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He aha ia mea he hana pono?

For Saturday, August 11, 2012

Na Kekeha Solis


Synopsis: Some people who find the actions of the badminton teams who were disqualified at the Olympics to be immoral or unethical, actually have no problem with an illegal overthrow or a bayonet constitution.


Aloha mai käkou e nä makamaka heluhelu mai ka pi'ina a ka lä i Makanoni a i kona welo 'ana i ka mole 'olu o Lehua, a pëlä pü me nä i'a i 'aki'aki i ka palu e lana ana ma ke kai. Ua nui nä känaka e ho'ohalahala aku ana i ka hana a ia mau hui pä'ani hilihili manu me ka 'ölelo 'ana, he hana pono 'ole ia, a he kü 'ole ho'i i ka lula maika'i. A 'o kekahi kanaka, ua ho'ohälikelike aku 'o ia i ia hana a läkou ala me ke kïpë 'ana aku i nä luna loiloi, a me ka hana 'äpuka ho'i ma ka ho'ohä'ule 'ana o kekahi kanaka i kona hui pono'ï. Akä, 'o ka 'oia'i'o, 'a'ole like iki. 'O kekahi, ua ho'ohä'ule läkou iä läkou iho ma ka ho'okükü ho'okahi, akä, 'a'ole i lilo aku ka mekala iä läkou ma muli o ia hana. He mau ho'okükü hou aku e lanakila ai. E hä'ule paha. A 'a'ole läkou i hä'awi i makana a i kälä paha i nä luna loiloi.

'O ka mea na'e i pü'iwa ai ka no'ono'o o ko 'oukou mea käkau, 'o kekahi mau känaka e 'ölelo a'e ana, he hana pono 'ole ia ho'ohä'ule 'ana o läkou iä läkou iho ma ia ho'okükü, he käko'o nö i kekahi mau hana pono 'ole a kekahi mau känaka pono 'ole ma ke aupuni Mö'ï o Hawai'i nei a ma këia au paha. Kohu mea lä, he 'oi aku ke 'ano nui o ka hana pono ma ka hana 'älapa ma mua o ka hana pono ma këlä me këia lä.

Eia mai ka mua, 'o kekahi mau känaka i kü'ë i ka hana a ia mau hui hilihili manu, he käko'o nö me ka mahalo i nä känaka näna i 'onou aku iä Kaläkaua i ke kumukänäwai 'elau pü. A he käko'o nö ho'i läkou i ka ho'okahuli aupuni. Pehea lä? He mau hana kü ia i ka pono? He keu aku läkou a ka ho'okamani. Ma nä hana 'älapa wale nö e hana pono ai?

Pehea ke noi 'ana aku i ke kökua a 'Amelika ma ka ho'okahuli aupuni, akä, i ke kauoha 'ana a'e o ka pelekikena o 'Amelika Hui pü 'ia, 'o Kaliwilana, e ho'iho'i 'ia ka Mö'ïwahine i ke kü 'ana i ka moku, 'a'ole i ho'olohe iki. He keu aku ia hana a ka höhë wale. Aia lä i hea ka hana pono?

A pehea ho'i ke kü'ë 'ana aku i ka palapala ho'oilina a ke Ali'iwahine Pauahi? He hana pono ia? He hana ho'i ia i kü i ka lula maika'i? 'A'ole, 'a'ole lä.

He nui aku paha nä hana i koe, akä, ua lawa paha ia no ka manawa. Ua möakäka paha ke 'ano ho'okamani o ia mau i'a 'aki'aki maunu.

Inä he makemake nä känaka a me nä aupuni i ka hana pono a me ka hana kü i ka lula maika'i ma nä Ho'okükü 'Älapa Helene, e kü läkou i ka pono ma nä hana 'ë a'e, 'a'ole wale nö ma nä hana 'älapa.

'O ia ihola nö i 'ike 'oukou. Ke ho'i akula ke keiki o Mänoa, ua ahiahi. Me 'oukou e nä makamaka heluhelu a me ka Hökü Avalataisa ke aloha.


E ho'ouna 'ia mai na ä leka iä mäua, 'o ia ho'i 'o Laiana Wong a me Kekeha Solis ma ka pahu leka uila ma lalo nei:

>> kwong@hawaii.edu
>> rsolis@hawaii.edu

a i ‘ole ia, ma ke kelepona:

>> 956-2627 (Laiana)
>> 956-2627 (Kekeha)

This column is coordinated by Kawaihuelani Center for Hawaiian Language at the University of Hawai'i at Mänoa.

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Ken_Conklin wrote:
Really Kekeha Solis? You think that political revolution against a corrupt and ineffective monarchy is comparable to the unethical behavior of a sports team which intentionally loses a match? Of course a revolution is illegal. That doesn't make it immoral. On the contrary, the Hawaiian monarchy had become immoral, and the righteous thing to do was to overthrow it. In 1887 an armed militia composed entirely of local people staged a revolution against Kalakaua, demanding that he sign a new Constitution severely restricting the monarch's powers. In 1893 that same armed militia overthrew the monarchy entirely when Liliuokalani tried to undo the revolution of 1887. Nobody got killed. One policeman got shot in the shoulder when he tried to block a cart of guns and ammunition headed for the government building; the policeman quickly recovered from his injury. What a genteel revolution, compared with the American revolution (thousands of deaths on both sides), the French revolution (hundreds of royals beheaded by guillotine in a public square) and the Russian revolution (Tsar and his wife and children massacred while held in captivity). Such a silly article by Kekeha Solis!
on August 11,2012 | 04:03AM
holokanaka wrote:
Ken, it is interesting how you use the phrase "entirely of local people" implying they were a mix of ethnicity in this phrase when in fact you know these local people were almost all if not all ha*le. The reason given for this revolution is "a corrupt and ineffective monarchy". There is another argument can be made here and that is the ha*le desire for control of these islands. You readily see this by reading the bayonet constitution. For instance the property and income requirements to vote denied a great majority of hawaiians from voting and for the first time foreigners could vote but ofcourse only american and europeans. Gee, what about the orientals (chinese, japanese etc). Furthermore you imply that the revolution was to clean up the government of and for the Sovereign Nation of the Kingdom when in fact the rvolutionest were not loyal to the Kingdom but loyal to america and was just another event in a series of events to effect annexation to the the united states unlike another event to clean up the government. (see Keawe, the Hawaiian History Columnest-The barracks revolt) Ken, your post is very misleading.
on August 11,2012 | 02:25PM
DiverDave wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on August 12,2012 | 09:40AM
holokanaka wrote:
Dave, you miss my point in my post or maybe purposely evaded it. I will again try to make my point and that is the ha*le which were loyal to amertica did not have the best interest of the sovereign Nation of the Kingdom at heart. They were greedy and power hungry people and were looking at any reason to initiate this "revolution". They were also racist, hypocites, lyers, thieves, and criminals. What happened to the -this is a nation of laws- usa.
on August 12,2012 | 01:43PM
DiverDave wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on August 12,2012 | 11:03PM
holokanaka wrote:
Dave, you seem to justify any wrongdoing by the ha*le with everyone gets to vote. You probably would justify the slaughtering of the indians, stealing their lands, and stuffing them on a reservation with "everyone gets to vote". How sad. Hopefully there are not too many people out there who think like you.
on August 13,2012 | 01:43PM
peanutgallery wrote:
Your racist intent bleeds through all of your words.
on August 14,2012 | 02:51AM
holokanaka wrote:
This is a response to diverdave last post. You again avoid or ignore the issue which is the wrongdoing, which I have pointed out to you on some of your previous posts on this page and instead inject you own beliefs/philosophy/ ideology. Further more you calling me a racist is a copeout and hypocrtical because you did not address or even acknowledge the obvious racist provisions in the 1887 (bayonet) constitution which I clearly pointed out to you. Oh and by the way you calling me a racist and a fool means nothing since the only who defines me is me.
on August 14,2012 | 02:19PM
Notawannabe wrote:
Except of the Message to the Senate and House of Representatives from President Grover Cleveland..."A substantial wrong has thus been done which a due regard for our national character as well as the rights of the injured people requires we should endeavor to repair. The provisional government has not assumed a republican or other constitutional form, but has remained a mere executive council or oligarchy, set up WITHOUT THE ASSENT OF THE PEOPLE. It has not sought to find a permanent basis of popular support and has given no evidence of an intention to do so. Indeed, the representatives of that government assert that the people of Hawaii are unfit for popular government and frankly avow that they can be best ruled by arbitrary or despotic power."
on August 11,2012 | 07:57AM
tim5fl wrote:
It's very easy to judge events that happened over 119 years ago with todays common wisdom.
on August 11,2012 | 08:15AM
peanutgallery wrote:
Without a doubt, the dumbest comparison I've ever heard.
on August 14,2012 | 02:48AM
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