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By Request: Pumpkin muffins suit the season

These pumpkin-sunflower seed muffins are light, slightly reminiscent of pumpkin pie, but leaning more toward a tender scone. Read More

By Request: Tea cookies use applesauce, not sugar

These applesauce cookies are more for adults. They’re perfect for snacking on with a cup of coffee or tea. Read More

By Request: Spam chips a surprising, super easy snack food

Spam chips. Sounds bad. Sounds wrong. Perhaps you are swearing you could never, ever, in a billion years even touch such a thing. Oh, loosen up. Read More

By Request: PBJ cookie bars an expression of gratitude

I call this my thank-goodness recipe. As in, thank goodness that dang hurricane didn’t hit, but now what do I do with all this peanut butter? Read More

A crepe buffet offers sweetness with minimal sugar

Coconut crepes are sweetened only by the fruits used in the filling. Read More

Cheese crisps create low-carb crunch

These chips are made of cheese and a topping that you choose — two ingredients. The process is so simple it’s barely a recipe. Read More

Jackfruit hijacks meat’s place in main dishes

Jackfruit, a large, bumpy and intimidating piece of produce, is being touted as the next miracle food — low in calories; high in fiber, antioxidants and other good things. Read More

Sweet-savory treat defies easy description

Bite into this morsel and you might have problems assigning it to an exact dessert genre. Read More

Lychee shines in this spectacular summer sipper

An excess of fresh lychee can be used to jazz up plain vodka and create a base spirit from which to make quality martinis — or whatever kind of fruity cocktail you prefer. Read More

Potato tots prove worthy in variety of recipes

Tot churros have the cinnamon-sugar flavor of churros, those Mexican fritters made of fried bread dough. But at the center of each is a fried potato tot. Read More

Fisherman’s Wharf tartar sauce a relic from decades-old newspaper files

Leland Pang’s recipe request was more than 36 years in the making. He wrote to ask for the formula for tartar sauce as made at the old Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant. Read More

Chewy cookies come together without flour

It seems counter-intuitive that you can bake a cookie without flour, or at least some kind of starch. And yet, you can. Read More

Enjoy cookie goodness without the gluten

These chocolate babies are delicious and easy to make — the only trick is to use an extra-large mixing bowl. The powdered sugar and cocoa tend to fly around when stirred, so you need a big bowl to keep everything contained. Read More

Biscuits, scones share close family connection

In general, a scone should have some outside crunch and inside fluffiness. That’s not a universal standard, though. Some people like their scones a bit more dense, like a biscuit. Read More

Wasabi peas add crunch, color to chicken’s crust

Wasabi peas have a bullet-to-the-brain spiciness that can clear your sinuses. Crush them and they lose most of that pungency. Their flavor is quite mild, yet adds enough seasoning to a dish that you don’t need anything else, not even salt. Read More

Old stack of recipes conceals a treasure

Here at Crave we like mom recipes. They’re generally tried-and-true, user-friendly and they speak of family. Plus, Sunday is Mother’s Day, so it seems apropos that I pass on something from my own mother. Read More

Sodexo contest a little bit fancy, a lot delicious

Six chefs from Sodexo, an international food-service company that runs 26 dining facilities statewide (including UH-Manoa’s), competed at a benefit for the Hawaii Foodbank and the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation. Each chef drew the name of a country and a protein out of a basket. Read More

Put mega-sized winter melons to full use

A winter melon is a daunting proposition. It’s huge. The average Chinatown-market melon is around 10 pounds. Bring one home and you’ve got several meals in one giant melon package. Read More

Curb fennel’s strong flavor by baking into gratin

Fennel is a white bulb from which emerge several thick stems and fluffy dark green fronds. It is common in Mediterranean cooking; not so much in Asian. It’s high in fiber, vitamin C and other positive nutritional elements, but many people are immediately put off by its strong anise, or licorice, flavor. Read More

Pick your part of this pineapple cake

This recipe requires time and ambition. It came to me on five pages and at first frightened me, but I have since made friends with it in all of its complexity. Read More

A classic cutlet satisfies those plate-lunch cravings

Beef cutlet is a dish that comes in many forms. Read More

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