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Question: If you donate your body to the University of Hawaii medical school, how long before you get the body back?

A dozen years ago, Wahiawa resident Ray Santana caught a story on the nightly news about the Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom, an annual cross-country motorcycle ride in support of prisoners of war/missing in action, and decided on the spot that he just had to do it.

The words had a ring of distant familiarity to them Saturday night when Aloha Stadium public announcer Keenan Takamori intoned, "Touchdown by Yap!" Perhaps there was even a bit of nostalgia for old-timers who remember the late 1970s.

The race for governor is confounding because of a number: 157,000. Politicians run with their heart, but in the background there is also a spreadsheet running, calculating and recalculating what you need to win.

While tablet computers have become all the rage lately, many folks still have trouble taking advantage of portability and still maintaining productivity. A venerable Taiwanese-based PC manufacturer, Asus, attempts to bridge this gap with its recently introduced Transformer Book series.

I recently received an email with the subject "Crab on V-land beach." (V-land, or Velzyland, is a North Shore surf spot.) Reader Bill Quinlan wrote, "I have attached two photos of a dead crab we found this afternoon.

Question: My cousin sent me a YouTube video of poisonous chopsticks from China. I checked the chopsticks in my kitchen drawer and, seeing they were from China, threw them out right away. Does Hawaii check Chinese hashi?

It was a good week for University of Hawaii offensive line coach Chris Naeole. Thursday he was named one of 25 finalists for the next induction class of the Polynesian Football Hall of Fame. Saturday the Rainbow Warriors got their first win of the season, 27-24 over Northern Iowa.

Ala Kuola, a Honolulu-based nonprofit organization also known as the Hawaii Family Law Clinic, is dedicated to preventing violence and is largely focused on sports teams through the national curriculum of Coaching Boys into Men.

A rule of good management is to never let anybody get comfortable in a bad situation. That's why the City Council was right to rein in the homeless overrunning Waikiki by giving police tools to clear the sidewalks and control urinating and defecating in public spaces.

It wasn't a masterpiece by any means. But the Rainbow Warriors will take it. The University of Hawaii football team did what it needed to do to win a game, its first of the season and second in 15 including all of 2013.

The Aloha Stadium fans might not have let coach Norm Chow get away with playing ultra conservative offense Saturday night, but the Rainbow Warriors' defense did.

Last month we looked back at the Hawaiians' inaugural football season of 1974, and several readers wrote to tell me of their fondness for the team and the mementos they still have to this day.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is the latest actor entering the comic-character film derby. The Hawaii celeb will play the somewhat villainous Black Adam in "Shazam," the DC Entertainment property.

Gordy Hoffman, an award-winning screenwriter, an instructor at the University of California at Los Angles film school and founder of the popular BlueCat Screenplay Competition, says he's passionate about inspiring storytellers and will be on Oahu this week to lead four workshops.

Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo are back together 11 years after their big hit drama "Stairway to Heaven." The duo stars in the new drama "Temptation." "Stairway to Heaven" took Kwon to superstardom in Japan.

“Akamai Money” seeks out local experts to answer questions about business in Hawaii. If you have an issue you would like us to tackle, please email it to business@star- advertiser.com and put “Akamai Money” in the subject line.

Bob Awana is back in politics. The long-serving Linda Lingle adviser, called by the former GOP governor as her "campaign adviser for life," is working on the gubernatorial campaign of former GOP Lt. Gov. James "Duke" Aiona.

Hawaii and Northern Iowa play what is commonly referred to as a "guarantee game" this evening at Aloha Stadium. Problem is, there seems to be a difference of opinion on what the term "guarantee game" means.

Delano Las Vegas has opened on the south end of the Strip. The second high-profile opening in a month, following SLS Las Vegas, is the result of an $80 million transformation of the former THEhotel at Mandalay Bay.

UnitedHealthcare, the nation's largest managed-care insurance company, was taken to task last year by the assistant secretary of defense for causing delays in medical treatment.

Question: At Saturday's UH-Oregon State football game at Aloha Stadium, two groups of intoxicated people were close to fighting in Section K in the first quarter. Police eventually arrived, but left without action. They came back in the second quarter to eject a couple of people.

Only a few of the 30,000 sets of eyes at Aloha Stadium were focused on him. Josh Donovan was just doing his job in the fourth quarter of the University of Hawaii football game against Oregon State last Saturday.

In the 14 months that Ivan Lui-Kwan has chaired the board of the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation, the controversial Oahu fixed-rail project has emerged from an obstacle course -- a daunting one by any standard.

It was Bob Oshiro, the late Democratic Party guru, who explained how to do the math in an election. "You win elections by addition, not subtraction," Oshiro, who ran five winning governors' races, would say.

Last month, I wrote about the Ranch House in Aina Haina. Before Henry Kaiser developed Hawaii Kai, Aina Haina was the last outpost of the city of Honolulu, said Jim Napier, who grew up in the area and later managed the shopping center.

Rella Rivera makes a living having a blast. Sure, she has fun working as Rella on the Radio at Ohana Broadcast Co., primarily on KQMQ-FM 93.1 but also on KUMU-FM 94.7 or KDDB-FM 102.7.

The women of Koa‘e Kea will look back and honor past entertainers who performed at New York Lexington Hotel's Hawaiian Room at their annual extravaganza Nov. 15. Many of those stars of the 1930s, '40s, '50s and '60s are no longer with us.

Question: I called the city and reported that since street resurfacing was done, the signals on Meheula Parkway are not working as before. Left turns go on even if no cars are turning, lights change even if there are no cars waiting.

Twenty-one years after his death, the shadow of Stan Sheriff still looms large at Aloha Stadium. When Hawaii plays frequent Football Championship Subdivision contender Northern Iowa there Saturday it will be a match of football programs 4,035 miles and a division apart but now brought together, in part, by the memories of a man who was not only a common thread but a shaper and innovator at both.

Question: Ala Wai Field, mauka of the bike path and adjacent to the parking lot, has been shut down for about a year.

It's been a hot topic of pau hana discussion from Waialae to Waianae for years now ... almost since he left seven years ago. But now that June Jones has resigned from SMU the speculation that he will return to the University of Hawaii, where he worked miracles with the football program as head coach, is rampant.

Kelly Karns Gardner has not lived in Hawaii since she moved away for college at age 18 a decade ago, but when Hawaii folk of any sort achieve great things, we still get to claim them as our own.

Chandra Lucariello is a fan of beets. "They're so sweet, and they have an earthy character to them." And a pretty ruby color, plus uniqueness. Because who thinks of boozing them up?

Hawaii's largest block party, the 62nd annual Aloha Festivals Waikiki Ho'olaule'a, takes place 7 to 10 p.m. Sept. 20 with the theme "Maluhia Honua -- World Peace With Aloha."

Usually Marcus Mariota is driving a white Nissan Cube. These days the University of Oregon quarterback can also be found in the driver's seat of the just-beginning 2014 Heisman Trophy race.

When Kaimuki Middle School health teacher Minette Fernandez collapsed with heart failure in the middle of class in May, her students knew exactly what to do. Thanks to their quick action in calling 911, paramedics arrived just in time to save Fernandez's life.

Question: For months, crews have been installing a new waterline on Kamehameha Highway between Kaneohe and Heeia pier. It seems that most of the morning consists of removing the metal plates and excavating a trench, and most of the afternoon, refilling the same trench and replacing the metal plates. What work is being performed, and why does progress seem so painfully slow?

If the family budget looked like the state's budget, this would not be the time to panic — but it also is not the time to put in a pool or order up that case of filet mignon.

Few people had heard the term "catfishing" before Manti Te'o famously revealed last year that he had been a victim of the scam, which involves people who create fake social media profiles to pursue online romances. But Te'o is hardly alone in being duped by fictitious online personas, and most instances of catfishing have far greater — and often financial — consequences.

Without their gloves and mitts, Marc Kumai and Ikaika Sylva, who spend their afternoons punching and kicking each other at Kakaako Waterfront Park, would look like a pair of brawlers with a thirst for violence.

People have a lot of food fears. MSG, aspartame, sugar, trans fats and GMO foods are just a few that are high on many peoples' lists of concerns. Some popular food fears are quite legitimate and deserving of careful attention.

Last spring in Tahiti, while preparing my sailboat for a South Pacific cruise, I took a break to go snorkeling with a little girl I met in the marina. The 9-year-old and I had a fine swim, and afterward we walked the beach, looking at the variety of objects the ocean had washed up.

Question: A peaceful Sunday walk with my small rescue dog turned into a traumatic nightmare in Waikele. A man was walking his two bulldogs across the street when suddenly, one dog broke loose. It attacked my dog as she screamed in terror.

Things went from bad to worse for University of Hawaii football as news spread that running back Joey Iosefa will miss a big chunk of the season due to injury. It was the worst fear of what might happen in the first two games against Pac-12 teams.

When a grand dame of a certain age marks a milestone, it is likely a single party would be insufficient, and that is true of the 50th anniversary of the Ilikai Hotel & Suites. The official anniversary began in February, and at least two more official parties are planned.

Imagine a Waikiki with considerably fewer coconut palm trees. If the coconut rhinoceros beetle, a native of Southeast Asia, establishes a population in Waikiki, that could become a very real scenario, according to Rob Curtiss, acting plant pest control branch manager for the Hawaii Department of Agriculture.

Download-only releases are the way many people buy music these days but the traditional hard-copy CD still gives an artist's work an additional level of credibility.

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