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Ewa-Pearl City courthouse isn’t an option for jury duty

Question: I just got a summons for jury duty, assigned to District Court on Alakea Street. I live about 3 miles from the Ewa-Pearl City District Court and 13 miles from the District Court on Alakea Street. Read More

Vandalism of water supply was factor in demise of century-old Moiliili banyan tree

Question: Auwe! Did they try to save the majestic tree they cut down in Moiliili Triangle Park, which might have survived if it had gotten enough water and been taken care of better? We cannot let nature be abused like this! Wake up, Honolulu! Read More

Online calculator doesn’t save income data, IRS says

Question: At work we were told to look at our withholding because we could get a bigger tax bill in April if we don’t change it now. They sent out a link to use. Read More

Volcano House reservation doesn’t mean hotel is open

Kokua Line has received several questions about Volcano House, the historic hotel overlooking Kilauea’s Halemaumau Crater. It has been closed since mid-May, along with Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park, because of the eruption. Read More

Apps, website now show trans-Koolau road delays

Question: What is the best way of knowing when the H-3 freeway tunnel is closed? Is there an app for this information? Read More

No shame in beach alert at notorious Oahu shore

Question: We stopped at Sandy Beach and were embarrassed when a lifeguard (through a megaphone!) said something like, “Let us direct you to a safer beach.” We’re not bad swimmers and had barely reached the water. Does that happen a lot? Read More

No need to pay middleman to file state business report

Question: Please warn people about a notice going around that looks like it could be from the state but isn’t. You have to read the fine print. Read More

Rental lockers not planned for Ala Moana Beach Park

Question: I was wondering whether there are plans to add lockers to Ala Moana Beach Park. I work in town and would like to pop over on lunch break to swim but don’t want to leave anything in my car or on the beach. Are there plans to add lockers? Read More

Congressional delegation welcomes voter feedback

Question: I’ve been reading in the newspaper about how our representatives vote in both the U.S. House and Senate, and most of the time I agree with them. On the few times I do not agree, is there a way I can contact them and ask them why they voted the way they did? Read More

Shredding overflow spurs do-over event on Saturday

Question: When is the next free shredding? I had my stuff all ready for the one last month and got turned away. Auwe! Read More

Job benefits don’t accrue while Katherine Kealoha is on leave

Question: On what basis is Katherine Kealoha still employed by the city prosecutor’s office? I know she is on unpaid leave, but given that she is under federal indictment, shouldn’t she have been fired? Read More

Rescued wallaby improves, still getting used to people

Question: What ever happened to the one-eyed wallaby? Read More

Inconsistent bag prices may reflect tax confusion

Question: Are stores supposed to charge tax on the bags? Some stores are charging me 15 cents, and some are charging me 16 cents. What’s up? Read More

Thrift stores reusing bags must charge fee, city says

Question: Regarding the 15-cent bag fee, do thrift stores have to charge it even if the bag is used? I am referring to bags used to carry out merchandise. Read More

Wheelchair used as carryall displaces bus-riding seniors

Question: I was a passenger on a city bus (Bus No. 872, No. 1) July 17 at 10:57 a.m., headed toward Kaiser on Pensacola. The bus was crowded. Read More

City issues ADU permits without covenant checkup

Question: How can the city Department of Planning and Permitting approve an ADU permit in a neighborhood that has underlying documents/covenants/declarations on all the homes’ titles prohibiting multifamily use? Read More

State doesn’t bill patients who decline an ambulance

Question: Who pays for EMS when they respond to a 911 call? Is the patient/recipient billed for services, even if they are not the caller and if such services are refused? Read More

Scam calls target retirees with threats of legal action

Question: A scam message was left on my mother’s answering machine on July 16 at 9:34 a.m. It said: “This is Parker calling from the Department of Social Security Administration. Read More

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