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On Politics: Passive-aggressive ‘school tax’ proposal could turn out more aggressive than it seems

If it is possible to have a passive-aggressive tax bill, the proposed state constitutional amendment aimed at funding public education may be it. Read More

On Politics: John McCain’s death recalls heroic similarities to Hawaii’s Daniel Inouye

Both men, heroes in war and peace. Two political icons both honored as their bodies lay in state under the U.S. Capitol rotunda. First Hawaii’s Sen. Daniel K. Inouye on Dec. 20, 2012, and now Arizona’s Sen. John McCain. Read More

The election’s clear winner — voting by mail — should be implemented statewide

The primary election is complete and one question has been answered. I can’t talk about who won or lost because this column had to be written before the Saturday election, but I already know one thing. Read More

Can Ige criticize Hanabusa for criticizing him? Some female leaders call it gender bias

If there is an ad that parses the political innuendo churning around this campaign, it is that this is a campaign being fought on the gender battlefield. Read More

Election by mail, painfully slow in coming, makes dollars-saving sense in island state

When Honolulu City Clerk Glen Takahashi drops a letter in the mail, it is a big deal. This Friday he and his city staff will be sending 145,000 letters. Read More

Televised ‘super debate’ not so super — for audience, sponsors or candidates

For someone who has always believed you should never feel sorry for a politician — after all, they begged for the job — last Monday’s debate on Hawaii News Now evoked at least some sympathy for the amount of public testing we are willing to inflict on the political class. Read More

Dues just 1 aspect as HGEA also mulls ‘value-added’ services

Last week’s U.S. Supreme Court decision to free public workers from paying union dues gives workers the option of refusing to join a union while still keeping the rights and benefits of union members. Read More

State leaders should be devising plans now to help volcano-affected businesses recover

Seething and erupting since 1983, Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano is the world’s most active, according to geologists. For economists, Kilauea may be one of the most lucrative. Read More

Ed Case brings buzz, and name recognition, to crowded U.S. House race

So far, the big surprise of this political year is former Congressman Ed Case jumping into the race for the 1st Congressional District. Read More

Legislators use healthy tax surplus to move needle on social issues and take jabs at Ige

Powered by the state tax dollars from a booming local economy and an ever-growing antipathy toward the current governor, Hawaii’s legislators ended this week with the not-startling news that they were mostly amazed at how well they did. Read More

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