilau

The maile pilau has become a serious problem in Hawaii, creeping into people’s yards and choking out trees and even some native vegetation. Read More

Ka hoʻokae komoneʻe: ʻo ia hoʻokamani nō ‘o Maleka

Synopsis: The hypocrisy of America is astounding. A country stolen from its indigenous peoples, and now claiming to take in people from all over who are “yearning to breathe free,” is now recanting. Read More

He waiwai ʻokoʻa ia mea ʻo ke ‘komo kaimana’

Synopsis: Diamonds from outer space were found in an asteroid that landed in Syria, suggesting that our understanding of the creation of the universe could change. Read More

Kū kaʻapā iā Hawaiʻi, he aloha ʻāina

Synopsis: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency did not ban the use of the pesticide chemical chlorpyrifos on crops. Hawaiʻi is the first state to do so and hopefully, other states will follow. Read More

Ua kanono maoli ka hoʻopaʻi

Synopsis: The commuting of sentences by the president is wonderful for the people whose sentences are commuted or pardoned. However, the president and other government officials need to do more concerning the justice system and incarceration. Read More

ʻO ka ʻino i ʻike ahuwale ʻia, e aho ia i ka hana malū

Synopsis: Roseanne Barr is paying a heavy price for issuing racist statements at once offensive and unchecked. I would rather be clear about where people stand than have to worry about the quiet racist who bides his time waiting for an opportunity to act on his skewed thoughts. This is the downside of political correctness. Read More

Makehewa ka lele kapuahi o kā kākou kālā

Synopsis: There are many issues to consider when voting in November. With respect to the rail system, I have spoken consistently against it and the associated cost overruns. Which of the major candidates for governor is of like mind? My vote goes there. Read More

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