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Letters to the Editor

For Saturday, November 3, 2012


Show respect for wishes of dying

Columnist George Will has said that the judiciary is "dangerous to liberty when it is unreasonably restrained."

Hawaii Circuit Judge Patrick Border appears to be unable, or unwilling, to judge in the sad case of Karen Okada. He is shirking his responsibility. From what I understand, Okada's written Advanced Health Care Directive is quite clear in that she did not want extreme measures taken in life support.

Okada's situation came to public attention on Sept. 7, as Queen's Hospital attempted to comply with Okada's health care directive by removing her from life support. The case should have been decided immediately in favor of her written instructions.

Yet the case was continued and to be heard and decided, over a month later, by Border, on Oct. 11. He has now decided that a "continuance" is in order, for yet another month, at least. Okada's written wishes are being ignored. Shame on Border for shirking his judicial responsibility. Shame on her brother for not honoring his sister's wishes.

Carol Dickson

Rail will cost far too much

A vote for Kirk Caldwell is a vote for the machine represented by Pacific Resource Partnership. If you buy their bill of goods on how great rail is, what's next? The estimated transportation budget with rail will take 19 percent of the City and County budget? How on Earth are we going to address the billions (including the Environmental Protection Agency mandate on sewer repairs) needed to repair old and failing sewer, water and road systems, let alone police, fire and other necessities?

It's not only people on fixed incomes that will suffer. We already pay one of the highest housing costs in the country — rail costs and rising infrastructure costs will increase that housing cost exorbitantly. Do you really want Caldwell, the machine puppet, or former Gov. Ben Cayetano, who has a proven track record of management? The PRP smear campaign is lies by the frantic machine pushing for its very bad, very expensive traffic solution.

Heather Huel

Choose Cayetano over rail project

I'm a former rail supporter who has changed her stripes in the last six months. As I've learned that the rail system we are paying for is not the system we voted for (it will not go to the University of Hawaii or Waikiki and it will cost much more than expected), I am convinced that former Gov. Ben Cayetano's flexible, less expensive bus rapid transit system suits Honolulu better. Additionally, I heard Cayetano patiently, frankly and knowledgeably answer questions for two hours on a whole range of city issues at a presentation in Aiea last week. For my money — literally — he's the man for the job.

Jan Pappas

Rail system will work on Oahu

Rail systems today are not noisy. Check out Hong Kong, Singapore, Naha, Okinawa or Dubai.

Rail opponents Cliff Slater, Randall Roth and Walter Heen only know highways and roads to move people — 1970s technology. Worldwide, cities use rail because it works, is clean, functions efficiently and is complemented with a bus system. And why the "me, me, me" attitude of rail opponents? Rail is good for the community, the city and the aina in the long run. Why so selfish?

Finally, Hawaii's tax base is not 1 million people; as many as 7 million visitors annually pay the general exise tax and will use the rail.

Vote no on Ben Cayetano.

Berni Chu
Hawaii Kai

Vote against the Jones Act

Why isn't the big issue in these elections the Jones Act, which protects the American maritime fleet from foreign competition? This act is a detriment to the people in Hawaii. Sens. John McCain and James Risch introduced a bill to repeal this act, which restricts shipping and raises costs to consumers in Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Guam. The bill failed.

This should be a big issue to the people here who work so hard and pay so much for food because of this act.

The people of Hawaii deserve better. Let's elect representatives to Congress who will protect the interests of the people of Hawaii.

Roland Ho

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