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Kani ke oeoe, he piʻoloke ko ka ʻāina

The nuclear missile alarm caused serious consternation, but people remained courteous on the roads. As for the assignment of blame, we should look no further than the two despotic leaders who are peddling fear. Lock ’em up and let ’em fight each other. Read More

ʻInoʻino ke kai ua ʻau ʻia e ke kae

Unusually high levels of enterococci bacteria have been reported in the waters off Ala Moana Beach. Read More

Halihali ʻia ka huaale lāʻau pā ma ka leka

A pilot program involving four states, including Hawaiʻi, that offers abortion approval by teleconference with a doctor has invited protest. Is this about abortion rights or abortion procedures? Read More

E kū ka‘eo i ke kala‘ihi o Maleka

Whereas Hawaiian is one of two official languages of the state, a defendant should be allowed to present a defense in Hawaiian, and not be forced to operate within the limitations of English. Read More

Nō ka wai ‘ino, ‘ino‘ino ka ‘āina

Synopsis: Many homes in Hawaiæi are still utilizing cesspools to handle wastewater. This is not a sustainable practice as it could ultimately seep into our sources of drinking water. Read More

Na ke kāleka ia e hōʻoia i ke kanaka?

Synopsis: If you have to renew your state ID, be sure to take all the necessary documents — birth certificate, Social Security card, and two documents verifying your resident address. Read More

Nalo ka wahine i loko o ka huaʻōlelo aikāne

Synopsis: There is an implication attached to the word aikāne, that it only applies to males. Females are not represented based on its overt construction. Its meaning, generally understood through English translations, can carry negative connotations. Read More

E mau ka pono o ka Lā Kūʻokoʻa

Sir George Simpson of the Hudson Bay Company is one of the lesser known plenipotentiary envoys sent by Kauikeaouli to America and Europe to secure a treaty recognizing Hawaii as an independent state. Read More

E ʻaʻala anei ka pua i kona inoa?

Names that have been suggested for the rail stations by a HART committee do not have meanings that reflect the history and the issues surrounding the project. They should have names that are informative. Read More

Mahuka ka pupule ma Kāneʻohe

The escape of Randall Saito from the Kāneʻohe State Hospital this past Sunday sent shivers throughout the island. There is a lot of blame to go around and the protocols definitely need more vigilant enforcement, but more importantly, the health care system needs to provide more effective help to those who need it. Read More

Ka pūka‘ina kahului pōhili puni honua o 2017

Synopsis: The Houston Astros are the 2017 Major League Baseball champions, having defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in a hard-fought seven-game series. Read More

Pehea lā ka puana ʻana i ka wē?

Synopsis: The “w” in Hawaiian today is sometimes pronounced like an English “w” and sometimes like an English “v”. What’s up with that? Read More

He maʻi ʻino e huikau ai ka waihona noʻonoʻo

Researchers are making headway in their efforts to understand the causes of obsessive compulsive disorder. Read More

Ho‘ohāli‘ali‘a i ka Mō‘īwahine aloha

Synopsis: A wonderful exhibit in remembrance of Queen Liliæuokalani. The exhibit, curated by Keahiahi Long, has been on display in Hamilton Library at the University of Hawaiæi at Mänoa. Read More

Ua lawa anei ka hana ʻino a ka pū?

People kill people, but guns kill lots of people. Self-defense cannot be a defense for guns if no one has them. Read More

E noho paʻa e nā hoa kūpaʻa i ke kūpono

Standing or kneeling for the American flag is a right supposedly guaranteed by what the flag symbolizes. Don’t fall for the Trump misdirection play. Stay the course until true equality reigns. Read More

Hele i Kealia, ua napoʻo ʻē ka lā

Contemporary editorials in Hawaiian need to reach Hawaiian language speakers online. Read More

Hawahawa ka lima o ke kālepa kaʻa

The living conditions following Harvey and Irma have been miserable, but the generosity of people has emerged. This is now being overshadowed by those who, among other questionable activities, are reselling damaged cars without proper disclosure, as required by law. Read More

Kalaʻihi ka lā, kūpilikiʻi ka honua

The world experienced some very powerful solar flares this week. Such dramatic events can have serious consequences. They can also produce beautiful skies. World leaders should be more positive in outlook. Read More

Uē ka lani, uē pū me ko ka honua

The little bit of flooding I had at my house in Kāneʻohe during the rains on Tuesday pales in comparison to the devastation in Texas and Louisiana. Read More

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