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Question: I'm just wondering about those new "parklets" in Kaka­ako. It was said that these are for public use and they are located on city streets. How will these new parklets not become new homeless shelters? Are there laws stating who can use these and when they can be used?

When a powerful storm blew the roof off a Molo­kai Ranch storage building across from the family home, Hor­cajo and his brothers collected sheets of corrugated metal debris, flattened them with hammers and rocks, and fashioned a small seafaring vessel.

Healthy quarterbacks, running backs and inside linebackers aren't the only people the University of Hawaii football team is running out of these days. Paying customers are also in critically short supply.

If you've been reading our column of late, you'd have noted that we've reviewed several products related to making videos. One thing we failed to discuss is how to store all those huge files — especially if you're on the road.

It appears the Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission could devote some of Wednesday to chewing on the Pacific Resource Partnership, which, because of the money it flings around, is one of our most influential political players.

Question: What is our state's community quarantine or isolation laws/procedure regarding highly infectious diseases like Ebola? I read a National Public Radio article that said it is 99.9 percent a state practice to determine when to quarantine someone involuntarily, which surprised me.

Pacific Ocean, 22 degrees South, 163 degrees East » After sailing thousands of miles through the tropical Pacific, I'm no longer surprised by how few whales and dolphins appear offshore.

Manti Te'o no longer walks with a protective boot on his right foot or with a limp, but the pain he feels is evident. For the third time in two NFL seasons a foot injury has forced him to vacate his inside linebacker spot with the San Diego Chargers for a place in rehab.

On Saturday, the University of Hawaii football team eclipsed the program mark set in 1998 for road futility with its 20-10 loss at San Diego State, a nation-leading 16th in a row away from home. Norm Chow has been coach for 15 of them.

Former television news figures Caroline Sluyter and Malika Dudley are taking on new roles.

Hummingbirds, while amazing, are very aggressive for their small size. If they were brought to Hawaii this would be another nail in the extinction coffin for our rare native Hawaiian birds.

Ruth Edgar's fascination withteapots began when she purchased a tea set for her daughter nearly two decades ago. "I've always loved teacups. They are one of the most beautiful things," she said.

How, you might wonder, do you lose a school-record 16 road games in a row? Well, the University of Hawaii football team packed an explanation into one painfully revealing 3-hour, 16-minute Reader's Digest version of futility Saturday night.

As of Saturday afternoon it appeared Ana wouldn't get close enough to Oahu to cause major damage. But the threat of the storm forced evacuation of Saturday's schedule and created a Friday night lineup of Hawaii high school football match-ups unprecedented in mass appeal and intrigue.

The 2014 governor's election, which could shape public policy in Hawaii for the next eight years, has devolved into a shabby battle of guilt by association between the two major-party candidates.

Political races always come down to turning out your voters. The difference this year is finding a way to first fire them up. Republicans and Democrats appear to be marching into the closing days of the race for governor with much of the same game plans that have brought Democrats success and Republicans defeat in past years.

KoAloha Ukulele, one of the state's prolific producers of the four-string instrument, will be on the move — from Kalihi to Kakaako — as the company heads into its second decade of operations.

Jesse Cudworth, a 21-year-old filmmaker from Kauai, didn't make the final cut for the HBO reality series "Project Greenlight," but he's OK with that. He's measuring success with a story that would make a Hollywood director jealous.

Low-budget, no-frills airlines in South Korea are a booming business, enjoying double-digit growth year to year, with heated competition resulting in route expansions. South Korean travelers may soon have a new option.

The Waianae District, one of the areas on Oahu with serious health problems and lacking in medical facilities, will have two full-time physicians in a few months.

The tale of the $20,000 orchid begins in Thailand. On a visit there in 1984 to find new species for his family's nursery on Hawaii island, Mori­yasu Aka­tsuka purchased plants that had been harvested from the wild. It took three years for him to nurse them to optimal health.

In what some are calling a strong sign of better economic times in Las Vegas, the long-awaited debut of Downtown Summerlin took place this month. It was originally slated to open in 2009, but was mothballed until last year due to the economic downturn.

Inspiration surrounds San Diego State running back Donnel Pumphrey on a daily basis. Challenges stare at him. It all comes in the form of Marshall Faulk's grace, Ronnie Hillman's elusiveness, George Jones' acceleration ... all the Aztecs greats at the position who seemingly gaze down upon Pumphrey from the walls of the running backs' meeting room.

The University of Hawaii football team is in a strange land of precarious confidence right now. As the Rainbow Warriors prepare for Saturday's game at San Diego State, they are still trying to win on the road for the first time since 2011.

Question: As a frequent traveler, I find it annoying that there is no free Wi-Fi at Honolulu Airport. Why not? I am sure thousands of others share my thoughts.

The Navy has been a part of Steve Colon's life, one way or another, for more than three decades. Colon, Hawaii region president for Hunt Cos., left active duty in 1988 and retired from the reserves as a captain in 2006.

After the change was rejected in 2006 and again in 2012, Hawaii voters are again being asked to decide if state judges older than 70 can continue to serve.

Russia has been in the news this year, with the invasion of the Crimea and eastern parts of Ukraine. Russia seems very far away to most of us in Hawaii, but we have a few connections you might not be aware of.

If you have ever gasped at iridescent, colorful, almost glowing locally forged jewelry made of fused dichroic glass, it just might have been made by Lynne Nakaura, founder of Creations by Keiko.

A glance at the conference standings for University of Hawaii football and Rainbow Wahine volleyball teams prompts a head shaking double take at the moment.

Question: I thought a person in the military who is running for political office can't use a photo of himself or anyone else in uniform while campaigning. What is the law covering this?

Question: Regarding the article about people now being able to put their veteran's status on their driver's license: There was no mention about charges. I called the driver's licensing division and was told there will be a $6 charge. Is this correct?

Sam Spangler can't lose in this year's NLCS. He's a lifelong San Francisco Giants fan. But he's also an ardent supporter of his former University of Hawaii baseball teammate, St. Louis Cardinals second baseman Kolten Wong.

Hawaii Regional Cuisine pioneer and chef-restaurateur Peter Merriman will open a restaurant in about 18 months at the SALT complex along Ala Moana Boulevard, he told TheBuzz.

Join the thousands of runners and walkers this weekend at the 20th Annual Komen Hawaii Race for the Cure on Sunday at Kapiolani Park. Up to 75 percent of funds raised in Hawaii stays here to support local breast cancer programs through educational outreach, while 25 percent is designated for research.

Alvin Shiraishi had a look of focused determination as he sent the ball with topspin over the net at a recent table tennis tournament at the Palama Settlement gym. He responded with lightning-quick reflexes in a rally that set him on a back-and-forth dance around the edges of the table.

Question: Recently fishermen and families who enter Paiko Beach through the one remaining public easement (127-A) are being told by several residents that they cannot set up poles, stand or sit beyond the high-water mark as they are trespassing on private property.

Instead of his career-best 135 yards and a first UH touchdown, the prevailing topic of public conversation has been another back, Joey Iosefa, and his blood-alcohol level early Sunday morning.

Across the state, people are already marking their ballots and mailing them in. The selection of a new governor, U.S. senator and Hawaii congressional delegation is underway.

The push to eat only "pure, clean and healthy foods" is everywhere. The message implies that to do anything else is harmful to your health and even to the environment. As these concepts infiltrate national dietary guidelines, some experts are questioning this rather elitist approach to nutrition and health.

Many have expounded on the phenomenon known as "the Internet of things." The idea is that everything from vacuum cleaners to refrigerators are now capable of being connected to, and controlled over, the World Wide Web.

Signal Island, New Caledonia » As Craig and I sit on Honu in this marine preserve teeming with fish, snails and sea snakes, I only have eyes for dugongs.

Question: When I had my car inspected this month, I received one piece of heavy paper (from which the new sticker was removed for placement on my bumper). I asked the attendant for the copy needed to accompany my motor vehicle registration renewal.

Perhaps the most rewarding thing for the University of Hawaii football team Saturday night wasn't just that it won a game … but, rather, how it won. It was a synergistic and gutsy effort from all corners.

By Friday morning it was clear that Hawaii Public Radio was not going to reach its $1,032,000 fundraising goal by the end of the scheduled 10-day pledge drive later that evening. The semiannual fundraising began Oct. 1 and was short $290,000 as of Friday morning.

Acool meeting space, fast Wi-Fi, organic, fair-trade coffee, networking, yoga and a healthy organic salad made of local produce. It would be hard to find all of the above in one place, but that's exactly what ProtoHUB Honolulu aims to do.

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