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Column: Kahala Hotel is working to mitigate beach-use disputes

Thank you for the recent editorial on The Kahala Hotel & Resort and its revocable permit (RP) over state land (the beach fronting the hotel was created by the hotel developer in 1964). Read More

Editorial: Hotel workers put Marriott on notice

When union members vote to go on strike, an actual walkout follows only infrequently. The vote itself serves a different main function: sending a message of willingness to walk. Read More

Letter: Veteran’s family grateful for medal

When I read the article about honoring the Filipino World War II veterans, by Rosemarie Bernardo (“Filipino World War II vets to be honored,” Star-Advertiser, May 3), I immediately wondered if my 91-year-old father Juan “John” Ferrer was eligible to receive the Congressional Gold Medal. Read More

Letter: Who benefits from White House op-ed?

Cui bono — Who benefits? — is the Latin to identify crime suspects. Read More

Letter: Shops blast A/C with doors open

Six tourist shops in the strip mall along Kailua Road had eight doors propped wide open recently — a total opening of 13 feet by 13 feet. Read More

Letter: Put end to illegal vacation rentals

Congratulations to the Star-Advertiser for your editorials on key issues, none more important to long-time residents of Honolulu than the proliferation of illegal short-term vacation rentals. Read More

Editorial: Prepare for full season of storms

With Olivia’s powerful center slated to move over the state tonight and into Wednesday, use today to shake off Lane-related fatigue and wrap up another round of preparations. Read More

Editorial: 17 years ago, terror struck in New York, other sites

It’s hard to fathom, but there’s now a whole generation of Americans who don’t viscerally remember 9/11 — because they hadn’t been born yet. Read More

Letter: Storms threaten Kaneohe residents

What is Mayor Kirk Caldwell waiting for? How many more hurricanes must hit before the city takes action to protect the people of Kaneohe who live in this vulnerable area? Read More

Letter: Hawaii senators show little decorum

The silence of U.S. Sens. Mazie Hirono and Brian Schatz concerning the fascist tactics of protesters at the Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh is an affront to the decorum and fair play that has historically characterized the U.S. Senate. Read More

Letter: Duterte’s comments on rape disgusting

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s obscene remarks that rape is inevitable “as long as there are beautiful women” are disgusting, to say the least. Read More

Editorial: VA-approved medical cannabis not coming soon

A lot of veterans already have turned to medical cannabis to address their ills, in pursuit of something safer than opioid drugs. Read More

Editorial: Lax rules enable school bullying

Bullying is a stubborn constant in our nation’s schools, sadly. Read More

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