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Wait for glassy waves offers time to reflect

When the tradewinds relent in late September and October, we get windless, glassy, peeling waves. And sometimes, when it’s small and inconsistent, Suis is actually uncrowded. Read More

Proper sharing of waves can be tricky proposition

Summer officially ends this week, and the passing of the season brings a classic opportunity to reflect on the passing of life. Read More

Runaway seal provides reminder of inseparable kinship

Within weeks, mom Rocky was teaching Kaimana to swim and simply be at home in the ocean. Read More

Amid all-too-brief rides, joy exists in waves unridden

Everybody’s been talking, in the Suis lineup, about what a disappointing summer it’s been, thus far, on the South Shore of Oahu. Read More

Sans Souci a tradition with local moms

My mom and her best friend from high school, Auntie Pauline Kealoha, claimed the golden sands of Kaimana Beach as their own once their kids had graduated high school. Read More

New day, great wave help ease sting of discourtesy

The last time I hazarded a Sunday sesh, there was this guy waiting on the outside for the left-breaking waves while I chased the inside rights. Things didn’t go well. Read More

Surf4HUGS empowers kids coping with illness

For the 14th year, Surf4HUGS will take sick children and interested siblings out on surfboards and launch them in the waves at Baby Queens in Waikiki. Read More

Women shred stereotypes at Surf Film Fest

Whether you’re a crowd-fearing summer grumpster like me or not, a perfect place to chill is the air-conditioned Doris Duke Theatre, where the 10th annual Surf Film Festival is playing for a month. Read More

Young surfers catch mindfulness along with waves

The first summer swells are rolling in and, as usual, mind-boggling crowds are swooping into the Suis lineup, jockeying for position. This year, however, something’s changed. Read More

Champion surfer’s dad writes book on achieving excellence

In his brief but illuminating memoir, Chris Moore, a Honolulu-born surfer and competitive swimmer, examines his parenting successes and mistakes with refreshing candor and humor. Read More

Summer swells bring Oahu surfers together

Summer brings with it the smells of sunblock and limu, the taste of sea salt and kalbi, the cannon of a big swell, the tradewinds, warm water and the illusion of endless time. Read More

Battle scars come with surfing lifestyle

It was one of the first spring swells on Oahu’s south shore and I got careless, pitching over with my board following and nailing me in the ear. Read More

Surfers remember lost people, waves

Most surfers ask guardian spirits to protect them in the sea and say prayers of thanks after a good wave — not just for the wave, but for all the good people and experiences in life. Read More

New grom gang needs to learn respect

It’s springtime, which brings a population explosion in South Shore lineups on Oahu. Read More

No stopping arrival of Mother’s Day, south swells

On Mother’s Day, Oahu’s south shore traditionally receives the season’s first epic swell — the better for surfers to flee our mothers, if we’re lucky enough to still have them. Read More

After 40 years, Tonggs Gang reconvenes in Waikiki

Last month, 30-plus members of the Tonggs Gang milled about, hailing one another, clapping shoulders, shaking hands and chugging beers beside tables heaped with food. Read More

Gymnastic workouts train groms to channel energy

Pure joy is contagious, and I caught some on a visit to Kid Peligro’s Ginastica Natural surf training class at the Sunset Beach Jiu Jitsu studio across the highway from the famed surf break. Read More

Women surf strong and free with support

Despite all the advances female surfers have made, the sport remains dominated by male surfers. Read More

Air Force missile tests could impair lives of whales

The Air Force is seeking permission to fire missiles that could result in behavioral responses, such as panic and disruption of feeding or breeding, in an estimated 219 marine mammals. Read More

Saying goodbye to old friend brings reconnection

Now, 40 years later, I stood on a big lawn overlooking a sandy cove and the rocky break named Jocko’s after James Sutherland’s older brother, 1960s champion surfer Jock Sutherland. Read More

Downings take activist role in Waikiki debate

In a March 7 public hearing, Keone Downing spoke out against the state Department of Land and Natural Resources’ proposed replacement for the Royal Hawaiian groin, installed to prevent sand drifting from the beach in front of the Waikiki hotel. Read More

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