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Kokua Line: Signs restricting beach paths put up by mistake, city says

Hawaii’s beaches generally are public property to the highest wash of the wave. Shoreline access is a perpetual concern of Kokua Line readers. Read More

Kokua Line: Intersections are included in Kamehameha Highway repaving

Recently the Honolulu Star-­Advertiser and other news outlets reported that resurfacing of Kamehameha Highway was underway. My question concerns how the resurfacing will be completed. Read More

Kokua Line: Hawaii not among states citing mysterious disease

Question: Seeing the news about that polio-like disease is frightening. Are there cases here? Read More

Kokua Line: Precision on license form helps ensure mail delivery

Question: Did they ever find out why people aren’t receiving their licenses? What number are we supposed to call? I didn’t pay attention at the time, but now it’s my license that is missing and my temporary is expiring. Read More

Kokua Line: Get paperwork together for second shot at shredding

Question: Auwe! You didn’t give us enough notice of the free shredding. I need a few days to get my paperwork together and time to arrange a ride since I don’t drive anymore. When is the next one? Read More

Kokua Line: Renew U.S. passport early to ensure entry overseas

Question: How long before your passport expires can it be renewed? Read More

Kokua Line: Yearly drug disposal event adds Kapolei drop-off site

Question: When is the next drug disposal event? I don’t like having this stuff around. I am older and have some health problems, so I get prescribed quite a bit. Some of it is “take as needed” and I don’t need all of it. … I like to get rid of it all at once. Read More

Kokua Line: Free shredding on 2 isles offered on Saturday morning

Question: Did I miss the free shredding event? … There’s usually one around this time of year and I haven’t seen anything about it. Read More

Kokua Line: Etiquette is out the window when scammer may be calling

Question: I am a little embarrassed about this … There’s so much information about scams now that I might have overreacted. Anyway, I just hung up the phone when someone called about the water bill. Read More

Kokua Line: Real estate, fatherhood enough for Dan Cooke

Longtime Hawaii broadcaster Dan Cooke is focused on real estate and parenthood. He’s no longer juggling dual careers. Hawaii News Now’s “Sunrise” gave him an on-air sendoff, but it came amid so much news about Hurricane Lane that you probably missed it. Read More

Kokua Line: Tricare dental insurance requires retirees to switch

Question: My husband retired from the military after many years of service. … Our dental insurance is through Tricare (we have other Tricare coverage too but the dental is what I am worried about). … There are many changes coming and we are confused. Can you look into this? Do we have to switch? Read More

Kokua Line: Tech trouble stalls voting on $100,000 school grants

Question: I have been trying to vote for the Hawaii teachers in the contest where they can win $100,000 each but I don’t think my vote went through the first time and when I went back to the website later it was down. … Are Hawaii’s votes counting? Read More

Kokua Line: Police end house checks for vacant Oahu homes

Question: Why don’t the police do house checks anymore, like they used to when people were on vacation? Read More

Kokua Line: At least 18 states shorten license term for elders

Question: Even with all the questions about driver’s license renewal, not enough has been said about the requirement that drivers 72 and older go through this every two years. Going from an 8-year license to a 2-year license is too much. … Do all states do it this way? Read More

Kokua Line: Lost something at the airport? Check right lost-and-found

Question: Auwe! I left something at the airport and when I called TSA they never called me back. I guess it doesn’t matter to them unless it’s right in their bin. Read More

Kokua Line: Deadline looms for property tax credit that requires annual approval

Question: Is it too late for the property tax credit for low income? I saw something at the senior fair but didn’t stop. I should have followed up. Is it a long application? Read More

Kokua Line: Opioid patients monitored but database is not public

Question: A friend told me there is a list of everyone who gets opioids. Can the general public get access to that? I would like to look up a caregiver. Read More

Kokua Line: Restroom upgrade extends Aina Haina library closure

Question: What’s going on with the Aina Haina library? The flood was months ago. I thought they would reopen by now. Students at schools nearby (Holy Nativity, Aina Haina Elementary and others) need the library. Read More

Kokua Line: Lying down at bus stops against the law since June

Question: When does the new law that prevents an individual from camping out at a bus stop take effect? Read More

Kokua Line: Repaving after rail work should begin by early October

Question: I’m calling about Kamehameha Highway, which is already affected by the rail construction. Read More

Passengers age 7 or older allowed on isle motorcycles

Question: Can you please tell me what the law is for kids riding as passengers on motorcycles? Read More

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