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I koa nō paha i ka pū

For Saturday, July 27, 2013

Na Kekeha Solis


Synopsis: There is a certain responsibility one has when carrying a firearm. George Zimmerman and Christopher Deedy should not have been able to carry a firearm or be able to in the future.


Aloha nō ka 'ohana o Trayvon Martin i ka lohe 'ana aku i ka 'ōlelo ho'oholo a ke Kiure e hō'ike ana, 'a'ole i pili 'o George Zimmerman i ka hewa ma ke kī 'ana aku iā Trayvon i ka pū a make. He mea minamina nō ka make 'ana o Trayvon, no ka mea, ua hiki ke hō'alo 'ia. Ke 'ole e kuhihewa ko 'oukou mea kākau, i ke kāhea 'ana aku o Zimmerman i ke Ke'ena Māka'i o Kanapola, ua ha'i 'ia 'o ia, 'a'ole e hahai aku i ke kanaka (Trayvon). Akā, ua ho'okō 'o Zimmerman i ia 'ōlelo? 'A'ole. 'O kona hahai akula nō ia iā Trayvon, a 'o ka hopena, 'o ke kino make nō o Trayvon me ka 'ōlelo 'ana o Zimmerman, ua kī aku 'o ia i ka 'ōpiopio no ka mea, ua maka'u 'o ia o pepehi 'ia 'o ia e ka 'ōpiopio a make. Inā i maka'u kahi kanaka makua e pa'a ana ka pū ma kona lima i kahi 'ōpiopio pīlahilahi, pehea lā ka maka'u o ia 'ōpiopio i ke kanaka makua pu'ipu'i e pa'a ana ka pū ma kona lima?

A 'o kekahi, inā 'a'ole i hahai 'o Zimmerman iā Trayvon, inā 'a'ole i kau kona weli i kahi 'ōpiopio a 'a'ohe wahi ola i pō'ino. No laila e kau nei ka nīnau, “No ke aha lā i ho'okuli ai 'o Zimmerman i ka 'ōlelo a ka māka'i, 'a'ole e hahai aku i ke kanaka?” 'Eā, 'a'ole paha 'o ia i a'o i ka 'ōlelo kahiko, 'o ia ho'i, a'o i ke koa, a'o nō i ka holo. A ua a'o nō paha 'o ia a pa'a ia ha'awina, akā, 'a'ohe mea e holo ai ke pa'a ka pū ma ka lima. A 'o ia nō ke kumu e kau a'ela ia po'omana'o i luna, 'o ia ho'i, i koa nō paha i ka pū. Inā 'a'ohe pū a Zimmerman, inā 'a'ole 'o ia i hahai aku iā Trayvon. 'A'ole ho'i e hihi, he pū kā Zimmerman a ua make nō 'o Trayvon iā ia.

I kēia manawa, ke ho'okolokolo 'ia nei kahi hihia 'ane like ma Hawai'i nei. 'O ka hihia ia o Christopher Deedy no kona kī 'ana aku iā Kollin Elderts a make. 'O Deedy, he 'ākena pekelala 'o ia a kohu mea lā, he hiki nō ke pa'a ka pū me ia ma nā wahi a pau āna e hele ai. Akā, ke hana ke kanaka pēlā, he kuleana nui nō kona, a kohu mea lā, 'a'ole i maopopo ia kuleana iā Deedy. Ua holoholo 'o Deedy me ka pa'a nō o ka pū, a inu pū 'o ia i ka wai 'ona i ia ahiahi a nui loa ke koa (i ka pū a i ka wai 'ona nō ho'i). A 'o ka hopena, ua make nō 'o Kollin Elderts i ia pō. 'Eā, inā 'a'ohe pū a Deedy i ia ahiahi, inā e ola mau ana 'o Kollin i kēia manawa.

Pehea ana lā ka hopena o ka hihia o Deedy? E ho'oku'u 'ia ana paha 'o ia e like me Zimmerman? 'O ka pono, e kanono ka ho'opa'i o Zimmerman lāua 'o Deedy. 'A'ole hiki i ke kanaka ke ho'ohana aku i ka pū e like me kona makemake. He kuleana nō ko ke kanaka ke pa'a ka pū ma kona kino. A ma muli o ka maopopo 'ole o ia kuleana iā Zimmerman lāua 'o Deedy i make hewa ai 'elua mau kānaka i aloha nui 'ia, 'o ia ho'i 'o Trayvon Martin lāua 'o Kollin Elderts. A 'o kahi mea maopopo, ma kēia hope aku, 'a'ole e 'ae 'ia ka pa'a 'ana o ka pū iā lāua, o make hou kekahi.

Ke hā'awi aku nei ko 'oukou mea kākau i kona aloha i nā 'ohana o Trayvon Martin a me Kollin Elderts.


E ho'ouna 'ia mai na ā leka iā māua, 'o ia ho'i 'o Laiana Wong a me Kekeha Solis ma ka pahu leka uila ma lalo nei:

>> kwong@hawaii.edu
>> rsolis@hawaii.edu

a i ‘ole ia, ma ke kelepona:

>> 956-2627 (Laiana)
>> 956-2627 (Kekeha)

This column is coordinated by Kawaihuelani Center for Hawaiian Language at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa.

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Terii_Kelii wrote:
Eia ho‘okahi mea e ho‘opololei ai, ‘a‘ole ‘oia he 'ōpiopio pīlahilahi. ‘Ane‘ane ‘eono kapua‘i kona ki‘eki‘e.
on July 27,2013 | 03:45AM
DiverDave wrote:
Come on Solis! I challenge anyone that has been attacked, already has a broken nose, and laying flat on their back while an assailant holding their head in his hands is slamming the back of your their head as hard as he can into a cement sidewalk while yelling "I'm going to kill you!" to tell me that if they were legally carrying a gun they would not use it. To try to compare these two different situations is not at all fair to Zimmerman. Apples and Taro, not even close.
on July 27,2013 | 04:34PM
8082062424 wrote:
Zimmerman should never been allowed to carry a gun..He was charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest, then his ex-fiancée filed a restraining order against him, alleging domestic violence. then add the fact he was seeing a shrink. no way in hell he should have been allowed to carry a gun. when you go and pick a fight with s one one then you can not handle you pull out a gun or knife .
on July 28,2013 | 05:58AM
Terii_Kelii wrote:
‘Ae - wahi a Kekeha " I koa nō paha i ka pū. Inā 'a'ohe pū a Zimmerman, inā 'a'ole 'o ia i hahai aku iā Trayvon."
on July 28,2013 | 07:39AM
DiverDave wrote:
He didn't "pick a fight" with anyone. George Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch member, there to watch the area. He was attacked by the punk Trayvon. If he was not carrying a weapon the outcome could have been reversed and we never would have even heard about it.
on July 28,2013 | 10:35AM
8082062424 wrote:
Get it right he was on his way home from the store. He followed the kid even after the 911 dispatcher told him to stay in his car.. not to mention the kid was just going home to his dad gf house. as i said with his record he should have never been allowed to carry a gun
on July 28,2013 | 12:19PM
DiverDave wrote:
This was not Trayvon's home, therefore not recognized by Zimmerman as a resident. He was sent to stay there for a while after being expelled again from school after break-in tools and jewelry was found in his school backpack! Trayvon's cell phone had pictures of underaged naked girls, a picture of a pile of jewelry on a bed, and hand holding a gun. He was a disrespectful racist punk who called Zimmerman a "cracker" before he even talked to Zimmerman, a non white. Now it turns out that the skittles and ice tea he bought were to make a drink called "lean" or "drank" when mixed with robitussin cough medicine. You need to get it right.
on July 28,2013 | 01:10PM
8082062424 wrote:
Does not change the fact Zimmerman should not have been allowed to carry a gun. he record he no better assault a police officer beat on his Gf . he had no respect for the law him self. and add the fact he was seeing a shrink. nuts who break the law should not be allowed to carry a gun
on July 28,2013 | 03:07PM
DiverDave wrote:
You like to use U.S. law against the U.S. for your racist sovereignty rants, yet you forget that the U.S. Constitution guaranties the right to bear arms, unless you are a convicted felon, which he was not. Thank goodness you are not deciding who can carry a gun and not the Sheriff of the area that signed off on his concealed weapons permit.
on July 28,2013 | 05:29PM
holokanaka wrote:
just a thought-would zimmerman have gotten out of his car if he was not packing?
on July 28,2013 | 02:08PM
DiverDave wrote:
Good question holokanaka. As it turned out it was good he was.
on July 28,2013 | 02:11PM
DiverDave wrote:
How about this stupid question: What if Zimmerman never volunteered to participate in the Neighborhood Watch Program? It never would have happened. That proves it! Zimmerman meant to do it! Rolling on the floor laughing at you guys, your just too funny! LOL
on July 28,2013 | 05:35PM
8082062424 wrote:
Thank god some one who has no respect for the law and a nut would never be allowed to carry a gun in this state
on July 29,2013 | 06:42AM
holokanaka wrote:
let me try this again joker. would zimmerman have gotten out of his car if he was not packing?
on July 29,2013 | 01:41PM
8082062424 wrote:
I bet not. he would have thought twice
on July 28,2013 | 03:07PM
DiverDave wrote:
Nothing but speculation, with no basis in fact.
on July 28,2013 | 05:30PM
Terii_Kelii wrote:
E holokanaka -- Wahi a Kekeha " I koa nō paha i ka pū. Inā 'a'ohe pū a Zimmerman, inā 'a'ole 'o ia i hahai aku iā Trayvon." ‘Oia kona mana‘o - I koa nō paha i ka pū.
on July 28,2013 | 05:35PM
DiverDave wrote:
OH YA, and here comes now David Rogers to make his know nothing attack.
on July 28,2013 | 05:39PM
Terii_Kelii wrote:
What I said was not an attack. Read it again. Oh yeah. You can't.
on July 29,2013 | 01:50AM
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