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Their nickname is the "Owls" and the last time the Rice University football team appeared in Aloha Stadium it seemed as much an endangered species as its Texas neighbor, the Mexican spotted owl.

You finally get home after grocery shopping and you suddenly hear your grandson shout, "Papa, your foot is bleeding!" You turn your eyes to the floor in disbelief only to realize that your foot is indeed bloody and that you have left a trail of blood all along your kitchen floor.

Greek mythology has Prometheus sneaking up to Olympus to steal fire from the gods. A scientific look back through prehistory visualizes a gradual process of exploration that reached a point where people learned to make and control their own fires.

In University of Hawaii basketball terms, the definition of "never" is apparently 32 years. We know this because the last time the Rainbow Warriors played Chaminade in Blaisdell Center UH officials tersely vowed to "never play Chaminade here again."

A year ago, I wrote about how a local boy saved first lady Bess Truman from falling into the Hudson River while boarding the USS Missouri. This week, I have another story of Harry and Bess Truman, who spent a month vacationing on Coconut Island in Kaneohe Bay in 1953.

The school announces the resignation of athletic director Ben Jay Dec. 11, and not only hadn't posted the opening as of Wednesday, it still has no announced target date or process by which to name a successor?

The way I see it, restaurants in Hawaii largely fall into three camps: the local, the national corporate and the Japan-affiliated, whether the owner is a transplant or the company has Japan ties.

Talking to strangers can pay off. Especially when the stranger is a nice lady with a good recipe and a willingness to share.

With Christmas around the corner, a good way to keep ourselves from over-indulging is to balance hearty holiday foods with light and festive side dishes.

Beers are unique because brewers can add almost anything to them — from fruit and chocolate to spices and hot peppers — to create incredible flavors and experiences.

Hearty cooking greens is how I classify kale, chard and collards, each one distinctive in its earthy, rustic and slightly bitter flavor and each one a nutritional powerhouse.

However entertaining the competition of developmental theories might be, ultimately there's little sense in trying to parse the effect that devoting himself to ballet had on Jacob Ly's life from whatever innate ability to focus and excel that Ly may have already possessed.

Every December we're overwhelmed with advertisements for bling and distracted in so many ways. It's easy to forget the greatest blessing is good health. With that in mind, we decided it was time to look at a device that could actually help us stay fit by tracking daily activity.

Sunrise often finds Jack Roney on the blue waters of Kailua Bay, paddling his one-man outrigger canoe toward the horizon. That's one of the advantages of living on Kawainui Canal, a mile-long waterway that leads to Kailua Bay.

Can an electric eel kill a horse? The question came to me last week after a Vanderbilt University researcher published details about how South American river eels catch fish. The nearly sightless eel sends out two electric pulses that cause a hiding, motionless fish to twitch.

If you're visiting Manoa Valley Theatre, just look across the street and you'll see Mike Suehiro's Christmas display for his grandchildren. "It's not the holidays without kids," Suehiro explained. "Grandkids can really change your life."

A source of healthy food from a beautiful Hawaiian tree growing in your own garden or a community garden — now that is a gift worth giving (or receiving)! Ulu, or breadfruit, is something we should grow and eat more of in Hawaii.

Since Florida-based NextEra Energy announced it will buy Hawaiian Electric for $4.3 billion, many public officials have hoped the new owner will better HEI's dismal record on reducing fossil fuels and cutting rates.

When Saint Louis dominated Hawaii high school football in the 1980s and '90s, it developed a reputation in some corners as a sports factory with misplaced priorities.

Every Sunday, “Back in the Day” looks at an article that ran on this date in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. The items are verbatim, so don’t blame us today for yesteryear’s bad grammar.

With a week and a half to go until Christmas, the casinos are pulling out the stops. Taking holiday spirit(s) literally, all drinks are $2 casino-wide at South Point, or just $1 if you pay with players club points.

Taking a break on an escort boat during a canoe race in 1999, paddler Nancy Gove noticed crystals of sea salt sparkling on her arm. "I remember tasting them and thinking, ‘Mmmmm, that's really good,'" she recalled.

Korean War veterans were recently honored by the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Honolulu and KBFD TV with a free movie at Saint Louis School's Mamiya Theatre.

And then there was one. When the Makaha Sons' Christmas show, "Makaha Kalikimaka," unfolds at 6 p.m. Dec. 21 at the Doris Duke Theatre at the Honolulu Museum of Art, longtime group member Louis "Moon" Kauakahi will not be present. He "retired" during the summer.

The popular radio program "Hawaii Calls" will celebrate its 80th anniversary next year. Webley Edwards, the creator, producer and longtime host of "Hawaii Calls," was an important media figure on both the national and local level. This month we look back on Edwards and his career.

If this is Saturday, and you are Marcus Mariota then this must be ... New York? Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., Thursday night to pick up the Davey O'Brien National Quarterback Award and Maxwell Award as the College Football Player of the Year, Walter Camp Player of the Year. ...

As tasty pastries and sugary holiday cheer is exchanged throughout the workplace in Hawaii, I am reminded that diabetes andobesity are directly and indirectly among the leading causes of illness and reduced productivity.

If you want results, David Monti is your guy. If there's a distance race anywhere in the world he can tell you who won, and why. And if you need help deciding which professional runners to invite to your event, he can do that, too.

Ron Iwami wasn't sure in 2005 that taking on the state's Hawaii Community Development Authority and original "Big Five" member Alexander & Baldwin Inc. was something he should do.

Imagine being so good that you get fan letters from Hollywood royalty including Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner, Lana Turner and actor-turned-president Ronald Reagan.

This week, I thought I'd do something a little different. I get so many questions from readers about the column, I thought I'd write about what goes on behind the scenes at Rearview Mirror.

An announcement of an athletic director search process by January? A new AD selected by mid-2015? Please tell me here we DON'T go again. The first thing that should be evident about the University of Hawaii's athletic model is that it is badly broken.

Question: A private waste company picks up our garbage but leaves liquid waste on the street adjacent to a storm drain. This is very evident by the oily, smelly residue on the street.

The chancellor and the athletic director put on a good show of lovey-dovey. Don't buy it. Robert Bley-Vroman is a linguist, and that means he's careful with his words. One of Ben Jay's problems has been with the way he says things (and what he says).

You, or someone related to you by blood or marriage, had better start baking. Preferably cookies. It is required by law, I believe in the Constitution.

Appetizers are just one or two bites of a tasty dish, served before the main meal. But they are arguably the most important part of your holiday feast, setting the tone for the meal ahead.

What do you do when your slippers break? To Rebekah Kamemoto, a sophomore at La Pietra Hawaii School for Girls, the answer had always seemed obvious enough: You buy a new pair, right?

QUESTION: Nearly every day at approximately 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. at the Moanalua Recreation Center, the Freeway Service Patrol is there with at least two tow trucks. They cone off the entire area beneath the overpass and sit on their lawn chairs.

It is not by coincidence that Hawaiian Electric's flagship offices sit across the street from Iolani Palace. Hawaiian Electric and Hawaii's government are bound up together in Hawaii's evolving business climate.

Ultra high-definition (UHD) televisions have been on the market for a couple of years now. Commonly referred to as "4K," these units promise twice the resolution of the standard 1080p televisions, which dominate the current market. So, should one rush out to get a 4K TV during this holiday season?

This column is a request for all present and future parents to help their children strive for a healthy body, but not at the expense of their self-esteem. An increasing number of young adults are dissatisfied with their bodies.

There was a time when publicist Tracy Larrua was on top of the world. The Kaneohe native had a high-paying corporate public relations job in Los Angeles and a busy social life.

I don't write the headlines to my columns, but when I email one to the newspaper, I title it with a common name so the editors know what the piece is about. This week my subject gave me pause because it's known only by its scientific order, Zoanthid, a name that doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

QUESTION: I found a "no parking" sign fronting the side lawn at my address and other properties throughout Mariners Cove in Hawaii Kai the beginning of November. I called the company "Green Thumb" named on the sign and was told this was for a city project to plant trees.

Sunday's announced matchup of Fresno State and Rice on Christmas Eve does little to make anyone think it will exceed the attendance for the Aloha Stadium gathering of last year.

In the Netherlands there's a dedicated bike commuter path embedded with solar cells that generate electricity for homes. Here in Honolulu we are simply celebrating the baby step of earning bronze-level status from the League of American Bicyclists.

Bill "Billy V" Van Osdol, "Mento" Mele Apana and their "Na‘au Therapy" morning show on KINE-FM 105.1 have left the building, and were succeeded by Dave Lancaster and "Sista" Sherry Clifton, the former morning team on sister-station KRTR-FM 96.3.

Huialoha Church marks its 155th birthday this year and so it is fitting to celebrate this historic structure in one of these columns. It is perhaps more fitting to recognize the person who was the major mover behind the restoration of Huialoha, Carl Lindquist, who died with his wife, Rae, tragically in a flash flood five years ago on Thanksgiving Day.

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