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Kilauea lava might have birthed baby island

The Kilauea eruption has so far added 655 acres of new land, producing a slightly bigger Big Island. Read More

Public accommodations must treat all equally

In a nation that’s seemed particularly bruised lately by discrimination, it’s a relief to see some affirmation of inclusion over exclusion. Read More

Intriguing car-sharing app rolls into town

A car-sharing service that utilizes a smart phone as key fob launched this week as the latest option in Honolulu’s multimodal transportation lineup. Read More

Ka‘u charter school closure leaves void for students

The state Public Charter School Commission is fulfilling its oversight function, as the public needs it to: On Monday the panel members voted unanimously to revoke the charter contract for Ka‘u Learning Academy. Read More

Pinching more pennies for private school

In recent years, tuition at most of the largest private schools here has bumped upward. The 2018-19 school year is no different, with the average increase set at 4 percent. Read More

Brave boy, 9, goes from captive to astute hero

Upon hearing the story of Thursday’s car-theft episode, the first thing that goes through anyone’s mind is sympathy for the terror the Korean parents, visitors to Hawaii, felt. Read More

Beep, beep — more bikes coming through

Honolulu is apparently feeling the love of Biki — enough affection, at least, to warrant a fleet expansion of the bike-rental service. Read More

Don’t forget the sunscreen today

When out in the sun on this Independence Day, don’t forget to lather on the sunscreen. It’s vital protection for your skin against harmful ultraviolet rays, so it’s a good habit to adopt in our tropical climate. Read More

‘Staggering’ power of Kilauea unleashed

To indulge a look beyond Kilauea’s damage to homes and humans, is to see the awesome power of nature’s geology. Read More

Would you like a bag? That will be 15 cents

Many people wouldn’t even blink at losing 15 cents — but if that loss occurred on a regular basis of several times weekly, the blinking surely would start. Read More

Disturbing deaths of baby sharks

The state is investigating the death of scores of baby hammerhead sharks found on land this week near the La Mariana Sailing Club at Keehi Lagoon. Read More

The evolving uses for medical cannabis

The news about medical marijuana has been a mixed bag lately. First, what cannabis advocates would view as the bad news: The governor put on his “intend to veto” list a measure that would add opioid addiction, substance use and withdrawal symptoms as qualifying conditions. Read More

Auspicious timing for Hilo hula conference

Talk about chicken-skin moments. The fifth Ka ‘Aha Hula ‘o Halauaola hula conference has just concluded in Hilo, and the 900 participants from around the world could not have picked a more apt theme. Read More

Get rid of those abandoned cars by the road

Kudos to state lawmakers for delivering a bill that requires counties to take into custody any abandoned vehicle on a public roadway within 10 business days. Read More

It’s not healthy to feed feral cats

Another example of how cause-and-effected things are: a disease spread by feral cats has killed three Hawaiian monk seals. Read More

Resurrecting Honouliuli enhances historical record

So far, much of the history tied to the fledgling Honouliuli National Monument, a World War II civilian internment and prisoner-of-war camp, is limited to photographs and personal memories of the 160-acre site in a lonely Kunia gulch that was bulldozed after the war. Read More

More room for people on Lanikai Beach

Time’s up for some 90 canoes, catamarans and other vessels tagged on Friday as illegally parked on Lanikai Beach. Read More

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