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Cuba ends medical exchange program with Brazil over money

Cuba said today that it is ending a program that sent thousands of government doctors to underserved regions of Brazil in exchange for hundreds of millions in badly needed hard currency. Read More

Tired U.S. pilots fight against airlines’ surprise schedule changes

Sudden changes to flight schedules are driving up fatigue reports and damaging morale for pilots at the nation’s largest airlines, say aviator unions, which plan to make the issue a top priority in new contract talks next year. Read More

Oreo cookie maker targeted by Greenpeace to save orangutans

The maker of Oreo cookies has become the latest target by Greenpeace in its campaign to stop the destruction of rainforests for palm oil. Read More

White House aide targeted by Melania Trump to depart

National Security Adviser John Bolton’s top deputy will leave the White House, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said a day after first lady Melania Trump called for the official’s ouster. Read More

Volkswagen to devote 3 German plants to electric car push

German automaker Volkswagen will convert three factories in Germany to manufacture electric cars, ramping up production of zero-local emission cars ahead of tougher European emissions standards, the company said today. Read More

Michelle Obama begins arena tour in talk with Oprah

Michelle Obama began her 12-stop book tour Tuesday by sitting with Oprah Winfrey before an audience at the home arena of the Chicago Bulls, speaking on everything from piano lessons and washing socks to crying on a plane the day her family moved out of the White House and President Donald Trump moved in. Read More

More leeway for states to expand inpatient mental health

The Trump administration today allowed states to provide more inpatient treatment for people with serious mental illness by tapping Medicaid, a potentially far-reaching move to address issues from homelessness to violence. Read More

Oregon hospital removes gender identification from bracelets

A hospital in central Oregon has made a small change that represented a huge difference for its transgender patients: It removed the gender designation from patient identification bracelets. Read More

The caravan is still coming. But since the midterms, Trump shrugs.

For weeks before the midterm elections, President Donald Trump warned ominously about the threat from a caravan of migrants streaming from Central America toward Mexico’s border with the United States. Read More

With J.K. Rowling’s help, Jude Law builds a new Dumbledore

When Jude Law met with J.K. Rowling about portraying the younger version of Albus Dumbledore, the two discussed how to rebuild the fan-favorite character from the “Harry Potter” films. Read More

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