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Lee Cataluna


Search for facts becomes emotional homecoming

Tom Holowach sent the email and then waited. He had chosen his words carefully, including that delicate, brace-for-impact phrase: “Are you sitting down?” Read More

Inmates challenge common fear of public speaking

For 20 years, Jeff Beard has volunteered to sponsor Toastmasters clubs in Oahu prisons at Halawa and Waiawa, going every week to support the inmates as they run their own public speaking clubs. Read More

Students think bigger, seeking huge aftereffect

In the past, high school students may have sold benefit chili tickets or circulated a petition written on folder paper. Read More

Quote puts into perspective the motivation behind vacation rentals

‘People have worked out a way to actually pay their bills and get ahead for once. I don’t see how we can be treated as criminals when we are just trying to purchase property in Hawaii and have help paying for it.” Read More

Emotions fly high at 10-year reunion for Aloha Airlines workers

Former employees of Aloha Airlines gathered Saturday night, exactly 10 years after the company shut down, for a reunion held at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki. Read More

Recounting Hee’s divorce violates ex’s privacy

A line has been crossed. Political campaigning in Hawaii has had moments of shameful mudslinging and dirty tricks over the years, and this latest effort ranks among the lowest. Read More

Count on March rain to bring bad and good

March rains come with the certainty of surprise, of stormy nights that lead into golden dawns, days so clear and sunny that it seems the stage was reset to another place and time. Read More

Another government oops but with a better response this time

The City & County of Honolulu loses data for more than 66,000 people and it’s hard not to compare it to the state’s colossal missile alert mistake. Read More

Kalani High hoops team reveals character

The Kalani High School boys basketball team has a favorite saying: “Character revealed!” Read More

Bill offers compromise in clash over Mauna Kea

Kahele’s PowerPoint tracks the tangled modern history of development and damage on Mauna Kea. Read More

Students put learning concepts to real-life test

In some ways, today’s students have been preparing for this moment their whole lives. Read More

$10 to get rid of a fridge is a pretty good deal

Let’s say your nephew has a truck. He’s a big guy, healthy and strong, and a nice guy, too. He has friends who are similarly hardy and pretty amiable, too. Read More

Oahu teens organize gun control events

Both students say Hawaii has stricter guns laws than other states and generally less violence, but that does not mean it can’t happen here. Read More

How strange, lawmakers taking real action

Maybe it’s the fallout from the false missile alert and the utter disgust Hawaii is feeling about local government’s ability to do its job. Read More

Calling for tax information can tax one’s patience

If you call the state Department of Taxation’s phone help line with a question about your state taxes, you might wait 30-40 minutes to get someone on the phone. Read More

Child’s play needed at school to build healthy communities

At the “pacer,” where students run the width of the gym every time a bell sounds, volunteers from the Navy run alongside the fifth-graders. As more students drop out, more Navy sailors join in. Read More

Celebrating Hawaiians should be an annual event

Last week, Gov. David Ige signed a resolution proclaiming 2018 the Year of the Hawaiian. Read More

Bible-toting group outside Oahu school looks bad despite good intentions

Early Tuesday morning as students were just starting to arrive at Niu Valley Middle School, there were men dressed in mostly black standing along the edge of campus. Read More

Jack Lord’s stunt double lived with integrity

John Nordlum did some of the most daring stunts of 1970s and ’80s television but never broke a bone. He didn’t complain about being put in terrifying situations, but he called himself a coward. He had the looks of a ladies’ man, but he was devoted to only one woman. Read More

City howls over man’s efforts at dog park

There’s been barking and threatening behavior at the Moanalua off-leash dog park, but it’s not from the dogs. Read More

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