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Full reckoning due for Catholic Church

It is utterly sickening to hear of the explosive revelations last week, from a Pennsylvania grand jury report, that over 1,000 children — and maybe many more — were molested by some 300 Roman Catholic priests in six Pennsylvania dioceses, and that senior church officials over decades were complicit in covering up the abuses and moving abusers across the nation from parish to parish. Read More

Hawaii island’s $671 million lava-recovery plan needs tough debate

Hawaii County and state officials are trying to figure out how to address the problems wrought by Kilauea’s three-month, particularly violent volcanic eruptive phase, one that has overwhelmed even an island that is somewhat resigned to Mother Nature’s upheavals. Read More

More homes in Koolauloa?

Every Saturday, we’ll present these short-take editorials that reflect on some of this week’s news. Read More

Coastline erosion requires action

It’s just one of many beaches that will be prey to rising sea level and erosion, two of the worrisome byproducts of climate change, an existential threat to this island state and coastal communities across the globe. Read More

Editorial: Strong democracy needs a free press

The Boston Globe has urged newspapers across the country to publish editorials today promoting the value of a free press, and to defend it against criticisms by President Donald Trump. Read More

Explore options for Ala Moana rail hub

The best option in almost any development plan can be elusive, but it can be worth making the extra effort to nail it down. Read More

Results proved value of voting

There really is no excuse for primary election turnout numbers as low as those Hawaii posted on Saturday, leaving the islands — still — in the basement of voter statistics nationwide. Read More

Pause for Ige, Tupola to hone ideas

Today’s editorial starts with a grace note: A sincere mahalo to all candidates who put time and effort into running for elective office. Read More

Big Isle must face economic threats

As a tourism destination, Hawaii always enjoyed its cachet as an exotic location that’s safe and comfortable for visitors. Read More

Your vote counts in today’s primary election

After months of political sound and fury, it all comes down to something significant today: primary election 2018. Read More

Give homeless bills a hearing

Homeless people need housing, not harassment — or so say some advocates opposed to the “sweeps” aimed at moving encampments from the streets. Read More

Fight distribution of 3-D gun plans

Hawaii has long had one of the lowest rates of gun violence in the country, thanks in part to our famously tolerant culture and strict gun laws. It’s a status worth protecting. Read More

Vote for change in OHA election

It’s been nearly two decades since the nation’s high court handed down the Rice v. Cayetano decision. Read More

Promote benefits of pre-K program

What are the barriers that keep families from enrolling their children in preschool? Read More

Updated rules can improve surf contests

Right now, waters edging more than seven miles of beaches along Oahu’s North Shore are typically gentle enough for novice surfing as well as swimming and snorkeling. Read More

Build on plan for affordable rentals

At last, a plan to develop more affordable rentals has emerged that could be equal to the task policymakers face. Read More

Not registered to vote? No problem

Every Saturday, we’ll present these short-take editorials that reflect on some of this week’s news. Read More

Big Isle will need long-term support

Based on Kilauea’s past history of eruptions in the Lower East Rift Zone, if the ongoing lava flow maintains its current high-volume groove, it could take months or even years to wind down. Read More

History stands tall at Thomas Square

Thomas Square has been elevated a bit closer to the status it has deserved: a favored green oasis in the city, with its distinct historical context, the Hawaiian flag topping the new flagpole, now in plain view. Read More

A good start on vacation rentals

In the late 1980s, the City Council adopted a measure that banned the opening of new bed-and-breakfast establishments or transient vacation units in all zoning districts except in hotel-resort zones. Read More

Voters should be wary of PAC ads

Perhaps it was only a matter of time before the advent of “super PACs” — a variant of the political action committee (PAC) — developed a higher profile in Hawaii politics. Read More

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