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Grandparents helped raise multiple generations in Kaimuki home

In the blink of an eye, the generations have flown by since Audrey and Solomon Niau met as teenagers 70 years ago in the same quaint Kaimuki neighborhood they live in today. Read More

Family pets provide both love and heartbreak

Losing our beloved shih tzu-mix Kiki, who was never happier than when scampering up a hiking trail or digging in the sand, was the last straw. No more heartbreak, we vowed, no more pets. Read More

Crafty mom instill creativity in offspring

Mom celebrated her 70th birthday just a few days ago. As her milestone day neared, I reflected on all the typical traits that make mothers so admired. One of the qualities I appreciate most of all is her creativity. Read More

Hats off to naturally silver strands

The first months of my journey to ditch hair dye and allow my natural color to grow out were the toughest, and in my weakest moments I had to resist the urge to skulk back to the salon to retrieve my former artificial color and highlights. Read More

Worn-out family car gets high-tech upgrade

Instead of a circa-2008 CD player, there’s a 7-inch media screen in the middle of the dash in our new Honda Accord. I can push one button to stream music from Pandora and another to chat with Siri. Read More

Keeping up with family fun means to-do list waits

Who wants to stay home and clean when there are so many fun things to do for the family around Oahu every weekend? Read More

A favorite phrase lightens Sunday tasks

“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.” I don’t know who came up with the clever quote; I believe it’s a proverb. I love that to different people it can mean different things, from recharging to preparing for the week ahead. Read More

There’s no sure path to finding your passion

If I made a list of likely occupations my son would have chosen for a career, sushi chef would have ranked about 129th. Yet there he is, in his fourth month of on-the-job training in a little family-run restaurant on Maui. Read More

Classwork websites enable helicopter parenting

There was a time when parents had to wait weeks, even months, to find out how their child was performing at school. Report card day was a big deal. These days, middle school report cards are just a formality. Read More

Missile goof recalls historic day of infamy

Thank God the missile alert earlier this month was a false alarm. We can only hope and pray we never see another day of infamy. Read More

Missile scare puts life’s priorities in perspective

In those frenzied minutes following the Jan. 13 false alert of an inbound ballistic missile, my husband and I rushed our daughters into their bathroom, which has no windows. I saw fear in the eyes of my three little girls — maybe because they saw fear in mine. Read More

Winter wonderings clear mental clutter

In the tradition of clearing out the clutter at the dawn of a new year, here are some random observations from Star-Advertiser features editor Christie Wilson. Read More

Day Runner provides year-end perspective for busy mom

I’m no technophobe. I tweet daily about my activities with the kids. I stalk like-minded strangers on Pinterest. I have an unhealthy obsession with playing Words With Friends 2 with my sister who lives 5,000 miles away. But I still love my Day Runner planner. Read More

Family’s fireworks help spark excitement for new year

Ringing in the new year has a whole ‘nother meaning in Hawaii. In true local style, people have been popping firecrackers since the start of fall. Read More

Parents pass holiday spirit to next generation

Each Christmas my parents managed to transform our home into a wonderfully merry haven for me and my older brother and sister. In my eyes, it was far more beautiful than the snow-kissed cottages depicted in my Christmas storybooks. Read More

Daughter born just before Christmas is gift that keeps on giving

Thirty years ago on Christmas Day, I brought home a very special present: our firstborn child, a daughter. Read More

‘Influencers’ infiltrate media tour, annoy veteran reporter

It was a rude awakening. A young brunette in a tiny sundress traipsing around a field of sunflowers, a photographer following dutifully behind. She was one of half a dozen “reporters” on a media tour recently. Read More

Holiday tales take root in Christmas tree misfires

It doesn’t matter where you go, the tree lot is a precarious scene. Lopsided trees threaten to topple. Shoppers fling away unwanted trees as they try to clear a path for themselves. Successful customers navigate the crowded aisles back to the checkout stand with their field of vision obscured by massive noble fir. Read More

Moms need time for themselves to prevent breakdowns

As we head into the hectic holiday homestretch, remember to slow down and listen to your body. If you’re tired, rest. If you’re unwell, see your doctor. It’s easier said than done, but you should never be too busy to take care of yourself. Read More

Cruising down memory lane after an old pal conks out

Lexie had been with us 15 years, a devoted member of the family who carried us through some of the best and worst moments of our lives. Literally. Read More

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