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Off the beaten track on a Borneo River Safari

An African safari isn’t the only way to see elephants in the wild. Instead consider traveling down a winding river in Borneo. Read More

How to capture your elder loved ones’ story

Dear Savvy Senior: I am interested in making a video of my 82-year-old parents’ life story/legacy and how they want to be remembered. With the holidays approaching, I thought this could be a neat gift to my older siblings, but I could use some help. What can you tell me? — Youngest of Five Read More

People want kindness for the holidays

Twenty years ago I stopped giving gifts. I realized that I was in over my head: Who do I owe? What do I buy? How much do I spend? What do I give someone if they give me something that I hadn’t planned for? Do I even enjoy gift-exchanges during the holidays? Read More

Wallet Wisdom: Holiday budgeting for a happy, stress-free holidays

While many shoppers have the best of intentions during the holidays — it is the season of giving — their generosity may lead them to overspend on gifts for family and friends. Read More

Live Well: A happiness work-around when work won’t let you go

Try to find meaning and make the workplace enjoyable for others and your own happiness will follow. Read More

Tips for kupuna to keep vision loss at bay

Reading glasses and large-text phone displays become a way of life for many adults over 65. Vision changes affect roughly 1 in 3 seniors. Read More

The age of the tiger traveler

The State Department has some tips for older travelers but the savvy group may already know some of them. Read More

Column: What you’ll pay for Medicare in 2019

Most people will pay just $1.50 more a month for Medicare. Read More

Positively Young: Aging bodies crave movement for happiness

Find ways to move more, especially while cherishing the moment and immersing yourself in nature. Read More

Strategies for long-distance caregiving

A new study offers strategies for distance caregivers, who often neglect their own well-being. Read More

Disrupt Aging: The darknet doesn’t have to spook you

Assume your information has already been compromised and take steps to secure your credit rating. Read More

Healthier Aging: Robotic surgery makes a difference in knee replacement

Traditional total knee replacement requires the sacrifice of the anterior cruciate ligament, commonly known as the ACL, and some designs sacrifice the posterior cruciate ligament as well. But a new type of knee replacement preserves all of the knee ligaments and functions as a true knee resurfacing. Read More

Hurricane threats bring chaos, agitation for dementia patients

Natural disasters are especially hard on patients suffering from dementia. Read More

Aging experts see hope for better lives with dementia

It’s hard to argue that hearing you have dementia is not deeply depressing. After all, most forms of dementia are progressive, fatal and, currently, untreatable. But Philadelphia aging experts Laura Gitlin and Nancy Hodgson see hope. Read More

Positively Young: Good manner bring joy to many

Can common courtesy really inspire joy? Think about these scenarios you may have experienced: Someone waves or gives you a shaka after you allow them to cut into your lane on the highway. Read More

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