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Editorial: Vacation rental bill a good start

Honolulu Hale’s latest plan to address longstanding problems tied to short-term vacation rentals is getting pushback from both residents who want to see the city crack down hard on illegal rentals and those seeking a lighter touch. Read More

Editorial: Public’s interest outweighs hotel’s

With a few exceptions in place to accommodate the federal government, all beaches in Hawaii are open to the public. Read More

Editorial: City should lead Koko Crater fixes

The views are so spectacular that they draw hundreds of adventurers on a daily basis, residents and visitors alike, to gut their way through a fairly grueling hike up what’s popularly called Koko Crater Stairs to the 1,200-foot summit. Read More

Editorial: Get tougher on monster houses

As Honolulu Hale pushes forward with an effort to address the city’s monster- house problem from the front end — drafting necessary tougher and more-precise policy — some back-end troubles are lingering. Read More

Editorial: Wages don’t keep pace with costs

There is, of course, something to celebrate this Labor Day. Read More

Editorial: Hawaiians have say in ‘The King’

There are plenty of stories about Native Hawaiians to tell, but it’s no surprise that Hollywood would show intense interest in the biggest, most bankable one: the story of Kamehameha the Great. Read More

Editorial: Traffic management center reboot

A much-needed reboot is underway over the stalled $54 million Joint Traffic Management Center (JTMC) at Alapai and South King streets. Read More

Editorial: Replace OCCC with Halawa jail

Nine months after tagging the state Animal Quarantine Station grounds in Halawa Valley as the tentative replacement site for Oahu’s aging and overcrowded jail, Gov. David Ige has signed off on the final environmental impact statement, bringing the state a step closer to the much-needed move. Read More

Editorial: Future schools could go vertical

Honolulu is taking its first tentative steps toward a brave new world in which people turn their gaze upward, rather than outward. Read More

Editorial: Take hard look at Ala Wai flood plan

Last week, when gusty winds signaled Hurricane Lane’s proximity, government officials coordinated preparations while urging residents and visitors to brace for a powerful storm that could inflict long-lasting damage. Read More

Learn lessons from hurricane

Hawaii now breathes a sigh of relief that Lane ultimately pulled its punches, but islanders must remain alert to the next storms already brewing in the Pacific: It’s still hurricane season, through November, and it’s too early to quit. Read More

Students need Medicaid funds

It’s true: Receiving federal dollars often does exact a toll on the states doing the asking. Read More

Title X funding must be replaced

Last month, Gov. David Ige joined a group of states in a fight against a proposal by the Trump administration to bar clinics that provide abortion services or referrals from receiving federal family-planning funds. Read More

Give bus fare hikes another look

Every Saturday, we’ll present these short-take editorials that reflect on some of this week’s news. Read More

Remain patient, help one another

Hawaii has done what it could to prepare. And now the call is for calm, patience — and kindness. Read More

Tighten access to Mauna Kea

Last fall, the final phase of reconstruction along Hawaii island’s Saddle Road, now known as the Daniel K. Inouye Highway, got underway. Read More

Prepare for worst as storm nears

This is the time when Hawaii folks have their reality check on just how self-reliant island-dwellers need to be. Read More

Police body cams merit close watch

The national concern over police accountability and excessive force spawned the trend of what police call “body-worn cameras,” or body cams. Read More

Full reckoning due for Catholic Church

It is utterly sickening to hear of the explosive revelations last week, from a Pennsylvania grand jury report, that over 1,000 children — and maybe many more — were molested by some 300 Roman Catholic priests in six Pennsylvania dioceses, and that senior church officials over decades were complicit in covering up the abuses and moving abusers across the nation from parish to parish. Read More

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