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HIFF screenings continue at Dole Cannery

The Hawaii International Film Festival continues at Dole Cannery, with 187 films from 35 countries screening through Nov. 18. Read More

Kings of Spade preps homecoming set after U.S. tour

Kings of Spade has built its bold, stomping, no-holds-barred sound around the lyrics of singer KC Nunes’ life and experience. Read More

Here’s what you need to know before you go to the Bruno Mars concert

The moment for which local Bruno Mars fans lined up and camped and waited (and waited and waited) is nigh. Now the real planning begins. Read More

Retelling of Freddy Mercury story overlong, dull in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

“Bohemian Rhapsody,” the song by Queen, lasts nearly six minutes, a very long time for a pop single back in 1975. “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the movie about Queen, lasts more than two hours, not a very long time by modern feature standards, even though it feels interminable. Read More

‘Beautiful Boy’ tells true story of a junkie, his dad

In “Beautiful Boy,” the national epidemic of substance abuse is told in intimate personal terms. Read More

Hawaii-born Lorenzo DeStefano explores tragic era in ‘Shipment Day’

Olivia Robello — later known as Olivia Robello Breitha — was shipped to Kalaupapa in 1937 after contracting leprosy. She died there in 2006 at the age of 90. For Hawaii-born playwright Lorenzo DeStefano, she’s not a number or a statistic. She’s family — a first cousin. Read More

HiSAM exhibit turns an artistic gaze on ‘Men’

Hawaii State Art Museum has turned the lens on the masculine gender with its new exhibit, “Men.” Read More

‘August at Akiko’s’ replicates Chris Yogi’s Hawaii bloodline

Filmmaker Christopher Makoto Yogi’s latest film, “August at Akiko’s,” touches on hidden stories from the past and reconnecting with a history that may be unknown. Read More

Hawaii International Film Fest opens with ‘Shadow’

The Hawaii International Film Festival begins next week at Dole Cannery, with 187 films from 35 countries screening over the following 10 days in Honolulu. Read More

Ballet sadly missing in clunky ‘Nutcracker and the Four Realms’

“The Nutcracker and the Four Realms ” is visually marvelous, inconsistently acted and rather incoherent in that fantasy genre way. There’s not even that much dancing, to tell the truth. Little kids might end up too scared and adults may need several shots of insulin. Read More

Pau Hana Patrol: Wok-Kiki offers bargains, but doesn’t skimp on variety

Wok-Kiki Buffet & Bar is one of those “hiding in plain sight” kind of places. Nonetheless, the place is a pleasant, matter-of-fact spot for a pau-hana treat, with its own parking, an interesting selection of Chinese dishes on its buffet and great deals on drinks. Read More

‘Viper Club’ steps up when journalists held for ransom

“Viper Club” is an attempt at a very difficult balancing act. It doesn’t quite succeed, but it deploys enough persuasive elements to make the attempt involving. Read More

Mandy Patinkin’s musical ‘Diary’ comes to life on stage

With the Showtime hit series “Homeland” approaching its final season, events conspired to turn actor Mandy Patinkin’s focus back to music — though not the kind you’d necessarily expect. Read More

American joins mysterious Berlin dance troupe in ‘Suspiria’

“Suspiria” takes a good long while with everything. It’s a crimson fairy tale about an American dancer who joins a fearsome avant-garde troupe. Read More

Bob Weir, Taj Mahal and others team up for Kauai charity event

The New Year’s Eve party benefits environmental nonprofits The Hanalei Initiative and Earthjustice. Read More

Lionel Richie adds 2nd Blaisdell concert in January

Tickets for Lionel Richie’s show at the Blaisdell Arena in January sold out this morning, prompting a second show to be added, with tickets on sale now for kamaaina only. No code is required. Read More

Violinist Bella Hristova makes local debut with Hawai‘i Symphony Orchestra

Acclaimed violinist Bella Hristova makes her Hawaii debut this week, playing Samuel Barber’s Violin Concerto. Read More

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