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Please alert senior citizens applying for a replacement Social Security card or renewing their passport online to be sure to scroll down to official government websites and not on fraudulent sites listed first. • Reporting Fraud • Mahalo to two good Samaritans

It's December all year now for David Matlin. On its surface that might seem great -- except we're not talking about a kid who gets vacation half the month and a whole bunch of presents.

The snow was deep and the lock was frozen on the car door a November 1978 morning when sportscaster Mel Proctor was preparing to go to work at Washington, D.C., radio station WTOP.

Question: Since the city repaved Kalalea Street in January, drivers have had a problem with the signal at the intersection of Kalalea and Hawaii Kai Drive.

And you thought eating gourmet popcorn couldn't possibly get more fun.

With its exceptional quality, presentation and service, Sushi Ginza Onodera has become a trusted destination for sushi aficionados in spite of its $160- to $250-per-person omakase dinners.

Spring is here, and the crisp weather is perfect for enjoying hearty soups. Spring soups are full of flavor and color thanks to the wide array of vegetables and fruits in season.

My father is an adventurous foodie, but there are a few classic foods he can never pass up on. If you take him to an ice cream parlor, he will always order vanilla. If there is a pork chop that promises to be perfect, he will get it. If there is bread pudding on the dessert menu, he has eyes for nothing else.

Sarah Spalding felt certain that she had blown it, that she had literally choked away her chance at winning the Hawaii qualifier for the English-Speaking Union National Shakespeare Competition.

Question: In cleaning out my garage, I found several sets of license plates that date back at least 20 years. Do I need to return them to the city, can I throw them away or can I sell them at the swap meet?

As its name suggests, ransomware is a class of malicious software that infects and restricts access to your computer until a payment is made. The method of infection is similar to that of phishing attacks and spreads through compromised websites and email containing malicious attachments or links.

The recent tropical cyclone devastation in Vanuatu demonstrated the vulnerability of living on islands. With Hawaii being the most geographically isolated islands in the world, clearly we are vulnerable to similar natural disasters.

The links of the chain that toppled Gov. David Ige's appointment of Carleton Ching as director of the Department of Land and Natural Resources were forged by former Gov. Neil Abercrombie.

One of the biggest pains about the ocean is salt. It corrodes the wheels on my sliding doors, rusts my boat's so-called stainless steel and makes my hair stiff and skin itch.

Question: I live in Hawaii Kai and constantly see full-size ladder firetrucks going along on ambulance calls.

Lanikai Bath & Body founders Gloria Garvey and Brook Gramann are marking the 10th anniversary of their growing business, but it's not their first 10th business anniversary.

The man guarding him in the intense pickup basketball game got hurt and couldn't continue, so University of Hawaii intramurals director Steve "Doc" Martin looked around Klum Gym for a replacement.

For David Ige to recover from his doomed appointment of Castle & Cooke lobbyist Carleton Ching to head the Department of Land and Natural Resources, he needs only to recommit to memory his central campaign promise: "Do the right thing the right way."

A couple of University of Hawaii athletic teams quietly made history last week. Maybe not unprecedented, but history nonetheless — and a much-needed morale boost for Manoa's lower campus.

Every Sunday, “Back in the Day” looks at an article that ran on this date in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. The items are verbatim, so don’t blame us today for yesteryear’s bad grammar.

In reality TV, you make decisions and redecorate houses, win prizes and become semi-famous. In reality Legislature, you make decisions, maybe get rearranged by the House and could become semi-infamous.

The Grand Bazaar Shops have opened at Bally's. The $50 million 2-acre outdoor shopping promenade bordering the Strip is configured similarly to downtown's Container Park, with stores built into small boxlike areas.

The Busan International Film Festival is going through some changes as the festival's longtime programmer and executive director, Lee Yong-kwan, was recommended to step down this past January by Busan City Mayor Suh Byung-soo after a special audit on BIFF was taken.

Reality television often looks stranger than fiction, but there's no way a writer could invent the life of Dr. Scott Sims, the barefoot veterinarian from the north shore of Kauai.

Actor Jo Ramsey is on a roll, moving fromGary Cooper to the Lion King. Ramsey, of Laie, made his Honolulu theatrical debut in Kumu Kahua's recent "My Name is Gary Cooper," earning raves.

Although the Makawao History Museum measures just 353 square feet — the size of an average living room — it covers several decades of Upcountry Maui history.

“Akamai Money” seeks out local experts to answer questions about business in Hawaii. If you have an issue you would like us to tackle, please email it to business@star advertiser.com and put “Akamai Money” in the subject line.

On one hand UH is being told it may be forced to move its most lucrative Mountain West Conference football home game this season, an Oct. 31 meeting with the Air Force Academy, from Saturday night to a Thursday or Friday night to accommodate television.

The ancient trend of human movement from rural life to urban centers may now be upended by emerging technologies. Low-cost desalinization, highly efficient battery storage, renewable energy and mobile communications all serve to reduce dependence on the world's cities for water, power and human interaction.

Q: Why can't we use up the bags that we bought under the current rules, showing that we bought them prior to the rules change? I have a small business that will be out a couple thousand dollars just on bags.

Working in sports and living in Hawaii … a dream come true, right? But a lot of these jobs come with tremendous amounts of pressure and are at times seemingly impossible to succeed at — sometimes, even when you win on the field.

Like most successful lobbyists, Carleton Ching is a perfectly nice fellow, but this week, the state Senate wasn't thinking nice. It was thinking votes. Specifically, it was thinking how it could defend a vote for Ching, a longtime influential lobbyist for a major land developer, in the face of an increasingly potent environmental movement.

Darlene Mandel has been collecting, designing and creating one-of-a-kind jewelry, fashion accessories such as hats and headpieces, up-cycled clothing, beach totes and other items since 1979. She may be best known for her so-called Esther Williams jewelry.

I wrote about the Natatorium last month and several readers shared their stories with me about it. Molokai resident John Weiser told me he had a lot of job opportunities after getting his MBA from Stanford in the mid-1950s.

Author Graham "Sandy" Salisbury, who has island roots, will be inducted as an honorary member into the 100th Battalion Veterans organization May 5 at the 100th clubhouse. Salisbury will be joining a list of only 25 other honorees.

Q: Would you please find out why and when did the City and County of Honolulu start to charge/include an additional fee called a "beautification fee" of $7 to register our cars?

Question: I was at the Manoa post office recently to mail a small packet to Canada that required a customs form, which I had filled out.

The University of Hawaii tells us the chancellor can wait another two weeks before announcing his choice for a new athletic director. I guess we can be relieved that he's actually making a choice, and not letting one be rammed down his throat.

Golden Pork Ton-Kotsu Ramen Bar will open to the public March 29 at 1279 S. King St. and represent the Japa­nese parent company's first foray outside its homeland.

If your mission is to save money and eat better by packing healthier home lunches, the Mason jar is ready to be your friend. The container that revolutionized home canning more than 150 years ago is undergoing a revival as a receptacle for grab-and-go meals.

People often tell me that they wait to hear my opinion about a restaurant before trying it out themselves. I don't particularly believe in that practice because I don't believe there is ever a substitute for making decisions based on your own firsthand experiences.

One of Easter's treasured traditions is giving and receiving colorful baskets, stuffed to the brim with decorative eggs, plush bunnies and chicks, and, of course, candies in all sorts of different shapes and colors.

Over the past two years, we have seen beers from dozens of new and exciting breweries come to Hawaii, offering endless choices from practically every corner of the globe. But one U.S. state in particular has really increased its presence here.

One of the first things the new University of Hawaii athletic director, whoever it might be, needs to do is take charge of the men's basketball schedule. With both hands. Because the schedule is failing the Rainbow Warriors. Miserably.

The Sony hacking incident was a wake-up call, with countries attacking companies and other countries. Because the story is now off the front page doesn't mean hacking is less of a threat.

The official name of the course is Political Science 201:Problems of War and Peace, but in any given class session the underlying lesson is one of personal freedom and civic responsibility.

Question: Last year, Mayor Kirk Caldwell approved Bill 52, regarding the removal of hazardous property. What do residents need to do to have one of their neighbors cited in relation to this bill?

Hawaii is edging closer to becoming an all-vote-by-mail state, thanks to the strong support of state Senate Democratic leaders.

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