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City has process to renew infirm resident’s state ID

Question: My mother is 92, has dementia and lives in a care home. Her state ID expires in July. It is her only picture ID. How can I renew it, since she cannot leave the home to do it herself? Read More

Passport renewal by mail is preferred in certain cases

Question: We want to renew our U.S. passports here in Honolulu and have been given so many different answers as to how to go about doing so. Read More

Computer basics covered in free classes for seniors

Question: Please tell about the free computer classes for seniors. I had an appointment at the Apple store, but it was too loud for me and I couldn’t quite keep up with what they were saying. Read More

Parents can’t give minors self-defense pepper spray

Question: Is it legal for teenagers to carry Mace (pepper spray) on Oahu? Read More

Get date for state ID online but not at satellite city hall

Question: I was reading your article on April 19 about making an online appointment for getting a driver’s license. Is this option available for getting a state ID as well? Read More

More scam attempts likely as Medicare cards are sent

Question: I thought new Medicare cards — to help avoid fraud — were supposed to be mailed out in April. The month is almost over and I haven’t received mine. Should I be concerned? Read More

Key disaster aid and tax break depend on U.S. declaration

Question: I have a question about the recent flooding on Oahu and Kauai. Has FEMA declared a federal disaster in these areas? Getting the declaration is important for anyone who suffered uninsured losses … because of changes in the federal tax code. Read More

Binoculars are typical gear for electrical meter readers

Question: Do you know if the Hawaiian Electric meter readers must wear an ID tag on their clothing? The reason I ask was that on April 13 my wife said that the neighbor’s dog was barking at someone outside our neighbor’s house. Read More

Drug disposal event takes pills and liquids but not needles

Question: My uncle died recently, and when we cleaned up his house, we found so many old prescriptions, mostly pills but also syrup. I wasn’t really paying attention, but I seem to recall we’re not supposed to put it in the rubbish. Please advise. Read More

Readers see digital divide in city reservation system

Question: Regarding the new appointments for driver’s license renewals, I don’t have a mobile phone on which to make an appointment. Is the city leaving adequate time for walk-ins at each location? Read More

Online queue aims to ease long wait to renew license

Question: Someone told me that the Hawaii Kai Satellite City Hall location now requires appointments for driver’s license renewals. Read More

Usual home, car insurance typically no help after flood

Question: I am seeing quite a few appeals for donations to repair flooded homes and cars. I am not unsympathetic and want to help my neighbors, but I do have to wonder, don’t they have insurance? Read More

Man who chases chickens sparks neighbor’s concern

Question: Are there any state and/or city laws against private citizens (not authorized contractors) harassing or killing feral animals? Read More

Free shredding is offered this month in Kapolei and Aiea

Question: Did I miss the free shredding? Answer: No. Two upcoming public events offer free shredding of a limited number of personal documents. Read More

‘Vertical evacuation’ works only in tall, strong buildings

Question: As a frequent Hawaii visitor, I have never been here during any kind of natural disaster. I am thankful for that but do want to be prepared. Regarding tsunamis, I know they say seek higher ground, but does that include high-rises? Read More

Intrusive calls, fake email signs of seasonal tax scam

Kokua Line has received a flurry of tax-related questions, some asking where to get federal income tax forms at the last minute but others warning of scams — aggressive ones. Read More

Waikiki Shell law overrules rock star’s desire to ‘Stay’

Question: What is the fine for a concert at the Waikiki Shell that breaks noise rules? Read More

Law doesn’t require patient to tell kin about death plan

Question: Under the aid-in-dying law, does “having six months to live” include the very old? Read More

Plan to raise water rates doesn’t affect sewer fees

Question: If the Board of Water Supply increases the water rate, will that automatically raise the sewer rate? At this rate many people can’t afford to use any water. Read More

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