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Wheelchair used as carryall displaces bus-riding seniors

Question: I was a passenger on a city bus (Bus No. 872, No. 1) July 17 at 10:57 a.m., headed toward Kaiser on Pensacola. The bus was crowded. Read More

City issues ADU permits without covenant checkup

Question: How can the city Department of Planning and Permitting approve an ADU permit in a neighborhood that has underlying documents/covenants/declarations on all the homes’ titles prohibiting multifamily use? Read More

State doesn’t bill patients who decline an ambulance

Question: Who pays for EMS when they respond to a 911 call? Is the patient/recipient billed for services, even if they are not the caller and if such services are refused? Read More

Scam calls target retirees with threats of legal action

Question: A scam message was left on my mother’s answering machine on July 16 at 9:34 a.m. It said: “This is Parker calling from the Department of Social Security Administration. Read More

Kaimana the monk seal thrives despite repeated hookings

Question: Regarding Rocky the Hawaiian monk seal, it’s wonderful to hear that she’s had another pup, this time at a safer location (808ne.ws/­716sty). Can we also get an update on Kaimana, the pup born last year in Waikiki? Read More

10 percent of isle students receive special-ed services

Question: What is the percentage of special-ed students in the public schools? Read More

Rush for shingles vaccine drains second-dose supply

Question: I got my first shingles shot with the new vaccine in March. I’ve been calling Longs for a few weeks to get the second shot, but they have been out for a while and don’t know when they’ll be getting more. Read More

Letters going out to 44,000 people in Hawaii about license and state ID data failure

Question: Back in March, the city said people affected by the driver’s license data failure would get a letter telling them what to do. I had renewed my license during the affected period, but I never got a letter. Do you know what is going on? Can we get a status update? Read More

Park restroom was locked without approval, city says

Question: Every Sunday at Kawananakoa park, a group of men who belong to the AJA Makule League have had a permit to play softball. Read More

City crews are days behind on East Oahu bulky pickup

Question: Auwe! People on my street follow the law. We all waited until the night before the scheduled “bulky pickup” to put our items at the curb, as the city instructs. Read More

Questions are welcome for Hanabusa-Ige debate

Question: The primary election is coming up soon, and I would like to pose a question to the candidates. Where or who can I contact so my question can be asked at one of the debates? Read More

OK to say vows at garden, have reception elsewhere

Question: I thought we could have our wedding at Foster Botanical Garden, but then I was told we couldn’t. I am confused about the rules. Read More

Weather has delayed completion of Kalaheo’s athletic field

Question: What’s the status of Kalaheo High School’s athletic field? It seems like over a year they been grading and regrading it. I pass by it every day, and I don’t see anything different. It’s sad that the kids have to use Kainalu Elementary School’s playground to practice for athletic training. When will this seemingly simple project be completed? Read More

Oahu law deters single use of any type of shopping bag

Question: Why does the bag ban apply to paper bags too? What did paper bags ever do to the monk seals and other marine life? Fifteen cents a bag is a lot for us folks who forget to bring our own bags every time. Read More

No guarantees for renter in property tax proposal

Question: I am a renter. I mail my rent check to a local property management company. I think the property owner lives out of state, although I am not certain. Read More

Changes in state TB rules don’t affect fair volunteers

Question: Do I have to get a TB test to volunteer serving food at a community event or, later this year, at a booth at my child’s school fair? I never did before, but a friend told me the rules have changed. The food is for sale but we booth “workers” aren’t paid. Read More

Marking street stalls takes broad neighborhood assent

Question: I live down a lane on a street where there are no marked parking spaces, although adjacent streets have marked parking spaces. Often there are cars blocking a large part of the lane, making it difficult and dangerous to exit the lane onto the street. How do I request the city create marked parking spaces on my street? Read More

Extra park security lasts at least through this month

Question: I walk to Sandy Beach early in the morning and to my mind things have improved since they increased security. … Are they going to make that permanent? Read More

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