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Editorial: Face hard truths to save beaches

Based on the emerging picture, Hawaii is in need of policymaking changes that support priorities, including better protection for beaches, now, not later. Read More

Editorial: Shark fin trade rears ugly head

It has been more than eight years since Hawaii became the first state to ban the possession or distribution of shark fins. So it was discouraging to learn this week that the heinous practice is back in the headlines. Read More

Editorial: Public still in dark about Randall Saito escape

Nobody at the Hawaii State Hospital, it seems, is accountable for the escape of a dangerous psychiatric patient, an alarming episode that drew national attention. Read More

Editorial: Treat girls fairly on athletic fields

Hawaii, and the nation, owe Mink a debt of gratitude — and it can best be honored by compliance with the landmark law. Read More

Editorial: Keith Kaneshiro needs to explain himself

There’s a cloud hanging over Honolulu’s Department of the Prosecuting Attorney, and it is time for its elected chief to do what he can to dispel it. Read More

Editorial: Tenants need help in landlord disputes

Many landlord-tenant disputes will end inevitably in eviction. There are some problems that no amount of mediation will solve, and homeowners-investors have the right to recover reasonable rental revenue from their property. Read More

Editorial: Homeless ‘lift zones’ deserve closer look

When it comes to finding solutions to help homeless people off the streets and toward shelter, street cred goes a long way. Read More

Editorial: Council must be forceful to reduce illegal short-term rentals

The impulse to sympathize with a homeowner operating an illegal unit as a means to make financial ends meet is understandable, given the high cost of living here. But now outweighing such sympathy for individual cases are looming big-picture concerns for Oahu. Read More

Editorial: Preserve lessons of Dec. 7, 1941

In recent years, the count of World War II veterans in attendance at the annual National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Commemoration has declined as the vets aged into their 90s. Read More

Editorial: Keep improving UH grad rates

The workplace demand for job applicants holding higher education degrees has climbed steadily for several decades. Read More

Editorial: Put public first in park partnerships

When the Caldwell administration began working on a $144 million plan to renovate Ala Moana Regional Park, the public response was loud, clear and unequivocal: Don’t mess with “The People’s Park.” Read More

Editorial: Put new stadium in Halawa plans

Nearly two years after the Aloha Stadium Authority approved a resolution supporting construction of a new stadium rather than going the repair route as the more financially prudent course of action, the governor-appointed panel is poised to see headway toward that vision. Read More

Editorial: HTA must balance tourism, residents

Like the many scenic but precarious hikes that draw visitors here, the challenges facing the Hawaii Tourism Authority are both exhilarating and risky — and it now falls to incoming CEO Chris Tatum to navigate the delicate path. Read More

Refine opioid rules for palliative care

Opioid misuse here is low compared to hot spots on the mainland. Still, like many other states, for about a decade now Hawaii’s count of annual drug poisonings has been out-pacing injuries tied to motor vehicle accidents as the leading means of fatal injuries. Read More

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