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Kokua Line: No doubling up on gold star for license or ID applicants

Question: Can you think why it may be a good reason to get a state ID card even if I have a valid “gold star” driver’s license? Read More

Kokua Line: City explains how to cancel license or ID appointment

Question: I recently took my 95-year-old mother to get her state ID several days before her current one was due to expire. I made an appointment because I didn’t want to subject her to the hours-long wait I had heard about. Read More

Kokua Line: Spike in driver’s license renewals peaks in October, city says

Question: Regarding the 2018 spike in driver’s license renewals (808ne.ws/910lic), when will it slow down? My license doesn’t expire until late January, and I am wondering whether I should wait to renew. Read More

Kokua Line: Lost storm days not added to school calendar for now

Question: Will Hawaii public school students have to make up the two missed school days due to Hurricane Lane? When students on the mainland miss school due to snow, they are required to make up lost school days to meet the required number of school days in the year. Read More

Lengthy storage calls for teaspoon of bleach per gallon of tap water

Question: Using a Clorox cap as the measuring tool for adding bleach to stored water isn’t specific enough. Some caps are bigger than others. What is the quantitative amount? Read More

Kokua Line: Health officials cite risk in resale of returned water

Question: Is there any law that prohibits a store in Hawaii from reselling bottled water that had been returned for a refund? Read More

Kokua Line: Call DOT, candidates about illegal signs

Question: Auwe! The primary election was a month ago and there are still campaign signs all over, even for people who aren’t in the general election. You can see them from the freeway, which is hazardous. Read More

Kokua Line: Different regulations apply to state ID, driver’s license

Question: A lot of time people will ask about driver’s licenses and you will answer and also refer them to the city’s website for more information. Does that information also apply to state IDs? There seems to be more details there about driver’s licenses than state IDs. Read More

Kokua Line: Tow-away zones persisted during hurricane warning

Question: On Thursday and Friday of the week Hurricane Lane was supposed to hit, the government told us all to shelter in place. Read More

Kokua Line: TWIC clearance improves options for maritime employment

Question: How do I go about getting a TWIC card in Honolulu? I was told I would have a chance of getting a better job at the pier or harbor if I had a TWIC card, but I don’t know what it is or how to get one. Do I have to do this online or is there someplace I can walk in and do it in person? Read More

Kokua Line: License still valid after ‘gold star’ date

You are not required to add the gold star to your Hawaii driver’s license before it expires, but some people are choosing to do so because they also use the state-issued credential for federal purposes — mainly boarding domestic aircraft — and want to keep doing so after October 2020. Read More

Kokua Line: Middle name or initial OK on driver’s license records

Question: My driver’s license expires on Dec. 19, 2020. Could I renew it before it expires and also get the “gold star” applied to it? Read More

Kokua Line: Building bigger Oahu jail won’t bring prisoners back

Question: If they relocate OCCC does that mean the Hawaii inmates held on the mainland will come home? Read More

Kokua Line: Bring in form for combat veteran plate, city says

Question: How do I go about requesting a “combat veteran” license plate? I’ve been to the city’s motor vehicle website but can’t find the information. Read More

Exemption from jury duty begins at age 80 in Hawaii

Question: I was surprised to get a letter for jury duty. I am 75 years old and in ill health. Can I get a pass? Read More

New plumbing fixtures part of outbreak response

Question: Earlier this summer there were reports regarding the Legionnaires’ (disease) situation at Queen’s hospital. What is the latest update on this matter? Read More

License renewal canceled? Reset appointment on own

Question: What happens to those of us with reservations for driver’s license renewal whose appointments have been canceled by the city because of the hurricane? Will we be given priority in rescheduling? September is already booked! Read More

Photograph pills, bottles to prepare for any disaster

Question: The experts say to have extra medication in your hurricane kit. That’s easy enough for over-the-counter stuff, but what about for prescriptions? Read More

Tow crew must unhook car if driver shows up in time

Question: Auwe! There is hardly any street parking left, and they tow you at the drop of a hat! I begged the guy to let me move my car, and they took it anyway! Is that legal? Read More

Address verification relies mainly on mail recipient

Question: In Thursday’s Kokua Line column (808ne.ws/816kline) regarding licenses and ID cards, it said the post office “returns all undeliverable envelopes where the named individual and the address provided are not verified in their system.” Read More

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