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Vicious slurs hit Cayetano, thanks to Citizens United

By Cynthia Oi


With his libel-slander lawsuit, Ben Cayetano is calling out the cabal that has shamelessly tried to cast him as a crook. He’s saying he’s not going to take the slurs anymore.

He should not have to, but whether he can win in court is another matter. It is a challenging case, given his long career in public office, but if anyone has the will to stop or slow the relentless proliferation of dirty tricks in island campaigns, Cayetano does.

Pacific Resource Partnership and its allies, the targets of the suit, have relentlessly and falsely accused him of taking bribes when he was governor in its effort to run his candidacy for Honolulu mayor into the ground and elevate the city rail project he opposes. PRP and its brigade have millions of dollars to gain in building the ill-conceived rail line that will tax the city’s finances, and their fetid offensive to nail him comes with the blessing of the U.S. Supreme Court.

The anti-Cayetano scheme is Hawaii’s addition to the toxic national political pollution that the court’s 2010 ruling has bred. The infamous “corporations are people” decision allowed unlimited spending by groups to support or oppose candidates and public policies without having to disclose who is behind the money.

Jim Bickerton, one of Cayetano’s lawyers, describes the libel case as one “about big money for big lies.”

“It’s about whether we’re going to let secret, shadowy groups with unlimited funds pump lies into the public discourse,” he said.

The ruling, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, was seen as an advantage to Republicans who were largely favored by the wealthy-Wall Street-corporate world. They did not expect that Democratic organizations, who were not as well financed, would use their money tactically to target GOP candidates for the U.S. House and Senate as well as state and local offices.

Feeling the breath of challengers on the back of their Republican necks, influential members of Congress are finally acknowledging the consequences of Citizens United and considering reform. But this may all be pre-election jitters. Depending on the outcome of the elections, legislative curbs may not materialize.

Because of Citizens United, no person or entity has to tie their names to the ugly. Cayetano’s lawsuit pulls away part of PRP’s veil, naming the trustees of the Hawaii Carpenters Union, and its PR firm’s principals. It also hopes to later identify an unknown number of behind-the-scenes individuals who are believed to have taken part in the vicious campaign.

One person who has stood clear of the muck is Cayetano’s rival, Kirk Caldwell. To his credit, the former city managing director under Mayor Mufi Hannemann has not followed PRP’s lead. Caldwell this week would not discuss the suit, saying the law that disallows candidates from coordinating campaigns with PACs prevents him from speaking to PRP. The law, however, doesn’t prevent him from censuring PRP’s unethical behavior from which he will benefit.

Watching from the sidelines while his opponent is maligned is cheap.

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MalamaKaAina wrote:
I voted for Ben!
on October 25,2012 | 01:43AM
MalamaKaAina wrote:
In Ben We Trust!
on October 25,2012 | 01:43AM
MalamaKaAina wrote:
“Slander cannot destroy an honest man - when the flood recedes the rock is there” ~Chinese Proverb~
on October 25,2012 | 01:47AM
OldDiver wrote:
Oi is correct that super pacs are destructive to our democracy. She forgot to mention Cayetano has super pacs sliming Caldwell. Oi a well know anti-rail activist would do well to have balance in her columns.
on October 25,2012 | 05:30AM
Keith_Rollman wrote:
She is one of Star Advertiser's three sock-puppets who schil for the Democrat good-old-boy in every election (emphasis on old),
on October 25,2012 | 05:57AM
KeithHaugen wrote:
Thanks, Cynthia. The truth will out.
on October 25,2012 | 06:35AM
autumnrose wrote:
YES, I second that MAHALO, Ms. Oi, for verbalizing what rational private citizens think. Especially your concluding remarks: Caldwell "watching from the sidelines" acting all innocent is CHEAP. Cayetano was GENEROUS when Caldwell's daughter was videoed burning Cayetano's campaign sign with her drug paraphernalia.
on October 25,2012 | 08:16PM
Publicbraddah wrote:
Oh, you must mean in the same way the SA editors endorse Kirk and Mufi.
on October 25,2012 | 07:12AM
mitt_grund wrote:
At least Ms. Oi signs her name to her article. SA editors never do.
on October 25,2012 | 06:48PM
sidneyho wrote:
Why so negative Keith in all you postings?
on October 25,2012 | 07:38AM
Imagen wrote:
The pro railers that blog here are always negative and rude. They know in their hearts that their "project" was created on and has been sustained by corruption and deception. The lies themselves are so thick that they really do not know which turn to make...Again, let me be clearer: I believe that Oahu does needs a major overhaul to our traffic conditions, we do need to do something if we are to promote growth in the outter communities. (Outter meaning outside of Honolulu.) BUT, not this one; not THIS rail project.
on October 25,2012 | 11:51AM
autumnrose wrote:
Keith Haugen is positive.
on October 25,2012 | 08:17PM
Keith_Rollman wrote:
Because bias journalists won't cover stuff like this: Defend Ben one ups PRP by slandering two people in one ad; AND failing to file with Campaign Spending Commission. There is no legal non candidate committee by this name filed with the Campaign Spending Commission. Oooops. Let’s test the gang’s selective indignation: Radio Ad — KHVH 10/25/12 10:30 The following is a special message for all voters. Kirk Caldwell is a desperate man. His campaign is heavily in debt and he will say or do anything to get elected so he can pay off that debt. While he was Mufi’s Managing Director he condoned the pay-to-play system that Mufi had set in place at city hall. When he took over as Mayor he perpetuated Mufi’s pay-to-plan system by soliciting contributions from firms with lucrative rail sub-contracts. Kirk now displays his desperation by allowing PRP to falsely accuse Ben Cayetano of doing exactly what he himself is guilty of. Do not vote for a desperate man who is handpicked and endorsed by Mufi Hannemann. Let’s clean up city hall. Vote for a man with a proven track record of honesty, integrity and accomplishments. Vote for Ben Cayetano for mayor. This ad paid for by Defend Ben, P.O. Box 17339, Honolulu 96817, Hawaii and is not endorsed by any political party or candidate
on October 25,2012 | 08:20PM
gsc wrote:
OldDiver & Keith_Rollman, AI KAE.............
on October 25,2012 | 10:39AM
wondermn1 wrote:
gsc, Good one I had to Google and Bing that word but I will admit it is spot On
on October 25,2012 | 12:13PM
saveparadise wrote:
on October 25,2012 | 03:47PM
808chubs wrote:
I agree...PRP muli kaia
on October 25,2012 | 05:28PM
allie wrote:
Oi is right: Cayetano created the one sin around this town that is never allowed: Standing up and telling the truth. Standing up to the power boys who operate behind the curtains and manipulate politics and resources in this place. I admire Ben for standing up for the tax payer and calling out the power boys. They hate him and are punishing him. Stand up to tyranny out here and you will be punished. Good luck to Ben!
on October 26,2012 | 06:45AM
KeithHaugen wrote:
Some PACs have been formed to fight the lies spread by PRP Super PAC, John White, Kirk Caldwell. Sad, but necessary.
on October 25,2012 | 06:26AM
Keith_Rollman wrote:
So's the crab.
on October 25,2012 | 05:58AM
KeithHaugen wrote:
I guess everyone has noticed the decrease in the number of readers who support Caldwell, John White, PRP PAC, and rail. KR hangs in there, to earn his pay,probably.
on October 25,2012 | 06:37AM
KR days will coincide with the rest of the group who supports Caldwell; they will fade away in time.
on October 25,2012 | 09:19AM
saveparadise wrote:
People of Hawaii must not buy into the false promises of Caldwell. He is bought and paid for by the bloodsucking developers that eye only their profits and could care less about the people.
on October 25,2012 | 03:56PM
mitt_grund wrote:
Kirk "Play to Play Bong" Caldwell appears to have sold out to PRP. He will not speak out against them because he needs them. But won't it be funny when voters realize he will owe them big time. Let's see, Mayor Caldwell, we are the silent funders of PRP. We spent $2 mill to get you in. Time to pay up. $5.2 billion should do. What, you think we were doing it out of the goodnesss of our hearts? Cmon Pay to Pay, man. So, pay up. Just look at the situation and any clear mind will say that the one who has the most Pay to Play funds being thrown at him is Kirk "Pay to Play Bong" Caldwell. And he is weak. Doesn't have the guts to apologize for his daughter's misdeed in person, but let's a third paty do it for him. Add "gutless" to his character traits. Kirk "Pay to Play Bong Gutless" Caldwell. Do you really believe he will stand up to PRP and its contractor/union hooligans?
on October 25,2012 | 06:56PM
allie wrote:
we all do
on October 26,2012 | 06:42AM
KeithHaugen wrote:
Me too, at early voting yesterday in Honolulu Hale. Go Ben, champion of the common (and honest) folk.
on October 25,2012 | 06:25AM
Yep, majority of workers in our place voted for Ben, amazingly most of these guys are union members fed up with the negative campaign and basically can't see the leadership potential of Mufi's disciple Kirk.
on October 25,2012 | 09:23AM
inverse wrote:
The guy raised a kid, who had all the privileges of money, connections and the best private education that was good enough for the president of the US to be nothing more than a clone of the father; selfish, two-faced, pretends to be "for the people" when all they really care about are themselves and look down at the "common" person. The facade is hard to maintain when you are on a bong high and you have a smartphone with internet capabilities.
on October 25,2012 | 10:06AM
false wrote:
You cross a line when you start insulting the kid. Big deal, she took a bong hit from Ben's sign. My biggest concern is that these signs undoubtedly produce toxic smoke.

Can you honestly say you never did anything wild and "inappropriate" when you were a teenager? If you can honestly get in touch with your "inner teenager," maybe you can stop being such a whining crybaby.

Show some class and leave the kid alone.

on October 25,2012 | 03:39PM
Graham wrote:
One of the few times I agree with you..
on October 26,2012 | 01:34PM
rsgea wrote:
Judging from the outcome of yesterday's Big Q poll about "Do you agree with Ben Cayetano's filing of the defamation lawsuit?", the PRP smear campaign tactics is evidently backfiring. 63% voted "AGREE".

More and more Honolulu voters are realizing that PRP's desperate tactics must be a ploy to distract the voting public's attention away from the issue of the merits of Rail vs. that of the F.A.S.T. plan.

If Rail was truly a better solution for Honolulu's traffic problem than F.A.S.T., that would be where PRP's focus would be on, in their spending of $millions for radio & TV commercials, and newspaper ads.

on October 25,2012 | 03:12AM
Keith_Rollman wrote:
Actually, if you read Ben's lawsuit, he claims that his internal polls can PROVE it IS working...that's why he's suing. He claims PRP cost him an outright win in the primary. His words not mine.
on October 25,2012 | 08:25PM
saveparadise wrote:
Ben knew he was going to file this law suit from the beginning. His timing is perfect. I give him and his family credit for enduring the slander all this time. Any normal person would have lost their cool which is what the evil ones behind the PRP banners was hoping would happen. It would have shown a weakness in character. Ben is the man for the people so please vote for him everyone.
on October 26,2012 | 09:43AM
1coconut wrote:
Its about time the S/A took a stance that this type of slander is wrong. You guys should have called this slander out a long time ago. Shame on the editors of S/A for not being man enough and honest enough to do it sooner. Yes Kirt might have no comment but the smile on his face when ask about the slander tells all. He is just as big a slime ball as Mufi.
on October 25,2012 | 03:52AM
Allenk wrote:
Unfortunately, SA reaps the rewards of advertising for all candidates. Also, PR people know that the more their candidate is in the news, some exposure is better than no exposure. However, I have seen Kirk's ads with Dan Inouye in them running for weeks! It's getting old.
on October 25,2012 | 08:37AM
Imagen wrote:
Ever since I could vote, I have voted for Dan Inouye, simply because my father said so. In fact that very same year I exercised my right to vote and voted for Fred Rolfing, because he came to my parent's home and talked to ME! (I was even pictured on his campaign brochure! >.<) My dad broke a gasket! Back in the day, we were INSTRUCTED on who to vote for; the Asian (Japanese) Democrat; no exceptions. Well, with the exception of Inouye, I then rebelled against "the father" and voted for everyone OTHER THAN the Asian Democrat that he instructed. My father is no longer with us (God rest his soul) and needless to say, I have since learned that I needed to do MY OWN research; be informed on the issues and then seek that representation that would benefit ME, and now that includes my famiy... While I certainly am very grateful for ALL of what The Honorable Mr. Inouye has done for our state, I am now concerned that he has become "out of touch" with my needs and the needs of my family. He wants me to support him and Kirk Caldwell on the MEGA Billion dollar rail project. Inouye has said on numerous occassions that he has been a supporter of rail for over 40 years. Well, if rail is such a great project, why then was this not done earlier? Why with all of his "clout" did he not actively promote and get Hawaii the federal assistance to build this? 40 years ago? From me to Mr. Inouye: "why now and why this one?" Why did you and the rest of the power brokers in Hawaii allow then Mayor Mufi to blantantly lie to us with THIS rail project? Why the play on words on the ballot? Why the smoke and miirors? Why? Why? Why????? I ask these questions because I for one do not appreciate being force-fed 40 year old bread, telling me that it's good for me, AND with no water.
on October 25,2012 | 12:25PM
false wrote:
I oppose this Train proposal, but your sense of history is incorrect. There was a major push for a rail system many years ago, with Inouye in the middle of it. Things were almost completely lined up when Fasi threw a monkey wrench into the agreement.

I find it kind of schizophrenic the way some people blame Inouye for not forcing something through, then in the next breath, criticizing him for expressing a preference. Inouye is not the dictator-bully so many people like to paint him as. But I guess seeing Inouye's influence through the prism of your relationship with your own father serves some emotional purpose for you that you do not want to abandon. You are totally free to disagree with Inouye's views, just as he is free to express them. But first, you have to be free in your own mind. Which is your problem, not the senator's fault.

on October 25,2012 | 03:46PM
allie wrote:
Well and very bravely said.
on October 26,2012 | 06:46AM
Keith_Rollman wrote:
But, total fiction only an anti-rail zealot would believe.
on October 27,2012 | 09:19AM
Naloboy wrote:
Caldwell is a coward. His silence on this matter is reprehensible. If he had any true ethics or personal character he would stand WITH Cayetano in TOTAL opposition to PRP's lies, mudslinging and vile tactics. Instead he's happy to sit on the sidelines with an "its not me" attitude while he benefits from PRP's despicable activities. What a shameful situation that Hawaii politics have been reduced to the lowest possiible level. PRP, John White and Kirk Caldwell--by his stunning and absolutely indefensible silence--have allowed an evil genie to be released on Hawaii. We can cram it back into the bottle and seal it shut by electing Ben Cayetano as our next mayor. And oh yes....rail will also be dead. That's a true win-win.
on October 25,2012 | 04:20AM
KeithHaugen wrote:
Yes, add "coward" to the many ways to describe what Kirk Caldwell is doing... he has no good character traits at all, or he would stand up to John White and tell him the Pay for Play deal is off. Vote for Ben, an honest candidate who will bring some integrity back to City Hall. I can't see any honest person who wants honest government, voting for Kirk, for any job.
on October 25,2012 | 06:30AM
Keith_Rollman wrote:
Hey Autumrose, is this the "positive" KeithHaugen you were talking about?
on October 27,2012 | 09:19AM
frontman wrote:
And this piece of $hit has to carry the lies, knowing they project them as truth.
on October 25,2012 | 04:54AM
Keith_Rollman wrote:
I hope Cynthia, Dave and Richard are being paid by Cayetano for this PR disguised as editorial column. I seem to remember their role in foisting Abercromibie on us as well.
on October 25,2012 | 05:43AM
KeithHaugen wrote:
KR, you're funny, and desperate. Attacking the messenger when you know that is not right. They report the facts and are credited (along with others, including Joe Moore,KHON-TV anchor) with letting the public know about the Caldwell/White/PRP PAC being the biggest Pay for Play scam in our State's history. Let's hope all those big money folks can't buy a judge.
on October 25,2012 | 06:33AM
sammmo wrote:
They can, Koch Brothers and Karl Rove..
on October 25,2012 | 06:42AM
Its a desperate and loosing end rhetoric warranting that Ben does not deserve a particular rights to defend himself from the onslaught of misleading ads; of course you will expect this from K.R. His on the opposite side of the fence.
on October 25,2012 | 10:21AM
808chubs wrote:
Desperate is an understatement.
on October 25,2012 | 05:32PM
PCWarrior wrote:
Nobody foisted Abs on anybody. People DIDN'T want Mufi. Then they didn't want Mufi again. Then they didn't want Carlise. Then Carlise and Mufi just endorsed Cadwell. Wonder how that's going to work for him?
on October 25,2012 | 10:48AM
allie wrote:
yup..mufi got exposed for what he always was
on October 26,2012 | 06:47AM
mito1 wrote:
Keith, are you for real? I'm reading all your comments and you know and I know that our friend Mufi and Kirk are no Saints. I'm sick and tired the way you talk against Cayetano. Look at yourself. Your friend Mufi is out and Kirk will soon be out,what are you going to do. What have you done on Mufi's campaign. You folks did nothing. You folks couldn't even helped him win. What are you doing again for Kirk? Are you helping him win or you just making him lost too. Thanks to you. Keep on doing. YOU are defending PRP like Kirk is enjoying and having the glory of them attacking Cayetano just for your desperate of winning this election? Is this how desperate you are too for Kirk Caldwell to win this election. I'm so disgusted with all of you people around with Mufi and Kirk. I supported my wife and you all because of Mufi but I will not tolerate your behavior .I'm glad my wife changed her avenue of not be around with you all people especially of her not supporting Kirk Caldwell. She did not support him before between him and Peter and more so we are not going to support Kirk against Cayetano. The Governor is a good man, real and with a GOOD Heart and FEELINGS. His campaign is clean. Just go ahead and defend Kirk because you are as guilty as he is. He talks but can't deliver. He was the Managing Director and Acting Mayor but he never been a leader. He was just a follower. Can't you read and understand what he was saying" I love to be a mayor and I love a mayor's job". CAYETANO IS FOR THE PEOPLE. ELECT CAYETANO AND HE WILL DO THE MAYOR'S JOB FOR YOU, FOR US!
on October 26,2012 | 04:44AM
Keith_Rollman wrote:
Thank God you only have one vote.
on October 27,2012 | 09:21AM
allie wrote:
Ben wins in any case. Caldwell is just to compromised morally and ethically
on October 26,2012 | 06:47AM
akuman808 wrote:
The super pac ad that highlights Caldwells very own claims about how he was so instrumental in the rail project moving forward, cries foul that the other fact that ill advised rush to award contracts is now realing in millions in costs because of the Supreme court ruling to Kiewittg and other contractors whose contract conveniently had the clause of this penalty costs. Mr. Caldwell these are facts of truth, while your support of the PRP smear and lies that have been found to be so about the donations to Cayetano. Between John White and Bob Watada, Mr. Watada is without question more credible.
on October 25,2012 | 06:20AM
Imagen wrote:
BUT, wasn't it Caldwell that awarded the first of many contracts to Kiewit and etal prematurely????? Talk about forgetting where he came from; the bowels of Honolulu Hale.
on October 25,2012 | 01:24PM
HaoleGuy wrote:
Yeah..as credible as his son.
on October 25,2012 | 08:17PM
KeithHaugen wrote:
The fact that the cabal has millions of dollars to gain, makes it evident that Kirk Caldwell is in a position to pay them well for supporting him by attacking his opponent. The Pay for Play Caldwell scam exposed by the Star-Advertiser is the biggest ever in the history of Hawai`i,and Caldwell can't be so dumb or naive to not recognize that it has destroyed his credibility, if he had any.
on October 25,2012 | 06:24AM
sammmo wrote:
Karl Rove politics...believe it, he has his dirty hand in it, along with the money, as he does getting Lingle elected...she is no more independent than a speedboat without a motor. Karl Rove is behind the slander and Lingle's run for office.
on October 25,2012 | 06:40AM
soundofreason wrote:
"The infamous “corporations are people” decision allowed unlimited spending by groups to support or oppose candidates and public policies without having to disclose who is behind the money.">>> Initially, I was against this. But now - with 47% of people not paying taxes and looking to "corporations" earnings to fill the void, I'm now for it as corporate money is needed to offset the votes those who simply vote for "the guy" who is going to GIVE them the most benefits/entitlement programs. Corporations are our only hope of turning the tide.
on October 25,2012 | 06:55AM
soundofreason wrote:
"Watching from the sidelines while his opponent is maligned is cheap.">> How is his actions ANY different than the teachers who "complain" about HSTA......and then do absolutley nothing about HSTA....themselves. Any bullhorns out there? Nope. They just sit on the sidelines to see if "whipping boy Wil" strikes oil for them.
on October 25,2012 | 06:58AM
Publicbraddah wrote:
Keep in mind that John White of PRP has no ties to Hawaii. He's basically a hatchet man from Arkansas and could care less about the Carpenters Union. Unfortunately for the Carpenters Union, his actions will be tied to them for a long, long time. White will collect his salary and go to another state to wreak havoc. The man's character is seriously flawed.
on October 25,2012 | 07:03AM
LL808 wrote:
I voted for Ben!!! A vote of "NO" to the mass corruption of the Rail Project!
on October 25,2012 | 07:26AM
twosense wrote:
By his silence to the relentless attacks against Ben, Caldwell, in my opinion, is condoning the sleazy practices of PRP. He is not to be trusted. Caldwell will be indebted to the moneybags supporting PRP without regard for the welfare to the people of Hawaii.
on October 25,2012 | 07:38AM
ready2go wrote:
Thanks Cynthia. We admire your courage to print this column. Gov Burns would not have tolerated this type of pilau campaigning in Hawaii!
on October 25,2012 | 07:39AM
WizardOfMoa wrote:
"Watching from the sidelines while his opponent is maligned is cheap" - and Mr. Caldwell looks so angelic...indeed looks is deceiving...take another glance...do we see a Scarecrow? Can that be the reason for his lack of common "cents" and bravery?
on October 25,2012 | 08:26AM
Papakolea wrote:
If this isn't pay-to-play, I don't know what is. http://archives.starbulletin.com/98/07/17/news/index.html
on October 25,2012 | 08:44AM
MariaBetty wrote:
Kiewit/Kobayashi = Rail
on October 25,2012 | 09:02AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Kiewit/Kobayashi = Rail = PRP = Kirk = Mufi Lite

There, fixed it for you.

on October 25,2012 | 03:04PM
keawe wrote:
Kirk Caldwell should disassociate himself from the PRP slander campaign. What if Ben Cayetano brings up Mr. Caldwell's property tax payments and how he avoided paying the fair amount and went on to dig up more dirt. Mr. Caldwell should ask his election committee to stay away from slurs and innuendos wherever they should emanate from.
on October 25,2012 | 09:10AM
Kirk will not disassociate himself from the PRP slander campaign. As the last statement of the above article says about Kirk ".... Caldwell this week would not discuss the suit, saying the law that disallows candidates from coordinating campaigns with PACs prevents him from speaking to PRP. The law, however, doesn’t prevent him from censuring PRP’s unethical behavior from which he will benefit.... Watching from the sidelines while his opponent is maligned is cheap."
on October 25,2012 | 10:40AM
808chubs wrote:
He can't, he owes them, or will.
on October 25,2012 | 05:35PM
Macadamiamac wrote:
PRP and its supporters should be run out of town on a rail – if we had one.
on October 25,2012 | 09:15AM
gsc wrote:
What goes around comes around !!! Ye who gets the last laugh gets the bestest !!!! I'm proudly voting for Gov BEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on October 25,2012 | 10:29AM
eastside808 wrote:
Using your column to call Caldwell is "cheap" as well. It would better serve the public to really flesh out the basic issues and values of each candidate rather than provide commentary about Cayetano's libel suit. What took him so long to refute those "lies"? PRP's ads did not start a few weeks ago. They have been running for quite some time. Is it possible some of the false accusations by PRP about Cayetano are in fact truthful?
on October 25,2012 | 11:09AM
The answer(s) to your question "Is it possible some of the false accusations by PRP about Cayetano are in fact truthful?" lies in will be the future verdict of the law suit. If the law suit favors Ben, then PRP fabricated lies to chip bit
on October 25,2012 | 11:20AM
Anonymous wrote:
Completely insane is the only way to describe this column. Are you kidding me: Citizens United caused Vicious Slurs? Grow up, Cynthia.
on October 25,2012 | 12:09PM
Kalaheo1 wrote:
"Citizens United caused Vicious Slurs?"

It caused these vicious slurs. Otherwise a bunch of insiders wouldn't have been able to anonymously pool their money to spend millions spreading falsehoods about a Mayoral candidate who they fear will turn off the gravy spigot.

on October 25,2012 | 12:20PM
tiki886 wrote:
She could have blamed the Supreme Court for their decision or held PRP directly responsible for their choice to run the ads but she attacks a Conservative non-profit organization for Ben's plight. Typical Liberal loon. Cynthia, grow up!
on October 30,2012 | 05:02AM
surfergirl2 wrote:
I voted for Ben, PRP and Kirk are the ultimate pay to play. Shame on the stupid people in their commercials. The big money is in the rail construction, and PRP backers are worried they would lose access to all that cash.
on October 25,2012 | 12:15PM
patk wrote:
God you people are all so pathetic. Honesty this, for the people that, lies, deceit blah blah blah. There is no such thing as 'for the people' because EVERYONE IS SELFISH AND WANTS DIFFERENT THINGS. No matter what Ben or Kirk do, half of you will moan about it. Most of you people are the reason nothing can get done in America anymore. A good politician has nothing to do with morals or being nice, but one who can get things done for the community and not care if he has to step on a lot of toes to get it done. A politician who steals large sums but efficiently puts 90% of our budget to good use, is better than one who is incompetent, listens to special interests, and is hog-tied because he doesn't know what direction to go in, and eventually ends up wasting all the budget on go-nowhere, contrasting projects. It has gotten to the point where people just whine too much and nothing ever gets done.
on October 25,2012 | 12:32PM
Kalaheo1 wrote:
patk wrote: "A politician who steals large sums but efficiently puts 90% of our budget to good use, is better than one who is incompetent, listens to special interests, and is hog-tied because he doesn't know what direction to go in, and eventually ends up wasting all the budget on go-nowhere, contrasting projects."

So which one is the thief that you think we should all vote for?
on October 25,2012 | 12:57PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Ben's thievery is less expensive and it goes to locals. Decision made.
on October 25,2012 | 03:02PM
saveparadise wrote:
patk, by your logic if I step on everyone's toes to get to the front of the foodline thereby getting more than enough food and water for my family and union friends (get the job done) I am the better man than the polite person that picked you up to hold your place in line for you and complained about the bully (is this person simply whiner?).
on October 25,2012 | 04:18PM
dedicatedteacher7 wrote:
If it is tied to money they are taking from me, then I can moan all I want.
on October 25,2012 | 05:24PM
control wrote:
well said.
on October 26,2012 | 07:50PM
bumba wrote:
John White will be done in this town after the election. The unions and big business that he fronts for will throw him under the bus. He should buy his tickets back to Arkansa or wherever the rock he crawled out from under is and get ready to move.
on October 25,2012 | 01:05PM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
The union carpenters should run him out of town for ruining theor reputation. People see a union carpenter they think "those skuzzy PRP ads" and spit on the ground. Plus payback may well be a beetch after the Mayoral election.
on October 25,2012 | 03:01PM
luvshawaii wrote:
He can hang out with the Clintons.
on October 25,2012 | 07:50PM
HaoleGuy wrote:
What a dumb comment.
on October 25,2012 | 08:21PM
96706 wrote:
I voted for Ben too!!
on October 25,2012 | 01:54PM
allie wrote:
we all did
on October 26,2012 | 06:48AM
saveparadise wrote:
We are all calling you out Mr. Caldwell. A real man of character would have denounced this barrage of false lies against any opponent. Your sense of fair play has been overwhelmed with the dreams of success and fortune by any means. The people sense this and It will be your downfall.
on October 25,2012 | 04:04PM
localguy wrote:
Not to worry, Kirky boy is already looking for a new job in another state. He has a real estate agent lined up to sell his house, he is leaving while he can. Good idea, he is damaged goods, a one termer.
on October 25,2012 | 11:46PM
ejkorvette wrote:
Why is this article published? WHY? LYING, CHEATING, STEALING, MONEY LAUNDERING, BALLOT FIXING, all of these actions WAS, IS, and WILL ALWAYS BE the CREDO that Politicians Live BY!!! If the SHoe Fits, and it Fits very very Snugly in the State of Hawaii, then so be it. THis is nothing more than "Redirect" of issues, so the Public won't see the Politicians steal the residents of Hawaii's pants, shoes, shirt, food, and House right out from underneath them. Shame on Hawaii's Politicians, SHAME ON THEM ALL.
on October 25,2012 | 06:02PM
HaoleGuy wrote:
Oi is full of it!
on October 25,2012 | 08:15PM
allie wrote:
Oi told the truth
on October 26,2012 | 06:48AM
localguy wrote:
This is the reason Hawaii is know as a little, backwater, 4th world island. Illegal politics are the standard, bureaucrats do nothing to stop it, will not denounce it, not their problem. Actually it is your problem. To not say anything means you support it. If you support it then you are part of the problem. If you are part of the problem, you need to resign, you have earned a vote of no confidence from the voters. Time to find a new job, not in politics. Sad to see so many bureaucrats have no integrity, not concerned how backwards the Nei looks. Then again, bureaucrats are not the best product of the gene pool.
on October 25,2012 | 11:44PM
Smiley7 wrote:
The voices on those ads are enough to make one sick. Can't switch stations fast enough but have pinpointed when it comes on the most and what programs are on. What a relief it will be once the election is over. Auwe!
on October 26,2012 | 05:12AM
tiki886 wrote:
For those of you living in City Council District 6, PRP is supporting Carol Fukunaga as Council woman.
on October 27,2012 | 09:51AM
MannyAg wrote:
I voted for Ben, and Sam Aiona for District 6.
on October 29,2012 | 01:43PM
silvangold wrote:
I voted for Ben the first time. I WILL vote for Ben next week......and also for Obama, Hanabusa and Mazie.
on October 30,2012 | 10:39AM
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