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On Tap in Hawaii


On Tap in Hawaii: Dark beers carry tasty secrets

Fall seasonal beers are beginning to show up, favorites like German- style marzens or Oktoberfest beers, pumpkin-spiced beers, brown ales and more stouts. Read More

On Tap in Hawaii: Belgians treat beer as national treasure

In Belgium, beer is ingrained in the country’s culture; from breakfast to dinner, from cooking to pairing with meals, beer is treated as a national treasure. Read More

New brews present variety of flavor options

New year-round beers, one-time beers, seasonal releases, collaboration beers — the craft beer world is constantly presenting new releases, and they fill up beer aisles with fun and exciting things to try. Read More

San Diego’s Modern Times beers complex, yet approachable

In the last few years, beers from more than 100 breweries have become available in the state. This month, it’s Modern Times Beer. Read More

Light, easy-drinking beers refresh during summer

This summer is all about lighter-style beers with a perfect hop balance for a snappy, thirst-quenching finish. Read More

New Oahu beers showcase best of island breweries

The great part of Oahu’s thriving scene is that each brewery creates its own unique flavors, and that means there is always a fresh beer to try. Read More

Learn ‘hard pour’ for full nitro beer experience

Nitro beers are alluring in appearance, but also in their silky smooth taste. Guinness perfected the process of adding nitrogen to beer in 1959. For many years, if you wanted to enjoy a nitro beer you were limited to Guinness and a few other Irish and English brands, or you had to visit a pub that served beer on nitro. Read More

Stone Brewing beers hit Oahu retail shelves

Maui Stone Craft Beverages now distributes brands on Oahu that include Stone Brewing Co., Modern Times, Oscar Blues, Ale Smith, Avery, Great Divide and The Lost Abbey. Read More

Hawaii brews stand up to California’s best

On a recent trip to Northern California and San Diego, I sought out as many new beers as I possibly could. But something unexpected happened. I was rather underwhelmed by what I tasted. It’s not because the beers were not good, it’s just that I was comparing my discoveries to the beers brewed in Hawaii. Read More

2017 was packed with fresh discoveries

We’ve never had such a selection of excellent beer in Hawaii, and it will only get better. Read More

When pondering Thanksgiving dessert, think beer

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about the most important part of the meal: what to drink. Read More

New beers, breweries enliven Oahu suds scene

New breweries are opening, and some established favorites are expanding at a rapid pace. That means more great beer that is made on Oahu by local workers. Read More

Rise and stein for Oktoberfest​-​style beers

Though it​ ​doesn’t​ ​feel​ ​like​ ​it​​ ​in​ ​Hawaii​, fall weather means ​it’s time for Oktoberfest​-​style beers.​ ​They’re a ​welcome​ ​change​ ​from​ ​the lighter​ ​lager​ ​styles​ ​typically enjoyed during summer. Read More

Hawaii-made ice creams enhance beers for summer

Beer and ice cream make a harmonious pairing, and with so many ice cream flavors and beer styles to choose from, the combinations are almost endless. Read More

Familiar flavors help ease friends into world of craft beer

With the vast choices out there, it’s easy to find a few great selections that will get friends excited about the world of beer. Read More

Grapefruity Radler brew suits summer

Stiegl Radler, is full of fruit flavor, super spritzy and actually only half beer, and I plan on drinking it all summer. Read More

Ayinger’s Pilsner is simple perfection

My first sip of Ayinger’s Bavarian Pils reminded me that simplicity and pureness can make for a beer that borders on perfection. Read More

Hazy brews have low bitterness, rich flavor

If you’re like most people, almost every beer you’ve ever been served has been crystal clear. Read More

Blonde ales gain fans with refreshing flavor

The craft beer world has been dominated for years by India pale ales, bourbon-barrel-aged stouts and sour beers. Read More

California’s Firestone Walker enters the Aloha State arena

When I started writing my blog, “Beer in Hawaii,” four years ago, I quipped that I was doing it primarily to help grow the beer community so that we could eventually get Firestone Walker Brewing to distribute to the islands. I wasn’t completely joking. Read More

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