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Column: ʻO ka maʻa ka hopena o ka hoʻomaʻamaʻa

Synopsis: Learning language out of context can yield an ability to create decontextualized sentences, but is worthless for actual communication. Read More

Editorial: Public still in dark about Randall Saito escape

Nobody at the Hawaii State Hospital, it seems, is accountable for the escape of a dangerous psychiatric patient, an alarming episode that drew national attention. Read More

Letter: No one has faith in state leadership

Is it any wonder no one has faith in the leadership of our state? Read More

Letter: Patching potholes an ineffective solution

I complained about the city’s maintenance of its roads. I described my observation of a repair. Read More

Off the News: Mars simulation studies go on

No spacesuit-wearing pioneers will be headed to the lonely white dome on Mauna Loa’s flank any time soon. Read More

Editorial: Treat girls fairly on athletic fields

Hawaii, and the nation, owe Mink a debt of gratitude — and it can best be honored by compliance with the landmark law. Read More

Column: Blaming evictions on tenants misses the bigger picture

When it comes to eviction cases filed in Hawaii last year, nearly half of them ended in default judgment for the landlord. Read More

Off the News: A grand prize for music teacher — and music

What a stellar way for Hawaii to represent: For the second year in a row, a public school teacher here won a $100,000 grand prize in the Farmers Insurance Dream Big Teacher Challenge nationwide competition. Read More

Editorial: Keith Kaneshiro needs to explain himself

There’s a cloud hanging over Honolulu’s Department of the Prosecuting Attorney, and it is time for its elected chief to do what he can to dispel it. Read More

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