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Editorial: Tax credits will be issue for film industry

With “Hawaii Five-0” shooting its ninth season and a rebooted “Magnum P.I.” ready to premiere, along with movie-theater features in the works, the state’s film industry is on a roll. Read More

Editorial: Brace for constitutional amendment campaigns

With the general election seven weeks away, fresh batches of TV ads as well as mailbox flyers and fact sheets are in the works. Read More

Editorial: A confusing law draws a lot of fines

Sure, we’re accustomed to the story of a stray candidate failing to mind his or her campaign-finance p’s and q’s. Read More

Editorial: A live Christmas tree in a box

On Labor Day, shoppers at some big-box stores were already perusing clearance bins for this season’s Halloween items. Read More

Editorial: Hotel workers put Marriott on notice

When union members vote to go on strike, an actual walkout follows only infrequently. The vote itself serves a different main function: sending a message of willingness to walk. Read More

Editorial: 17 years ago, terror struck in New York, other sites

It’s hard to fathom, but there’s now a whole generation of Americans who don’t viscerally remember 9/11 — because they hadn’t been born yet. Read More

Editorial: VA-approved medical cannabis not coming soon

A lot of veterans already have turned to medical cannabis to address their ills, in pursuit of something safer than opioid drugs. Read More

Editorial: Historic Hawaiian treasures at home, too

Sunday’s fiery loss of a feather cloak once owned by King Kamehameha II in a Brazil museum fire might surprise — but also reminds — folks here about how far-flung Hawaiian artifacts are in the world. Read More

Editorial: Hawaii’s Hirono takes on Kavanaugh

Judge Brett Kavanaugh, in his bid for a lifetime appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court, is in the hot seat this week, but the lights also shine brightly on the tables facing him. Read More

Editorial: Recovery costs mount for Hawaii island

The Kilauea eruption delivered a horrendous year to Hawaii island, and Hurricane Lane merely compounded the pain. Read More

Editorial: DOE’s SchoolMessenger not a scam

It’s great that Hawaii’s Department of Education is using modern technology to communicate with its masses — there are about 179,700 public students, after all — so kudos for trying to roll out its SchoolMessenger text-messaging system last week. Read More

Editorial: Federal law enforcement keep us safe

In the last couple of years, controversy has swirled around the Department of Justice and the FBI. Read More

Editorial: HPD pays for its compassion

Yet another incident has underscored the fact that there’s no such thing as a “routine” police call. Read More

Confident pitchers and a resourceful team

Starting with his first pitch in Sunday’s game in which his Honolulu team defeated South Korea, 3-0, to win the Little League World Series title, cameras zoomed in on the star of the day, Ka‘olu Holt, who appeared poised and, well, happy. Read More

Little Leaguers shine a light in the storm

Those Honolulu Little Leaguers continue to impress — and it’s not just because they won on Wednesday, 10-0, to advance to Saturday’s U.S. final of the Little League World Series. Read More

Kauai still recovering from last storm

If the traffic congestion and hurricane-prep crowds around town have seemed difficult, think of the folks on Kauai’s north shore. Read More

A new leader for troubled HI-EMA

Seven months after accidentally issuing a false ballistic missile alert and undergoing a subsequent leadership shake-up, the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency — tasked with anticipating threats, hazards and disasters — has hired a new executive officer. Read More

Lesson learned, baseball team plays on

Can anything be more exciting for a baseball kid than playing in the Little League World Series? Yes: playing in the series and winning. Read More

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