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Letters to the Editor

For Sunday, October 31, 2010


A lot could be done with $6M

Between the two candidates running for governor, $6 million has been spent to get elected to a job that pays peanuts in comparison. It makes me wonder why people would give that much money, and why anyone would accept that much money to do a job for four to eight years. Just think what the state could do with that $6 million.

As for all those candidates and their supporters out there sign-waving: Instead of standing there irritating motorists, get out into the communities you are trying to get elected to represent. You would get to see what needs to be done first-hand. Talk story with people. I would absolutely vote for that candidate.

Linda Kaiser


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Peace begins in our homes

Many of us who couldn't be there wanted to join in the Men's March Against Violence at the state Capitol. Certainly, everyone needs to come together to end violence in our community.

Abuse of any kind, whether violence in the home or bullying on the Internet, simply cannot be condoned in a civil society.

This is not theory, but reality: the reality of devastating private memories, like those shared by Jai Cunningham, and the even deeper public outrage of needless teenage suicides, like that of Tyler Clementi in New Jersey.

Peace begins at home, and it continues with each of us in the way we treat others.

Ken Harding


TV show missed literary chance

If the producers of "Hawaii Five-0" truly wanted to make the show authentic to Hawaii lifestyles, then they should have thought twice about using the term "flip-flops" instead of "slippers" in their Oct. 23 episode.

This is "Hawaii Five-0" after all, and it should reflect the true and real aspects of life in Hawaii. The term "flip-flops" does not fall under this category. I think people on the mainland are smart enough to figure out the connotation of "slippers" if it is referenced enough throughout the show.

Reflecting on other literary elements, such as "The Crucible," which I am reading in my English class, unfamiliar terms are used to make the setting and story more authentic and appropriate to the time period. Why couldn't the "Hawaii Five-0" producers do the same?

Kelsie Sasabe

Aiea High School student


Stimulus funds were well spent

I applaud both Gov. Linda Lingle's decision to allocate stimulus funds to STEM programs and charter schools and the process she used to get there ("Lingle's stimulus spending criticized," Star-Advertiser, Oct. 27). She and her staff met with officials from the state Department of Education and other organizations to gather input in order to make informed decisions. That's what we pay them to do -- no "How to Spend the Funds Commission" needed.

Donna Ambrose


Of course Djou votes Republican

Our mailboxes and TVs are being flooded with Colleen Hanabusa ads complaining that U.S. Rep. Charles Djou votes with Republicans 90 percent of the time. So what's wrong with that? He is a Republican. I'm sure she votes with the Democrats at least 90 percent, and perhaps, 100 percent of the time. So what's wrong with that? She is a Democrat. Is that the best she can come up with to entice us to vote for her? Try something else in the waning days before the election.

Joanne Fong
Ewa Beach


Telephone call was repulsive

On Thursday I received an automated phone call from a quavery-voiced woman. She said she was 76 and was afraid she would lose her benefits if state Sen. Colleen Hanabusa was elected.

I've heard of dirty politics, but this is beyond the pale. Such vile, nasty tactics have no place in Hawaii.

I am a senior citizen and a registered Republican, but after receiving this phone call I've decided to vote Democratic for Colleen Hanabusa.

Charles Djou, you have lost my vote.

Virginia Hollingsworth

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