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Incidental Lives


Army woman advocates for female vets on the street

For all of her many responsibilities, Lt. Col. Tara Carr knows that she can retire each evening to her Kaneohe home secure in the knowledge that she, husband Tony and their four children have no immediate concerns about food, shelter, personal safety, custodial rights or health care. Read More

UH graduate found steady support in Big Sister

She knew something was going on, but she didn’t know what and it wasn’t within the bounds of their hard-earned relationship to press. Read More

Couple endeavors to help kids fight stigma, find success

For Daniel Inglis the call to special education as a profession was the culmination of numerous experiences — early struggles with math, a diagnosis of ADHD, his family’s advocacy on behalf of people with Hansen’s disease — slowly coming into focus as a connected whole. Read More

Nguyen brothers make the most of what they’re given

At some point within the next two or three years, respectively, brothers Brandon and Ryan Nguyen will graduate from a four-year college. Read More

Family fled persecution so kids could feel freedom

From the tony environs of his family’s home in Kahala Kua, the distance between Terry Nguyen’s mean beginnings and comfortable present can appear as remote as his view of the azure Pacific. Read More

Nurse has healing touch for cancer patients

She never let it affect her, but Joyce Wong was nonetheless well aware of all the sideways glances she elicited as she strode the halls of the Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children with her small clutch of volunteers and her old-school boombox stereo. Read More

For 36 years Auntie Edna ‘pulled ears’ and eased fears

For many the transition starts on the long, dark ride from Portland International Airport to Forest Grove. Read More

Artist follows his eye down creative pathway

It’s difficult to know just how much Anthony Mendivil, avowed reveler in the solitary experience, would enjoy leading a class of young, inquisitive minds, but for sure he has ideas about what he’d like to teach. Read More

Middle school team thrives on gift of speech

You will kindly excuse the proud parents of Kawananakoa Middle School’s speech team members if in reliving the glory of the Alii Warriors’ performance at the Sacred Hearts Speech Festival in February, they invoke the likes of such legendary underdogs as 1954 Indiana high school basketball champion Milan High or the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team. David, even. Read More

Teen jewelry designs appeal to retailers

Maddie Lee, a freshman at La Pietra-Hawaii School for Girls, didn’t set out to be an entrepreneur, but her early love of arts and crafts and her natural predisposition to staying on task and striving for perfection made the developments of the last year and a half almost inevitable. Read More

Teen model giving back to others less fortunate

Like the runway model she’d worked diligently (and painfully) to become over the last year, Victoria Tan executed her last pivot this weekend with both poise and conviction. Read More

PE teacher embraces obstacles real and otherwise

A former collegiate basketball player and accomplished all-around athlete, Kevin O’Connell can hardly be expected to understand the singular misery of those wall-bracing kids for whom gym class is fraught with waiting humiliations. Read More

The road to Harvard paved with many thanks

This piece is a 700-word column 26 inches long, and if Kalani High School senior Daniel Huang had his way, all of it would be devoted to acknowledging and thanking his parents and the long litany of teachers, counselors, coaches, advisers and others who have helped him along the way. Read More

Once shy, student is twice bitten by service success

To hear Marisah Goo speak of the stifling shyness she suffered as a child is to draw on the same suspension of disbelief necessary to imagine Sasquatch confessing a fear of the woods or Wonder Woman intimating a reticence to rock the shoulderless top. Read More

Teenage filmmakers take dive deep into history

In the halcyon days of their youth, before they signed up for Anthony Vitali’s U.S. history class, Damien Memorial School juniors Van Riva, Kaleo Hino and Joey Gum thought they had experienced the “utmost extreme” of teamwork collaborating on the tactical video game “Rainbow Six: Siege.” Read More

Sacred Hearts senior lends helping hand in poor Nepal

Ivy Yeoh had seen poverty before, had walked the crowded streets of a Third World country and smelled — felt — the pollution in the air. Read More

Pen pals’ bond still strong after 75 years

On a bright, cool morning in Manoa Valley recently, 89-year-old Mildred Sakumoto sat at her kitchen table and listened with equal measures of amusement and amazement as her best and oldest friend recounted one of their first exchanges. Read More

Volunteer can relate to migrant fishermen

The boy needed a pair of slippers. Joann Chow calls him a boy because he’s younger than her own son Christopher, a recent college graduate. Read More

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