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Feeling suicidal, students turned to their college. They were told to go home.

Stanford says it has behaved properly. But the case lays bare the conundrum universities face — amid a national epidemic of students dealing with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts — in responding to a broad array of mental health issues on campus. Read More

Is it too soon for the return of Louis C.K.?

Nine months ago, after five women and fellow comedians accused him of sexual misconduct, it was impossible to know how Louis C.K. might plot his re-emergence. Read More

Dozens at Facebook unite to challenge its ‘intolerant’ liberal culture

The post went up quietly on Facebook’s internal message board last week. Titled “We Have a Problem With Political Diversity,” it quickly took off inside the social network. Read More

A road trip through Western Germany

Traveling through Western Germany, “The 52 Places Traveler” columnist Jada Yuan marks the third proper road trip of her “52 Places” series with a colleague who provides much-appreciated companionship and knowledge of the country. Read More

Give children a seat at the planning table

What’s the best way to get that balance right and make sure your family vacation is enjoyable for everyone? Here are some tips. Read More

Hawaii braces for a rare encounter with a hurricane

The storm promises to bring heavy damage to the main Hawaiian islands as its winds surge through steep mountain slopes and tall buildings. The fact that Lane is moving slowly means it is likely to dump large amounts of rain. Read More

Paris Jackson apologizes for Harper’s Bazaar cover in Singapore, where gay rights lag

Paris Jackson, the 20-year-old actress and model who recently told fans she is bisexual, apologized this week for appearing on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar in Singapore, a country where sex between men is punishable by up to two years in prison. Read More

Hungry goats delay Brooklyn subway

Two white goats with brown heads spent the morning trotting along the N train line in Brooklyn, making their way from the Fort Hamilton Parkway stop toward the 8th Avenue stop, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which runs the subways. Read More

Bunch of men get Tinder-pranked at New York’s Union Square

In June, Amir Pleasants, a 21-year-old resident of Montclair, New Jersey, matched with someone new on Tinder. But after he and the woman, Natasha Aponte, sent a few messages back and forth, she abruptly cut off the exchange. Read More

The trickiness of being a woman in Tangier

A more modern Tangier has much to appreciate, writes “The 52 Places Traveler” columnist Jada Yuan, but traveling there as a woman can still pose a challenge. Read More

5 tips to sleep better on your next trip

Getting some shut-eye on a plane is a perennial challenge for travelers, but there are a few low-tech tricks that can make switching time zones and taking long-haul flights a little easier. Read More

Opulent travel doesn’t mean paying a premium

Luxury travel can be experienced in two ways: by paying top dollar or by paying less. Given the choice, wouldn’t you pick the latter? Read More

Georgia police defend use of stun gun on 87-year-old woman cutting dandelions

Martha Bishara, an 87-year-old grandmother who emigrated to the United States from Syria decades ago, often cuts dandelion greens that grow in the wild near her house in Georgia. Read More

For some viewers, ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ is not Asian enough

“Crazy Rich Asians,” a romantic comedy that opened in the United States on Wednesday, is a rare commodity: a Hollywood film with a majority Asian cast. For many Asian-American viewers, that is a positive, if sorely belated, development. Read More

Revoking clearance, Trump aims presidential power at Russia inquiry

For more than a year, law enforcement officials have repeatedly rebuffed President Donald Trump’s efforts to use the power of his office to derail the Russia investigation. Stymied, Trump is lashing out in other ways against an investigation that he clearly hates or fears Read More

In a divided era, one thing seems to unite: political anger

Disputes over politics have divided Americans’ homes, strained marriages, ruined friendships and invaded the workplace. Read More

Alex Jones of Infowars destroyed evidence related to Sandy Hook suits, motion says

Lawyers for the families of two Sandy Hook shooting victims are accusing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his Infowars media business of intentionally destroying evidence relevant to the defamation cases against him, according to a motion filed today in a Texas court. Read More

California now says coffee doesn’t need cancer warnings

The state of California has intervened, telling coffee drinkers not to worry. An agency has proposed a rule declaring that not only does coffee pose no significant risk of cancer, it may actually have health benefits. Read More

Transporting El Chapo to court could cripple NYC traffic

For more than a year now, an only-in-New York transportation nightmare has been caused by the case of Joaquín Guzmán Loera, the Mexican drug lord best known as El Chapo. Every few months or so, whenever he is called to go to court, something awful happens: The police must close the entire Brooklyn Bridge, stranding hundreds of motorists as the world’s biggest drug lord is swept across the East River in a speeding motorcade of heavily armored cars. Read More

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