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Letters to the Editor

For Friday, November 2, 2012


Fight negativity in campaigns

There is an old proposition in politics: When you can't win on the issue, attack the individual.

Political action committees have a legitimate role to play in politics. That role can take a negative turn, even to the point of attacking the personal integrity of a candidate. This election season in Hawaii is but the latest example of this trend.

But now the Democratic Party is being drawn into the election picture. As Democrats, we do not need nor have any association with these attack tactics. We have not sought anyone's assistance and no other group speaks for us. We reject these actions as an insult to Democrats and Republicans alike.

The issue isn't one of defending any candidate. It is the future of political discourse in Hawaii that is at stake. These negative attacks are not meant to motivate voters to learn about the issues or make informed decisions on candidates. These tactics are not part of a political process worthy of democracy in Hawaii.

As Democrats we encourage voters to fight back against negative campaigning by focusing on the issues; on the leadership potential of the candidates and by making your voice heard with your vote.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie
Democratic Party of Hawaii

Lingle offers balanced views

Former Gov. Linda Lingle offers a fresh new approach to attacking problems that Hawaii now faces. Hawaii has been a Democratic state far too long. It is truly time for a change toward a better balanced representation. In order to get Hawaii back on track, we need leaders that the public can relate to, who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in no matter what the consequences.

The trend nationwide appears to be leaning toward voting for the candidates and not party preference. I am happy to be part of this trend. I am a registered Democrat and always voted party preference. I did my homework on the candidates, and watched all of the debates. I am truly happy and proud to have cast my vote for Linda Lingle for U.S. Senate to represent Hawaii. Lingle is the best qualified candidate. I urge everyone to vote for her!

Gayle Nakama
Alewa Heights

GOP would control Lingle

Linda Lingle, in her ad says, "I'll be your independent voice," "You know me. I'm not a party person, I'm a Hawaii person." Yes, we know you. You put personal ambition and party loyalty over country when you so fulsomely endorsed the vice-presidential candidacy of Sarah Palin at the 2008 Republican National Convention. It should not have astounded us that you had no qualms in enthusiastically supporting a candidate who you, as a highly educated person, must have known was abysmally and dangerously unprepared for the office.

Independents and Democrats who voted for you for governor believing you were a moderate felt betrayed. Never again.

Alberta Joy Freidus-Flagg

Private schools update curricula

The article about the decline in private school enrollment did a good job describing the situation, but the "rest of the story" is even more compelling ("Enrollment is down 8% since 2007," Star-Advertiser, Oct. 14). And that is: How this enrollment challenge has helped propel independent schools into being even better value-added schools.

At the Academy of the Pacific, now in our 51st year, our mission of being a small school with a big impact is essential, but we have revised our curriculum to incorporate 21st-century teaching and learning concepts.

Using even more student inquiry, hands-on and collaborative learning coupled with our 1:1 iPad program allow us to make learning more real and relevant.

We are tackling world challenges like sustainability and ethical usage of technology in unique ways. While remaining responsive, small and nurturing, we are a much more dynamic program.

Lou Young
Head of school, Academy of the Pacific

Don't allow Waikiki condo

I urge the zoning authority, the Waikiki Neighborhood Board, the City Council and the mayor to use their influence to defeat any change of zoning at 2121 Kuhio Ave. at the corner of Kalaimoku Street and Kuhio Avenue.

Constructing a high-rise condominium in the area currently zoned commercial would conflict with the low-rise symmetry and tradition of the area. I recall Mayor Jeremy Harris' comment when the low-rise commercial plaza at 2100 Kalakaua, home of Tiffany and Chanel, was dedicated. He said the complex has "a Hawaiian sense of place." I consider it a travesty that developers now seek permission to construct a high-rise in the small parcel of green remaining after completion of the Kalakaua complex.

The project makes a shibai of the Waikiki planning process.

Elizabeth Rodenbeck

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