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Politics still at the heart of education reinvention

We’ve only exchanged the old school board’s petty politics of indecision and infighting for the grand politics of reinventing education with every new state administration. Read More

Legislature is last hope of digging up true rail cost

With rail at least five years behind schedule and $5 billion over budget, the Legislature is our last hope of playing honest broker by demanding real costs and a sound recovery plan before throwing more good money after bad. Read More

Finally, real state action on our No. 1 crisis: homes

Two state Senate committees are finally trying to put real money behind the state’s so-far anemic attempts to address Hawaii’s affordable-housing crisis, arguably our No. 1 problem. Read More

Mayor’s plan brings rail to new level of insanity

Mayor Kirk Caldwell and City Council Chairman Ron Menor think Oahu taxpayers are so rich we can pay not only for a $10 billion rail system that’s $5 billion over budget and climbing, but also for road projects on the neighbor islands. Read More

City needs to prove rail’s worth before funding flows

Mayor Kirk Caldwell is begging the Legislature for another excise tax bailout for Oahu’s runaway rail project, claiming, “This project is just too important to let it die (or) let it stop at Middle Street.” Read More

True secret to marriage is a sense of humor

My wife, Maggie, and I celebrated our 49th wedding anniversary on my writing day, and it seemed inappropriate to spend the day pontificating about my usual subjects. Read More

Isle GOP has only itself to blame for poor showing

With the Republican takeover of Washington, D.C., the local GOP is crying about Hawaii being out of step because of our all-Democratic congressional delegation. Yes, Hawaii would probably benefit from having a Republican voice on Capitol Hill, as the late U.S. Sen. Hiram Fong and former U.S. Rep. Pat Saiki once provided. Read More

Voting sends stronger message than ignoring polls

This year’s election season has been so pilau that when my ballot arrived in the mail last week, I felt I should put on a hazmat suit before opening it. Read More

‘No conflict’ doesn’t mean mayor’s bank post is ethical

Mayor Kirk Caldwell denied at a recent debate with opponent Charles Djou that his post as a director of Territorial Savings Bank, which pays him $200,000 to $299,000 a year according to his financial disclosure, constitutes a second job in addition to his mayoral role that pays $164,928. Read More

Clinton’s past vulnerabilities haunt her current campaign

Hillary Clinton entered the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries as the clear front-runner, backed by the party establishment, cash rich and expected to cruise by opponents such as Joe Biden, John Edwards and Chris Dodd. Read More

Federal and city officials ramp up rail melodrama

Last week’s meeting of city leaders and the Federal Transit Administration in San Francisco was more like an audition for the Academy Awards than a responsible attempt to fix what’s wrong with Oahu rail. Read More

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