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Letters to the Editor

For Tuesday, December 18, 2012

LAST UPDATED: 10:51 a.m. HST, Dec 18, 2012

Solar industry rules are legislative turf

Gov. Neil Abercrombie's characterization of the solar industry as "people who cheat" is a disservice to those who care about green energy.

The Hawaii Solar Energy Association has been working closely with policy makers to address the issue of state solar tax credits and wants the incentives fair and clear.

Nevertheless, the governor unilaterally pushed his Tax Department to implement energy policy that fails to fix any problems, makes solar more expensive for homeowners, slows Hawaii's goal of energy independence and hurts the state's solar industry, which accounts for 24 percent of our entire construction trade. Never mind that the role of the Tax Department is to interpret laws — not make new ones — and that the governor's new rule limiting state solar tax credits was put into effect with no public hearings.

Don't punish the whole solar industry for the bad acts of a few. Let's fix whatever problems there are in the Legislature where the issue belongs.

Leslie Cole-Brooks
Executive director, Hawaii Solar Energy Association

Let's work together to avoid gun deaths

"Did you hear what happened in Connecticut?" Those were the words Friday morning that introduced many to the tragedy that occurred in an elementary school in New England.

As we ponder the "why" of this catastrophe, we are all wondering how to make sure this doesn't happen again. The media have been reminding us all day of previous shootings at Virginia Tech, Columbine and other mass murders. And, of course, the issue of gun control will again be raised. Considering the current amount of legislation in place for the controlling of firearms, it would appear it was not enough to prevent what happened in any of these tragedies. Will even more laws prevent it in future?

We need to have a serious dialogue. We cannot afford another Connecticut.Schools and other public places should be safe. How do we accomplish this? I can't supply the answer but I do know that we all need to work together to find answers.We can no longer afford to be confrontational and emotional. There has to be a solution that completes the equation.

Vic Craft

Many massacres in gun-free zones

Another gun-free zone, another massacre.

And another predictable response: a call for gun control.

I do not own any guns — pistols, rifles, BB guns, etc. I do know that past discussions always fail to note that these massacres have occurred in gun-free zones. I suspect that some, if not many, massacres might be avoided if perpetrators know beforehand that the targets are not gun-free zones.

Perhaps the focus should be on active, not just passive, security measures and less on gun control.

Rick Klemm

Tow firm executive seems bad at math

The excuses Hans Tandal of Leeward Auto Wreckers made for the incompetence of his company are laughable ("City towing vendor inflated its fees," Star-Advertiser, Dec. 16).

Computing the correct towing fees is hardly higher math. The maximum charge is $165, period! Is it that difficult tounderstand or compute? Billing J.C. Lopez $227, or $62 over the maximum, is preposterous.

"Misunderstanding, inadvertently missed by our monitoring efforts, new employees, new system not learned by subcontractors" — give me a break.Either they are stupid or they're cheats.

Now the question is: Will the city continue to retain them as a contractor?

Steve Chang

Locals should run Hanauma Bay shop

I'm distressed at learning that the mayor and Honolulu City Council have awarded the concession contract for the Hanauma Bay gift shop to a mainland company.

Thegift shop has been operated by the same local people, in cooperation with the Waikiki Aquarium, for many years. They have worked hard to find local products and useful items at a reasonable price.

It is important that this shop be operated with an emphasis on local people and products.It is also important that the symbiosis with the aquarium benefited that wonderful place as much as Hanauma Bay.

I sincerely hope it is not too late to change this decision, and that the current management will be able to continue the good job that they do for our visitors at both the aquarium and the bay.

Shame on city officials for choosing a mainland company.

Sherre Ftaclas
Hawaii Kai

North Shore on verge of gridlock

Turtle Bay's draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement claims that its proposed new development will add "only" 25 percent more traffic to Kamehameha Highway on the North Shore. But Envision Laie also proposes development that will increase that traffic.

Kamehameha Schools' proposed redevelopment of Haleiwa will add 165 more parking spaces, and thus traffic, to Haleiwa. Then there's the hair-brained idea of trucking the whole island's trash along Kamehameha Highway to a future dump site near Kahuku. If even only some of these projects advance, traffic will overwhelm the highway, which is already at capacity much of the time.

If we're going to allow any of these projects, there has to be direct highway access into the Windward North Shore — say, a Wahiawa-to-Kahuku extension of H2. This would take load off Kamehameha Highway, provide a badly needed coastal emergency exit road, and give the windward north towns a reasonable commute to central and south Oahu, greatly improving their residents' job opportunities and their economic base.

Beau Sheil

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Letters to the Editor

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peanutgallery wrote:
IRT Sherre Ftaclas: It's called "good business". I know President Obama is the most divisive figure in American politics to come down the pike in a long time, and his racial ambiguity has caused major backlash in race relations in this country, but it doesn't mean the state has to follow suit. Naming a vendor based on race is yesterday's news, regardless of the lead from the White House.
on December 18,2012 | 01:52AM
poidragon wrote:
One thing to remember, when dealing with the city and county of Honolulu, is that 'money talks,' and it has always been this way business has been done in this state, just look at the vendors doing business at the Airport and the ridiculous prices they are allowed to charge for merchandise sold there. Hanauma bay is just another cash cow for the city to squeeze, and realistically speaking, the city council does not care what merchandise is being sold there, where it is made or whether it fits the marine life theme of the area, in the end it is all about the all mighty dollar!
on December 18,2012 | 02:41AM
peanutgallery wrote:
You're correct, but the racial component has to be addressed. We have many a fat-cat right here at home that can grease the same palm.
on December 18,2012 | 03:53AM
OldDiver wrote:
The racial component was addressed this past November and the racist party lost.
on December 18,2012 | 06:11AM
OldDiver wrote:
Only a Fox News viewer could turn a conversation about a Hanauma Bay concession into a racist rant about President Obama.
on December 18,2012 | 06:13AM
peanutgallery wrote:
OD are you still awake? I thought you went to a meeting. Please, someone take this guy to a 12-step.
on December 18,2012 | 12:58PM
soundofreason wrote:
Wrong. The people lost. They just don't realize it yet.
on December 18,2012 | 06:14AM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
Your people, soundoftreason.
on December 18,2012 | 07:23AM
kainalu wrote:
All these ignorant intolerants continuously moaning and groaning about the President. peanutgallery's BS runs thick every morning, this morning no different. Those that bothered to vote elected Barack Obama - twice. Time for the losers to grab some tissues, wipe away the tears, and crawl back under their rocks. Wha! Wha! Wha!
on December 18,2012 | 07:00AM
DPK wrote:
kainalu: better save room under those rocks. The pendulum swings both ways and Republicans control the majority of state governments.
on December 18,2012 | 01:47PM
hawaiikone wrote:
He"s forgotten that what goes around comes around. Treat people as you'd like to be treated is a wise policy, particularly when disagreeing.
on December 18,2012 | 05:46PM
DPK wrote:
OD: seems like you are the only one bringing up racism. Perhaps that's your position.
on December 18,2012 | 01:37PM
pcman wrote:
Vendors must bid for concessions. The bid is what they have to pay the city/state for the right to have a concession. They have to cover cost and profit. However, there has been corruption in the past, whereby politcal leaders obtain current contract costs and pass them to cronies. The cronies then bid a dollar or a small amount more than the current contract and "steal" a concession. Unbelievable but true.
on December 18,2012 | 06:28AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
It is very common for the bid to provide an advantage to a local firm. "Local preference" is the common term and its' used to recognize that when money stays in the State it circulates and creates a greater economic impact than money returned to out of state owners.

As a State we have a bad record of giving away our economic opportunities whether they are jobs at UH, airport businesses, gift shops at Hanauma Bay or rail contracts.

on December 18,2012 | 07:35AM
DowntownGreen wrote:
It's that old problem of moving local jobs overseas.
on December 18,2012 | 08:24AM
tiki886 wrote:
It's the same reason people and businesses are fleeing California! Too much taxation! Too much overpriced union pay! Michigan has begun to turn itself around by becoming a "Right to Work" State. With lower taxes and lower union labor costs, Michigan will soon flourish again under Capitalism.

Hawaii on the other hand embraces socialism with an eye toward Communism.We're doomed economically because of our socialist policies.

on December 18,2012 | 09:09AM
Anonymous wrote:
is that why a lot of the merchandise being sold at Hanauma bay gift shop, has a little 'made in China, Malaysia or the Phillipines' stamp on it? What should be sold there are locally made products that represent the diverse cultures living and thriving here in the islands, not craptastic knickknacks that can be found in any ABC store in Waikiki!
on December 19,2012 | 02:18PM
mudsprkt1 wrote:
Good point. I have been involved in Bidding for Concessions also, and that has been very trying... I don't mind losing a Bid to another Local Vendor, but when it's awarded to an out of state bidder, well we definitely have a problem here. If in our bids we cover the cost of business & make a small profit that's great. But when Out of State Bidders under bid you, hmmmmmm. Mind you even when all Specs are met.......
on December 18,2012 | 09:18AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Often the out of state bidder prepares its forecast by allocating much of the overhead expense to its existing out of state operations so that there is more money available to bid. For example, if a job takes 50 administrative staff and the out of state bidder can assign that work to people in a low cost area of the mainland then it has a big edge over a local company that plans to produce 50 local jobs. Which is better for Hawaii? The cheaper bid or the local employment and economic multiplier? OF course the local deal is the better one.
on December 18,2012 | 11:27AM
tiki886 wrote:
Wrong. The least expensive bid is better for everyone. It just proves once again that everything in Hawaii is overpriced due to UNIONS!!!! Bust the unions and everyone in the private sector will breath again and better jobs wiil be had for everyone. The best, brightest and brilliant graduates from UH will stop going to the mainland for better opportunities.
on December 18,2012 | 03:35PM
Anonymous wrote:
Do you even get the reason why graduates are leaving Hawaii for greener pastures and better opportunities? The State of Hawaii is too isolated and too small of a pond, for everyone to stay and flourish in, while paying the high cost of living here. It is not like you can just go the next state and find better opportunities for work and then drive home each night...............
on December 19,2012 | 02:24PM
MrMusubi wrote:
the airport under the jurisdiction of hawaii state government
on December 18,2012 | 12:00PM
wiliki wrote:
Obama is a lightning rod for Republican anger, but the majority of people like him and have re-elected him. There's every indication that he is ending the year with a bipartisan agreement on the fiscal cliff. This economist has the inside track on the negotiations and he was just about a earliest with news about the final health care agreement being Romneycare without the public option. http://krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/12/17/rumors-of-a-deal/
on December 18,2012 | 04:52AM
pcman wrote:
Obamacare is not only upsetting Republicans but also labor unions and public organizations because the costs and potential penalties (taxes) of Obamacare could well bankrupt their organiozations. Hundreds of unions and public organizations have already been exepted from Obamacare. Shouldn't businesses have the same/equal rights for exemptions?
on December 18,2012 | 06:33AM
wiliki wrote:
Why should business complain? Obama care will reduce their payments.
on December 18,2012 | 02:48PM
tiki886 wrote:
Explain how genius.
on December 18,2012 | 03:36PM
Anonymous wrote:
Obamacare started out as a republican concept, just like the 2 wars in the Middle East were started under the Bush Administrations watch; how easy for people to forget such minor details when it does not suit their cause!
on December 19,2012 | 02:28PM
ichiban wrote:
Correction--the MAJORITY OF THE REGISTERED VOTERS THAT VOTED reelected him. Not the majority of the people. Big difference. Last I saw, little less than 100 million ballots on the Pres. election. US population is over 300 million. The working population is close to 200 million. Do the math. We need more registered voters. As I always say--IF YOU DIDN'T VOTE, DON'T COMPLAIN.
on December 18,2012 | 06:38AM
Graham wrote:
We need more people to vote...
on December 18,2012 | 01:14PM
wiliki wrote:
True... but more people voting would not have changed the vote. The ballot results were consistent with all the polls.
on December 18,2012 | 02:50PM
DPK wrote:
wiliki: you should have a wider economic reading list. Krugman has as much gravitas as Al Sharpton.
on December 18,2012 | 01:50PM
wiliki wrote:
Does Sharpton have a PhD in economics?
on December 18,2012 | 02:50PM
tiki886 wrote:
Sharpton does not have any degree. He's a worthless street urchin with artistry in shakedown skills and Krugman's diploma is as worthless as his Nobel Prize. Both of which are just worthless pieces of toilet paper. He should use it.
on December 18,2012 | 03:41PM
DPK wrote:
wiliki; Gravitas was the point, not degree. Krugman only sees economics from a one sided Democratic mantra. His limited perspective makes him a hack.
on December 18,2012 | 08:55PM
pcman wrote:
Local or non-local (mainland) is not race-based. There are local haoles and mainland Asians/Pacific Islanders, as well. Local is where they are from, not what race they are of.
on December 18,2012 | 06:15AM
bender wrote:
You really like to stretch the imagination (or is it spreading hate) when you bring Obama into a discussion about who should run the Hanauma Bay Gift shop. What on earth does he have to do with that?
on December 18,2012 | 06:18AM
Leinanij wrote:
Let me get this straight peanut - Sherre said "local" people and you're calling that race-based? And how did that connect to President Obama? Please don't tell me you think that everyone who lives or is from Hawaii is Hawaiian because that would mean your brain is really peanut sized.
on December 18,2012 | 06:59AM
wondermn1 wrote:
irt Beau Sheil, Just call MUFEE,CARLIER AND CALDWELL to build a HEAVY STEEL ON STEEL ELEVATED SCREACHING RUSTING RAIL, It will only cost another measly 5-10 Billion dollars and the population of the North Shore can spread the cost over the entire Island like they are doing with the CHOO CHOO from the middle of a field near Kapolei to the shopping center in Ala Moana. EVIDENTLY ALOT OF PEOPLE THINK THATS A GOOD IDEA & I,m sure you can find 10 people to ride it. Proof that we are governed by those who do not have to balance a budget because the Hawaii TAX Payers will gladly open their wallets to build such things. I am sure Hanabusa will be able to get 2-3 Billion dollars from Obammas fed budget as they are only going to tax the rich so no need to cut spending. (just a touch sarcastic) Oh, I forgot SOLAR CREDIT we can put a solar panel on top of the train and call it good for the enviromentand get a tax credit hahahaha
on December 18,2012 | 04:05AM
tiki886 wrote:
Beau Sheil is not proposing rail to the North Shore. Besides, rail can't climb hills or gradients more than 3% which is why there were no plans to go to Mililani or up the hill to Manoa. What Beau is proposing is an extension H2.1 to Kahuku. I like that idea. Then Kam Hwy can remain unchanged. Residents along the inundation zone along the coastal highways now have another alternative to higher ground if there is a tsunami. And development of the North Shore will provide more jobs and homes for the next generations of keiki.
on December 18,2012 | 06:26AM
wiliki wrote:
Baloney... Rail is elevated and from the station at Leeward Community College is high enough to get to Waipio. The valley just before Mililani will have to be bridged further mauka-- perhaps crossing over at Mililani Mauka.

OTOH it could go to the north shore from Kunia near Waipahu. Problem is the either route would avoid the urban core, but the Kunia route would take it past agricultural areas and allow these workers to take rail to work.

Problem is that for the rail cross over in the urban core area, it would have to pass through federal land at Kipapa Gulch where IIRC some nuclear tactical weapons are stored. Don't think that that would happen.

on December 18,2012 | 03:05PM
tiki886 wrote:
So the rail in your understanding can climb elevations to Mililani, Wahiawa and Manoa? I just want you to state that for the record for everyone to read.
on December 18,2012 | 03:45PM
DPK wrote:
wiliki: Dream on. We will never be able to afford to build rail extensions and maintain the silly one line rail route presently planned.
on December 18,2012 | 09:00PM
NanakuliBoss wrote:
I absolutely enjoy seeing anti-railers going over the mental cliff way aftercayetaNO was shut down! It brings glee to see their comments go to senseless rants and capital laced tyrants. Ho ho ho.
on December 18,2012 | 07:29AM
tiki886 wrote:
What's a 'capital laced tyrant'?
on December 18,2012 | 08:44AM
hawaiikone wrote:
Wondering about that myself..
on December 18,2012 | 10:48AM
DPK wrote:
Perhaps NBoss can fill us in when he's done with shallow laughter.
on December 18,2012 | 01:54PM
LittleEarl_01 wrote:
IRT Steve Chang's ltr, "Tow firm executive seems bad at math." An answer to your question, "Will the city continue to retain them as a contractor?" That would depend on who the owner of the tow company is kin too in city government, or whose palm is being greased.
on December 18,2012 | 04:10AM
wiliki wrote:
Beau Sheil might want rail in the north shore in the future. Because parts of the area are worse than Pearl City-- Aiea. A new highway will have to bridge the valley at Waimea-- like H2 and H3. It's a very expensive proposition. IIRC it took over a year for H2. The roadway on either side of the future bridge was unused for a long long time.
on December 18,2012 | 04:46AM
bender wrote:
But wait, I thought the next routes would go to either UH or Waikiki. The truth is there will be no more rail built after the first phase. When the chickens come to roost on the Ala Moana route, the public will be so soured on the idea of rail that Mufi and Carlisle will be routinely burned in effigy.
on December 18,2012 | 06:22AM
wiliki wrote:
You're such a dreamer. If the studies and surveys done for the first increment of rail to Ala Moana are validated or exceeded, the 2nd increment of rail will surely go to Wahiawa and UH. Express buses from Wahiawa will greatly reduce traffic in the north shore area.
on December 18,2012 | 02:46PM
Kalli wrote:
on December 18,2012 | 04:54AM
tiki886 wrote:
Obama's margin of victory is a slim 4%, 51% to 47%. That is not a mandate. And you keep quoting that i diot Krugman who wants the income tax rate to go to 91% as part of his "Twinkie Manifesto".
on December 18,2012 | 06:11AM
OldDiver wrote:
President Obama's margin of victory was one on the largest in recent history probably second only to President Eisenhower.
on December 18,2012 | 07:08AM
tiki886 wrote:
President Reagan received 58.8% of the vote to Mondale's 40.6%, a 19% margin of victory and carried 49 of 50 States. That is called a landslide and a mandate! No candidate since then has managed to equal or surpass Reagan's 1984 electoral result. Duh!
on December 18,2012 | 07:27AM
DowntownGreen wrote:
Historical ontext is good. In 2004 when President Bush won in the Electoral College by 286 to 252 against Senator Kerry and had a 2.4% (50.7%-48.3%) advantage in the popular vote, Mr. Bush said: "I earned capital in this campaign, political capital, and now I intend to spend it. It is my style." VP Dick Cheney, the right-leaning media (including the WSJ, Peggy Noonan, Bill Kristol, Krauthammer, Bill Bennett, etc.) all claimed Mr. Bush had a mandate. I don't have "proof", but does anyone really think the Republican/Tea Partiers in this forum were actually loudly and repeatedly disputing their claim at the time?

In comparison, President Obama won with a 332-206 total in the Electoral College and a 3.7 % (51%-47.3%) margin in the popular vote. Yet the national Republicans, the right-leaning media, and the Republicans/Tea Pariers in this forum all claim Presidnet Obama doesn't have a mandate.

Can't blame them for spinning it this way since it's all they've got as the losers, but you gotta love that old double standard.

on December 18,2012 | 08:01AM
tiki886 wrote:
At least Bush wasn't a Commie.
on December 18,2012 | 08:23AM
tinapa wrote:
tiki-tok....Again, the southern states are collecting signatures for their secession movements. Go sign up and get the hell out of here. Free yoursel from the grip of eternal and tormented state of mind so that that you don't have to deal with the communist bogeyman anymore. Get out from that shadow of darkness and introduce yourself to the moment of reality.
on December 18,2012 | 09:20AM
tiki886 wrote:
If my home is infested with Rats, Cockroaches, DEMOCRATS, Liberals, Socialists, Communists and every kind of vermin that does not belong in Hawaii, I am not going to allow them to chase me from my home! I am going to do everything within my power to FUMIGATE the dam ned place, so it is livable once again for freedom loving Americans to thrive in Liberty and Prosperity! Merry Christmas!
on December 18,2012 | 04:39PM
bender wrote:
Disagree with Beau Shell. Building a freeway to Kahuku would only encourage even more development in the area. The real solution is to not allow those projects like the Turtble Bay expansion, Envision Laie and the new hotel at PCC. If the Northshore is to continue to be Oahu's playground then it needs to be preserved as it is, otherwise it will be just as overbuilt as the rest of the island. Along with that building comes signs that reduce access to the public. BTW, how did Turtle Bay get built in the first place. There must have been a lot of payola on that one.
on December 18,2012 | 06:27AM
bluebowl wrote:
Money laundering builds our hotels,just say Hemmeter.
on December 18,2012 | 06:51AM
tiki886 wrote:
Del Webb's Kuilima Resort Hotel was supposed to be Hawaii's 1st gambling casino. During '79 to '81 19 bodies showed up around the island. It was the local syndicate against the mainland muscle from Vegas. My buddy who was a commercial real estate agent witnessed first hand all the paraphernalia for gambling was in place such as slot machines, gambling tables for games of every kind, etc. All were wrapped under white cloth in the basement and ballrooms. Gov. Ariyoshi was about to sign legalized gambling in Hawaii when someone yanked on his chain and he put the pen down. No more gambling and no more dead bodies.

Development of the North Shore is only a matter of time and I welcome it. Embrace it. It's the future.

on December 18,2012 | 07:44AM
Kuniarr wrote:
Obama is all talk when it comes to restoring the US industrial strength to that before Clinton entered into the China Free Trade Agreement and the North America Free Trade Agreement and by doing so bring the US back to prosperity.
on December 18,2012 | 07:37AM
serious wrote:
The unions forced US industry to offshore their manufacturing in order to make a profit. Why be in business???
on December 18,2012 | 09:49AM
Maneki_Neko wrote:
Rick Klemm makes a valid point. That Connecticut shooter was a crazy kid and appears to have been a real weenie too. One wonders if the weenie would have gone after innocent little kids if there had been armed security on campus. I suspect he chose the target as the place of greatest vulnerability. All that "gun free zones" do is advertise to the bad guys that they won't get shot. Obviously the big picture issue is mental health services and affordable access to these services. But maybe a discussion on possible deterrents to the crazies is worth having, too.
on December 18,2012 | 07:41AM
tiki886 wrote:
Correct. We do not need gun controls as much as we need lunatic control. Gloria Allred can't be everywhere to sue these mass murderers into submission before they kill.
on December 18,2012 | 07:57AM
DPK wrote:
tiki886: Agree. People kill people. Remember the crazed Japanese guy that killed around 20 kids in school with a knife of some sort? Same could happen here.
on December 18,2012 | 01:58PM
thos wrote:
Maybe if we quit trying to feminize boys and fill them to the hairline with dope whenever they start to act like boys raising mischief, then there would be fewer crazy weenies who spend hours in a dark room playing bloodthirsty video games instead of learning how to interact with flesh and blood people. The feminist drive to insure that girls get all the gravy, boys who get pushed out of the opportunity arean cannot all be expected to roll over and passively accept being disadvantaged.
on December 18,2012 | 08:39AM
SomebodyElse wrote:
Why can I buy a gun but not a taser?
on December 18,2012 | 06:36PM
lmartyaz wrote:
Curious why this doesn't happen in Texas where conceal and carry is allowed?
on December 18,2012 | 08:53PM
false wrote:
IRT "North Shore on Verge of Gridlock": You're right, Beau. And you can protest Turtle Bay all you want. It won't stop the North Shore from becoming a parking lot. You see, Beau, there's money to be made. What's more, the people making the decisions about Turtle Bay don't live on the North Shore and won't have to deal with the traffic. Someday, the only way to move on this island will be rail, only it won't take you where you need to go--unless your destination is Kapolei. Maybe it will get you close enough to your destination to walk. Be sure to bring lunch and plenty of water.
on December 18,2012 | 07:56AM
tiki886 wrote:
New roads and freeways or extensions such as Beau proposed, H2.1 should satisfy demand for growth. Rail is not effective or feasible in less populated areas. Not that it is justifiable where it is today. It's TOO expensive.
on December 18,2012 | 08:15AM
leino wrote:
Beau Sheil is right about the disastrous results of combined impacts. Rural is a relative term with urban at the other end of the spectrum. We need to protect rural areas for everyone. Jobs, jobs, jobs is great for those that are getting the money .... but everyone else looses. Hold your politicians accountable ... get involved ... speak out against urban sprawl. The North Sore is already at the point of diminishing experiential returns. No one likes traffic in the "D" category ... and we are already there. Believe me fewer people will visit Oahu/Waikiki when the North Shore looses its charm.
on December 18,2012 | 08:53AM
tiki886 wrote:
First, let's point out that the REPEAT visitors are the ones who 'pay the bills'. The repeat visitors ALWAYS choose the concrete and asphalt jungle of Waikiki and Oahu in general. Give them a choice of rural, quaint, quiet Hawaii after Waikiki and the MAJORITY of repeat tourists will still choose Waikiki over the neighbor islands the next time around.


Because when you spend thousands of dollars to come to an island in the middle of the Pacific, you want a Night Life and the neighbor islands roll up the sidewalks after 7pm every night of the week. It's boring!

The potential for night life on the North Shore for young people is going to drive the economy ($$$$$) to provide more accommodations on the North Shore for them and those who may want to escape the chaos of Waikiki.

on December 18,2012 | 04:25PM
DABLACK wrote:
Good One !! Build more on the Kahuku side. The developers going make out like bandits again. Didn't Ewa Beach teach us a lesson ? Build all the homes first then worry about roads, sewage, electricity and water later. Only in Hawaii !! Why are we so lo-lo ??
on December 18,2012 | 09:02AM
fstop wrote:
"...the role of the Tax Department is to interpret laws — not make new ones..."

That is the fundamental question in the solar energy tax credit issue. The Tax Department has interpreted the laws before and now they want to reverse their interpretation.

on December 18,2012 | 09:31AM
tinapa wrote:
Re: "Locals should run....." The State Procurement Laws require that government contracts for services be put up for public bidding. Generally. with few exceptions, the contract is awarded to the lowest bidder assuming that it also satisfies all other contract requirements. Hence, city officials should not be blamed for folllowing the law.
on December 18,2012 | 10:02AM
tiki886 wrote:
If my home is infested with Rats, Cockroaches, DEMOCRATS, Liberals, Socialists, Communists and every kind of vermin that does not belong in Hawaii, I am not going to allow them to chase me from my home! I am going to do everything within my power to FUMIGATE the dam ned place, so it is livable once again for freedom loving Americans to thrive in Liberty and Prosperity!

Merry Christmas!

on December 18,2012 | 03:54PM
hawaiikone wrote:
Can't argue with you, though I would suggest a more mellow approach to debate might be more effective. I realize od, wiliki, boss, green, and others throw out a lot of c**p, but responding in kind only encourages more of the same. An obvious lack of any logical defense speaks louder than trading insults.
on December 18,2012 | 06:04PM
SomebodyElse wrote:
I must disagree with Leslie Cole-Brooks to some extent; I don't believe the solar contractors are "cheats," but I don't believe they would be charging $1000-1200 per panel if there wasn't a state and federal subsidy. The reason there are over 200 solar contractors is because there is serious money to be made. It takes about 2 1/2 days to put up the solar panels with a crew of 2 guys and one electrician. If the material costs of a 22 panel system are around $14,000 and the contractor is charging $23,000-30,000, there is a problem with that...$9000 for 3 days work. Even with overhead, someone is making a killing. Without the subsidy there is no way people would pay that amount, but with the 60% tax deduction, homeowners can afford to put it up. I'm not saying that isn't a good thing, necessarily, but the contractors are making out like bandits. The state does need to look at why they have the subsidy and at what level they want to continue it.
on December 18,2012 | 06:52PM
DowntownGreen wrote:
"Holier than thou" strikes again. Must not be a "lib buddy".
on December 18,2012 | 09:22PM
sailfish1 wrote:
IRT Vic Craft - there is no way to prevent this kind of tragedy. After every similar tragedy, people like you ask the same old questions. Nothing concrete is done that can prevent the tragedy. The only thing that happens is that governments hire thousands of consutants and they spend multi-billions of dollars thinking about it. Then life continues on as if nothing happened. People rather have their freedom to do whatever they want more than they want a safe place to live.
on December 18,2012 | 11:57PM
donthigpen wrote:
I'm continually amazed by some of the postings. You complain about the C&C, the State politicians and Unions being about the all mighty dollar but you keep voting them in. What a concept - vote them out! And a few of you are so bitter, even though your President was re-elected, you continue to pound the conservatives and independents who disagree with Obama's leadership and/or vision. 30 years ago, the Democrats claimed to be the party of tolerance. Not any longer. You're the first to blast anyone who doesn't agree with you. It's your way or the highway. If anyone complains about the President, it's automatically labeled racist. I remember the Democrats ranting and raving about Bush (between 2005 and 2008) and calling him names that would make the Devil blush. But now, no one can say anything negative about Obama. Quite a double standard. But, I learned to expect it no matter the subject/topic.
on December 19,2012 | 10:42AM
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