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Glut of real, fake news necessitates discernment

Is someone’s breakfast or latest political epiphany really worth your attention? You have to weed through so much nonsense before finding that one valuable piece of information, if indeed there is one. Read More

October provides respite between summer, holiday events

Whenever October comes around, I always get that cozy, time-to-slow-it-way-down feeling. I can’t help but take a deep, calming breath as the flurry of summer activities and jam-packed travels abroad have passed. Read More

For parents of grown kids, keeping mouth shut key to sanity

Don’t even begin to tell your kids how to take care of their children, money, home, health, career and relationships. It’s the quickest way to end a conversation. But what I really want to say is: Save your money and take care of your teeth! Read More

Dream jobs provide glimpses into sons’ minds

Just as I charted my children’s first words, first foods and charming quotes over the years, I find myself tracking their ever-changing career ambitions. Their goals give me a window into their most beloved interests and their perceptions of the world. Read More

Mom worries as son enters middle school ‘danger zone’

My 11-year-old son recently reached that milestone of leaving elementary school behind to start sixth grade at the same middle school I attended. It could’ve waited another year. Read More

Baby girl doesn’t yet know she’s a fab dresser

My new niece has enthralled our entire family since we found out she was coming. With apologies to my nephews, she turned me into the ultra-doting auntie I swore I would never become. Read More

Right mindset, chocolate help ease daily commute

Traffic congestion is part of my life; it always has been and most likely always will be. I’m from Leeward Oahu. I was raised there, and now I’m raising my own family on the west side — where traffic backups to and from school, work and play are part of our norm. Read More

Little slugger moves from pint-size plays to full-size field

Every two years, youth baseball gets much harder as players progress through PONY or Little League. The field gets bigger, and with each up-sizing, the boys and girls are required to master new skills. Read More

Downtime is wonderful, until you have too much

Completely out of commission from basic daily activity for three months, I found myself utterly restless — almost lost — without the constant hustle and bustle. Read More

Gym tutelage illuminates lifelong war on errors

I’m not new to lifting, but I had never sought formal instruction beyond what I’ve learned from friends or what I’ve seenin online demonstrations. Read More

Unpacking brings on end-of-vacation blues

I know I’m not alone when I say unpacking after a trip sucks. Not only is it a dreadful chore, it also signifies the very end of your vacation. Read More

Digital trainer keeps you going, step by step

If sitting is the new smoking, then I’m a five-pack-a-day sitter. Sometimes two or three hours go by without me getting up from my desk. Read More

Little does little treasurer know he’s the treasure

My son is now 8, and his room overflows with all his “precious things”: shells and sea glass, sparkly bits of ribbon, broken crayons, paper clips and scraps of wrapping paper. I have a collector. Read More

It’s good to have a friend when evil comes creeping

I like to think I’m a decently self-sufficient woman. I can take care of my finances, health and well-being, and entertain myself, thanks very much. But when it comes to one thing, I’m hopelessly helpless. Read More

Splendor of southern France is icing on sweet family time

Summer in the south of France is spectacular. But for this particular trip, the destination — as enchanting as it is — is not as special as the company. Read More

Empty nest gets even better when it’s portable

We moved last month from a lovely rental in Kaimuki to a downtown apartment. The main reason? Parking, itself a major stressor for anyone living in Honolulu. Read More

Vacations are great to plan, but no plan is also fun

It’s summertime, and like so many others I’m planning a Disney vacation, except I don’t know when we’re going. Read More

After making the switch, iPhone resistance remains

Last year I made a huge tech decision and purchased an iPhone for the first time. Read More

Favorite-teacher affection lasts after school’s pau

When I hear my daughter speak so highly of her teacher, I’m reminded of my enduring affection for Mrs. Low. Read More

When in the sun, covering up trumps exposure

I see old photos of myself looking fit and radiant with a rich, coppery glaze, and look down at my pale legs and wonder if a short session in the sun would return my skin to a healthy glow. Read More

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