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Grocery stores offer travelers experiences beyond food

A trip to the supermarket gives me a hint of the culture of a city in the most accessible way — through the way they eat. Read More

Navigating Tokyo as newlyweds a memorable adventure

Exploring Tokyo was a blast, and we already are contemplating other cities in Japan to visit on our next trip. Read More

Devoted dad earns lifetime of love, respect

The best dads are the ones who will spend time with their kids. To all the other awesome daddies who give their children all the love, support and time in the world — happy Father’s Day. Read More

Men, women differ in attitudes toward later-life pursuits

I’ve noticed a trend in which the men seem to be turning into, well, stubborn, cranky old men. Meanwhile, the ladies are busting out, doubling down at work, pursuing travelopportunities, new hobbies, even new careers. Read More

Summer living ain’t easy for parents juggling keiki activities

Summer vacation for a kid is all about freedom, a chance to engage in their interests more intently and to explore their world in the extended daylight hours. But someone has to plan all that. Read More

Self-identity isn’t altered in the name of nuptials

My name is a part of my identity. That sounds corny, but it’s true. Read More

Motherhood’s challenges coupled with rich rewards

I’ve been a mommy now for more than a decade. I realized early on that motherhood and perfection are an impossible combination. Despite that knowledge, feelings of failure, guilt and hopelessness are inevitable. Read More

Unexpected purge helps declutter home, mind

On a recent weekend my husband announced that things were going to change. We weren’t going on the typical Sunday family outing. We were going to stay home and clean — spring clean. Read More

Scoring admission to good school is a test of nerves

It’s the time of year when parents and students are keeping a close eye on the mailbox. They’re on the lookout for those coveted thick acceptance envelopes and those dreaded thin rejections. Read More

Empty-nester appreciates Honolulu’s feral fowl

As city officials ponder how best to eradicate the feral fowl disturbing the peace on our fair island, I would like to use my space this week in defense of chickens. Read More

Evening meal sets table for conversation

Dinner is when we reunite. We unwind. We eat. But yummy food is just a bonus. What matters to me is we talk — sharing accomplishments and praise, venting frustrations, handling sibling feuds, offering advice and solving problems together. Read More

Countdown to adulthood brings sense of urgency

As I helped my son fill out his registration forms for high school classes, all I could think was how little time I had left to parent him. Read More

Parking ticket unleashes fighting spirit

For the most part, I’ve always been able to talk my way out of things, especially in circumstances when there is room for negotiation. I’ve gotten out of tickets and late fees, and have been pardoned from breaking other rules due to extenuating circumstances. My motto: “There is always an exception to the rule.” Read More

Grandparents helped raise multiple generations in Kaimuki home

In the blink of an eye, the generations have flown by since Audrey and Solomon Niau met as teenagers 70 years ago in the same quaint Kaimuki neighborhood they live in today. Read More

Family pets provide both love and heartbreak

Losing our beloved shih tzu-mix Kiki, who was never happier than when scampering up a hiking trail or digging in the sand, was the last straw. No more heartbreak, we vowed, no more pets. Read More

Crafty mom instill creativity in offspring

Mom celebrated her 70th birthday just a few days ago. As her milestone day neared, I reflected on all the typical traits that make mothers so admired. One of the qualities I appreciate most of all is her creativity. Read More

Hats off to naturally silver strands

The first months of my journey to ditch hair dye and allow my natural color to grow out were the toughest, and in my weakest moments I had to resist the urge to skulk back to the salon to retrieve my former artificial color and highlights. Read More

Worn-out family car gets high-tech upgrade

Instead of a circa-2008 CD player, there’s a 7-inch media screen in the middle of the dash in our new Honda Accord. I can push one button to stream music from Pandora and another to chat with Siri. Read More

Keeping up with family fun means to-do list waits

Who wants to stay home and clean when there are so many fun things to do for the family around Oahu every weekend? Read More

A favorite phrase lightens Sunday tasks

“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.” I don’t know who came up with the clever quote; I believe it’s a proverb. I love that to different people it can mean different things, from recharging to preparing for the week ahead. Read More

There’s no sure path to finding your passion

If I made a list of likely occupations my son would have chosen for a career, sushi chef would have ranked about 129th. Yet there he is, in his fourth month of on-the-job training in a little family-run restaurant on Maui. Read More

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