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Letter: Deaths by overdose enormous in U.S.

I think it is tragic that America had 72,000 drug overdoses in 2017. During America’s unfortunate involvement in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, we lost about 4,500 American soldiers and countless Iraqis. Read More

Letter: Hawaii should sell surplus fresh water

Just like royalties are paid to citizens of oil-rich states, so too could Hawaii’s residents benefit with the sale of fresh water, a natural resource owned and regulated by the state of Hawaii. Read More

Letter: A fine sendoff for two fine newsmen

Thanks for giving a fine sendoff to two skilled and respected journalists, sportswriter Jim Easterwood and business writer Russ Lynch. Read More

Letter: Rebuild stadium section by section

The way to rebuild Aloha Stadium in its current location is to remove the entire west sideline first and rebuild it, and then the opposing east sideline stands. Read More

Letter: Protect children from predators

All the shocking news of our keiki being targeted by strangers can make anyone cringe — especially in Hawaii, where aloha is huge and we call everyone uncle or aunty. Read More

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