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Ben Jay turned in his keys and was escorted from the premises Friday. Many University of Hawaii sports fans consider it good riddance. The new athletic director, David Matlin, officially starts work Monday.

Every Sunday, “Back in the Day” looks at an article that ran on this date in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. The items are verbatim, so don’t blame us today for yesteryear’s bad grammar.

“Akamai Money” seeks out local experts to answer questions about business in Hawaii. If you have an issue you would like us to tackle, please email it to business@star- and put “Akamai Money” in the subject line.

The opportunity to come to Honolulu and report Marcus Mariota's NFL Draft saga is, as might be imagined, a much-coveted assignment around ESPN.

Q: Why don't we have any effort to educate bicycle riders and pedestrians out at night to please wear reflective materials and obey the law by having lights and reflectors on their bicycles?

On Sept. 1, 1995, a fiery young assistant helped the University of Hawaii women's volleyball team to a season-opening victory.

You meet lots of nice ladies at craft fairs who sell clothing, quilts, hats and other items they have lovingly hand-sewn, but this nice lady also happens to be a retired doctor.

One of the greatest marketing and promotions people in radio in the United States is a local boy who was born in Waikiki four years before the Pearl Harbor attack.

Q: Could you find out why our city and county workers do not have to follow any safety or environmental laws when doing work on our roads? Are they being fined?

Forget what the ESPN analysts say about Marcus Mariota's inexperience taking the snap from center, on this day it was the Swiss cheese that was baffling.

Max Holloway of Waianae thinks beyond himself, and that's part of what makes him a great fit as the new face of mixed martial artists from Hawaii. The bigger part, of course, is that after defeating Cub Swanson by submission on Saturday he has six consecutive wins and is now close to being considered a prime contender in the UFC featherweight division.

Former customers of Ninja Sushi at Ward Village are surprised to walk into the new Ginza Sushi that appeared in its place and see the familiar faces of Russell and Hannah Won.

Celebrate Earth Month and enjoy the day at Hawaiian Electric's Grow Hawaiian Festival at Bishop Museum. The festival offers fascinating crafts, family activities and ono food prepared by local chefs.

Oahu's brewing scene is growing rapidly as new breweries and brewpubs set their sites on thirsty residents and visitors seeking locally produced craft beer. I'll be featuring all of our new breweries over the next couple of months.

It is the rumor that won't die, the speculation that continues to soar: Marcus Mariota for Philip Rivers. Quarterback of the future for one of the present.

When he's out on the ocean, reaching into the blueness to pull his paddleboard through miles of rolling swells, Jeff Peterson often finds an existential pleasure. Peterson can paddle for miles, arms aching from the effort, but his surroundings will send his spirits soaring, be it off wild and windy Kahuku Point, along Oahu's scenic North Shore or in the middle of the Kaiwi Channel, stroking from Molokai to Oahu.

Don't you just hate it when your orchids shrivel and die from mysterious causes, or when your line of potted plants looks like death row for daisies, or when your favorite water lilies lie submerged under toxic algae scum?

Sei Young Kim had never heard of Isao Aoki. Can't really blame her. Kim wasn't born until 10 years, almost to the day, after Aoki made international golf and Hawaii sports history with an incredible shot to win the 1983 Hawaiian Open.

Rex Kamakana loves the adrenaline rush of rodeo. His pani­olo (cowboy) roots go back more than a century; his great-grandfathers James Tooaha and William Kama­kana were two of the first 10 cowboys hired by Molokai Ranch in 1908.

Every Sunday, “Back in the Day” looks at an article that ran on this date in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. The items are verbatim, so don’t blame us today for yesteryear’s bad grammar.

If you were planning on visiting Las Vegas over the May 2 weekend and don't already have your accommodations, you might want to reconsider your dates. That's the weekend of the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight, and room rates are at least triple the norm in most places.

It is time for the state Legislature to flip into its Red Zone offense if it wants to use the two remaining weeks left to pull together a list of accomplishments.

“Akamai Money” seeks out local experts to answer questions about business in Hawaii. If you have an issue you would like us to tackle, please email it to business@star- and put “Akamai Money” in the subject line.

You could say the rest of the Lotte Championship field has Sei Young Kim right where they want her. In the tournament lead.

Q: Is it considered distracted driving in Hawaii for a driver to be drinking a soda or eating a cookie while driving? Is it against the law to use a hand-held GPS (Global Positioning System) device while driving? What about the new Apple Watch? Is it going to be an issue here?

I watch a lot of science documentaries on TV. Many (but not most) are well done, but only rarely is there one that does not commit a serious error, either by stating facts incorrectly or out of context, misrepresenting facts, making erroneous conclusions from facts, or misusing or misunderstanding physical laws.

Remember when a 10-year-old Michelle Wie said she hoped to play in the Masters someday? Well, if Paula Creamer has her way, the best women golfers in the world will get to play a tournament on the most famous course in the world.

This is an unusual take on a family business because it's actually three businesses: his, hers and hers (their daughter's). While the businesses are as interrelated as the family members, it is the 11-year-old who has been the driving force.

I remember living in St. Louis Heights in 1986 when the old Kaiser Hospital was demolished with dynamite. I had a good view of it and took a photo of the white cloud of dust that was expelled into the air.

After days and nights of testimony, private meetings and public pleas, the city and the state Legislature are reaching decision time on the over-budget, 20-mile heavy rail system now under construction.

Hawaii Five-O" will be in the air at Barnes & Noble Ala Moana Saturday at 1 p.m. when Lisa Freeman, daughter of "Hawaii Five-O" creator Leonard Freeman and his wife, Rose, signs her book "Honey Girl."

Who's going to win this? I.K. Kim is off to a good start, but the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. Apologies to Bob Dylan. And Peter, Paul and Mary have got nothing on Michelle, Ai and Inbee.

Michelle Wie has all the comforts of being where she grew up, including the cooking of her mom, Bo, or at Uncle Bo's, her favorite local eatery. More important, who in the field of the Lotte Championship at Ko Olina Golf Club knows the wind and greens better than she?

For all those who sit in traffic going westbound, I commend you for your patience. Much of my family still resides in Waipahu, and heading in that direction Easter morning, I made the mistake of thinking Kamehameha Highway would be clear.

Shibazuke is a member of the tsukemono clan of Japanese pickled vegetables. Although it is made with cucumbers and eggplant, its closest relation is umeboshi, the tart pink pickled plum that is the heart of a true musubi.

Take a drive to the west side for Aloun Farms' Third Annual Sweet Onion Festival, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. April 25 and 26. Purchase onions and other fresh, local produce while the keiki enjoy a hayride and other activities.

A new baseball season, a new commissioner ... and the same-old hustle being perpetrated upon baseball fans in Hawaii. Bud Selig is gone, but one of the more lamentable legacies of his tenure, the infernal TV blackout of some West Coast teams, endures here.

Blood donors are a critical component of our medical system. An adequate supply of blood is essential for the treatment of medical problems ranging from severe accidents to cancer and even extreme anemia due to disease or a poor diet.

These senior nights keep getting better and better. Saturday's men's volleyball regular-season finale topped them all, with stirring emotion from beginning to end — even though the match itself didn't provide very much drama.

Question: Who runs the parking lot at Hanauma Bay? I recently took friends visiting from the mainland there, and after settling in on the beach, we realized the kids had forgotten some things at home. I live close by, so I left to get them.

While snorkeling last week, I noticed that some Hawaiian dascyllus were mostly gray, some were nearly all white, and further on, they were black with a white spot on each side.

Takeout is convenient. I get that. But lately, I've been thinking about how much waste is generated by takeout — including the single-use plastic fork and knife, the clamshell, the little sauce containers, all wrapped in a plastic bag.

A rampant rumor spreading around Kailua is about to get quashed. "We have no plans to open any ABC Store in Kailua," said Paul Kosasa, president and CEO of MNS Ltd., ABC Stores' parent company.

People, especially young folks, test authority. That in itself is not good or bad or right or wrong. It just is. It is reality. Questioning authority under the right circumstances is important and necessary.

"Uptown Funk!" — recorded by Mark Ronson and featuring Hawaii's Bruno Mars on lead vocals —is this year's undisputed chart champ. It's been No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 14 consecutive weeks since its Jan. 15 chart debut.

Thirty-five years ago this month the original "Hawaii Five-O" said aloha after 12 seasons on CBS. We look back at actor Jack Lord, who played Steve McGarrett during its run.

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