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Chopped coleslaw uses salted cabbage to draw out moisture

The high water content of cabbage is typically to blame for watery slaws. Our solution is to salt our cabbage first to draw out excess moisture. Read More

Easy-Kine Cooking: Ocean Salad With Somen Noodles

In the heat of these last days of summer, it seems smart to have a cool meal. Why not use ocean salad to make more of a meal? Read More

Yogurt makes English muffins extra simple

Two-ingredient dough — the latest baking trend — calls for no more than a pair of staple ingredients and has taken the internet by storm. Read More

Elevate corn chowder by adding taro

Chef Sam Choy takes a popular dish and makes it better with a version of corn chowder that includes morsels of taro. Read More

Puerto Rican flavors brighten meals

Cast iron perfect for baking giant cookie

There are a few inanimate objects that I adore almost as much as my children. They always are up to the task, they never talk back, and they don’t quit. One of those is the quiet workhouse of my kitchen: the cast iron skillet. Read More

Hard Rock Cafe hosts salute to Freddie Mercury

Hard Rock Cafe Hono­lulu celebrates rock icon Freddie Mercury’s 72nd birthday with a benefit Sept. 5. Read More

Barfly: Justin Park wins World’s Best Mai Tai contest for third time

When Justin Park agreed to compete one last time in the World’s Best Mai Tai contest during the 10th-annual Don the Beachcomber Mai Tai Festival earlier this month, he thought he was signing himself upfor another fun weekend in Kona. Read More

Okinawan awamori absorbs flavors of Hawaii

Randy Kuba, founder of Lotus Spirits, has taken a traditional Okinawan drink — awamori — and enhanced it with the same flavors used by Hawaii’s sugar plantation workers, who turned whatever was at hand into their own kind of liquor. Read More

Grill turns economical flank steak into tasty cut

Like other cuts from the chest and side of the cow, flank steak boasts rich, full, beefy flavor. Because it is very thin, it cooks quite quickly, making it an ideal candidate for grilling. Read More

Humble clam steams up sweet, delicious

Clams are the best bivalves. Raw, they are milder, brinier andcleaner than an oyster. Steamed, they are juicier, meatier and less fishy than a mussel. They are perfect in every way. Read More

Use fresh local tomatoes for winning salad combo

A sure way to happiness is finding fresh local tomatoes at their peak. This crispy tomato salad combines cooked and raw tomatoes, the large guys and the small guys. Read More

The bitter taste of assimilation and the joy of ‘stinky’ food

Wrapped lumpia can be frozen, making it a perfect dish to cook in batches for dinner tonight and at a later date. Read More

Eggs ‘n Things adds dinner menu, new items

Eggs ‘n Things just opened its Ko Olina location in June, but is already changing things up. Read More

Mix pesto with pasta and presto — you’ve got dinner

This Italian-style recipe is easily thrown together, requiring only dry pasta, shrimp and store-bought pesto. Read More

Pink wines infuse and inspire vibrant cocktails

No matter where you look, rose wines are being thrown at us in all shapes, forms and price points, so that this modern-day icon can be an attainable luxury for all. Read More

Newest diamonds a rare commodity

Diamond Bakery, maker of the perpetually popular soda crackers and Saloon Pilots for 100 years, isn’t content to rest on its laurels. Read More

A crepe buffet offers sweetness with minimal sugar

Coconut crepes are sweetened only by the fruits used in the filling. Read More

Kamana meets need for Indian cuisine

Kamana Kitchen is a small local chain that has a proven track record, with two restaurants on Hawaii island and one in Kihei, Maui. Read More

Practice, confidence key to breaking down a fish

Along with sharp knives and good technique, a key to breaking down a fish is confidence. Read More

Crisp cukes, creamy garlic make match

Crisp, crunchy and cool, this cucumber salad offers complexity with little effort. Read More

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