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Now it's a race!

Former Gov. Linda Lingle's decision to run is likely to shine a national spotlight on Hawaii in the quest to replace Daniel Akaka

By Derrick DePledge


Former Gov. Linda Lingle's entry Tuesday in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate vaults Hawaii onto the national political map next year, opening a new front in the struggle for control in Washington, D.C.

Lingle, the first woman and the first Republican in four decades elected Hawaii governor, gives the GOP a genuine prospect in a state traditionally dominated by Democrats. Senate Democrats and independents have a 53-to-47 majority over Republicans, so four seats can swing the balance of power.

Democrats and independents have to defend 23 Senate seats next year, while Republicans have to protect just 10 seats. Political analysts who have rated Hawaii as safe for Democrats while waiting for Lingle's decision began to re-evaluate on Tuesday.

U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono and Ed Case, a former congressman -- the Democrats who want to replace U.S. Sen. Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii, who is not seeking another term -- remain favored. A Republican has not represented Hawaii in the Senate since U.S. Sen. Hiram Fong retired from office in 1977.

Lingle has set a fundraising goal of $8 million to $10 million, a much higher bar than Hirono or Case, and analysts believe millions more will be spent in the islands by national interests that want to influence the outcome of a Senate campaign in President Barack Obama's birthplace.

"While it's a tough year, I think, to try and win a Senate seat with Obama at the top of the ballot, I think Lingle is about the only Republican who could do it, especially given how voters feel about Congress," said Jennifer Duffy, a senior editor at The Cook Political Report, a national newsletter that monitors political campaigns. "They don't seem to like them very much."

Duffy said she could move Hawaii from a "solid Democrat" rating into "lean Democrat" or "tossup" later this week. She said Democrats typically do not have to worry about protecting Hawaii and are already spread thin nationally. "So they pretty much need another competitive race like they need a hole in the head," she said.

Lingle, 58, announced her decision to run on "Perry & Price," KSSK's top-rated morning radio show, and framed her campaign during a luncheon address to the Sales and Marketing Executives International at the Pacific Club.

The two-term governor and former Maui County mayor said it was critically important for Hawaii to have political balance in the Senate so the islands can have influence regardless of which party holds power.

She cited the friendship and strategic alliance between U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii, and the late U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, as an example.

"Having a senator from each party is the very best possible situation for us, because it doesn't matter which party is in control, we will always have one of our senators within that caucus and able to bring our issues forward in a very articulate and strong manner," Lingle said.

She said her chief executive experience would be an asset and has made her a more practical, less ideological leader. She described herself as an independent who would not always follow national Republicans on policy. She said she would likely gravitate to the center politically, in the mold of moderate U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine.

"I've tried to make this point very, very clear: I don't work for (Senate Minority Leader) Mitch McConnell, and I don't work for President Obama," Lingle said. "I work for the people of Hawaii."

She blamed both political parties for the bitter partisanship that has caused gridlock in Washington. "I think the politicians in Washington need to grow up and get serious," she said.

Her campaign priorities will be job creation, deficit reduction, regulatory relief and a fair tax policy. She called for job impact statements -- similar to environmental impact statements -- to measure potential job losses before any new federal rules or regulations are approved.

Lingle also said she wanted to serve as the point person for tourism and for Asia-Pacific issues in the Senate.

Democrats immediately sought to undercut Lingle's claims of independence. Lingle campaigned on the mainland for President George W. Bush's re-election in 2004 and for U.S. Sen. John McCain's unsuccessful campaign in 2008. She also helped introduce former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as the GOP's vice presidential nominee at the Republican National Convention.

"Today marks Linda Lingle's biggest announcement since she nominated Sarah Palin for vice president, an event that typifies Lingle's partisan Republican approach to governing," said Matt Canter, a spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. "Now Lingle wants to go to Washington to become a rubber stamp for Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party, whose sole priority is to defeat President Obama at every turn."

Jadine Nielsen, finance chairwoman for the Hirono campaign, also tied Lingle to mainland conservatives. "The national Republican Party has been anxious to move Lingle back to center stage as they did at the 2008 Republican National Convention, when Lingle went on national television to second Sarah Palin's nomination for vice president and endorse the McCain-Palin ticket over our island son, Barack Obama," she said in an email.

Case, a moderate who also sees himself aligning with Senate centrists, said Lingle would become "just another senator operating in Washington for the few at the expense of most."

Some Hawaii Democrats have privately doubted the strategy of painting Lingle as part of the far right, since she governed mostly as a moderate. But Case said Lingle should have to answer for her record.

"We all have our record, and Lingle's record is not getting along, not crossing the bridges, eight years of not accomplishing anything across the aisle," he said. "And she did in fact go out there and endorse Sarah Palin, who is about as far right as you can get. And she wanted Sarah Palin to be vice president of this country, and you cannot get away from that.

"Linda can talk all she wants, right down the road of this campaign. It's not going to change what she's actually done, and the spin is not going to work."

Lingle told reporters she does not think voters will respond to what she described as an "unoriginal cookie-cutter attack," particularly from national Democrats, since voters know her and her record.

Lingle will face John Carroll, an attorney and former state lawmaker, in the Republican primary next August. The conservative Carroll faults Lingle for her support of a Native Hawaiian federal recognition bill sponsored by Akaka and for not working against the Jones Act, the federal maritime law that protects the domestic shipping industry from foreign competition.

Lingle has won in two statewide campaigns. She raised a record $5.5 million when she defeated Hirono in the governor's race in 2002 and then broke the record again by collecting more than $6 million for her re-election in 2006.

But Lingle has not run statewide in a presidential election year. Obama took 71.5 percent of the vote in Hawaii four years ago, and many analysts believe Lingle will not be able to attract the independents and moderate Democrats she needs if the president enjoys another island landslide next year.

"Voters are very discerning," Lingle said. "They're not robots. They don't just go down the line. They vote what's in the interest of their family and their business and the state of Hawaii."

Other moderate Republicans who have drawn some political support from Democrats during their careers, such as state Rep. Cynthia Thielen (R, Kailua-Kaneohe) -- who lost to Akaka in 2006 -- also believe Lingle has a chance.

"I don't think having the president coming from Hawaii is going to be what people are thinking about," Thielen said. "I think they're thinking about jobs, the economy, and that's her strength. She knows how to run things and put people back to work."

Hawaii News Now video: Lingle announces run for U.S. Senate

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Oakie wrote:
Democrats say Lingle will be rubber stamp for Repubs, Hirono has never had an original thought while in congress.
on October 12,2011 | 02:29AM
Highinthesierras wrote:
Politicians by definition are bought and paid for, so for once in the modern history of Hawaii let's have a contest not between two UNION vassals........"........................ Lingle vs. Case would be an uplifting choice.
on October 12,2011 | 06:24AM
OldDiver wrote:
The eight to ten million dollars of outside money from Karl Rove (Bush's Brain) will make Linda Lingle the ideal rubber stamp Republicans want in the Senate.
on October 12,2011 | 06:31AM
Pacej001 wrote:
Pretty funny when you consider the brainless, lockstep, do what uncle Dan says democrat delegations from Hawaii over the last twenty years. Hirono is a caricature of the drones (like Abercrombie) the state has been sending to DC. Talk about rubber stamps.
on October 12,2011 | 08:11AM
OldDiver wrote:
The Democrat delegation is responsible for bringing in millions to the State of Hawaii supporting things like education, Pearl Harbor and the military bases. Without this support the State of Hawaii would be in the sink hole like California and Texas. While Linda Lingle invested one billion dollars of tax payers money on a get rich quick scheme on wall street that failed our Democratic delegation has been working hard to make up for her failures. By the way Pace, are you okay with that billion dollars in taxpayer money being tied up for decades? That was just one of many boneheaded decisions by Linda Lingle.
on October 12,2011 | 09:12AM
Matsu wrote:
Those Millions of Dollars they brought into Hawaii for our education has produced what? Our public education has been in toilet for fifty years. By the way Old Diver, where do those millions of dollars come from? They come from tax payers pockets. Those rich people you complain about? They are the 50% who are paying for the 50% who pay nothing.
on October 12,2011 | 04:44PM
OldDiver wrote:
And where do you think the billion dollars of State money that Linda Lingle foolishly gave to her Wall Street buddies came from?
on October 12,2011 | 05:23PM
honokai wrote:
Palin, Palin, Palin, Palin, Palin, furlough Fridays, furlough Fridays, furlough Fridays, Palin, Palin, Palin, furlough Fridays, Furlough Fridays, Party of No, Party of No, Party of No, Palin, Palin, Palin .... ---- there I just got it all out --- $2,000,000 in National Democratic Party Advertising --- and you just got all free here in the Star Advertiser comment section
on October 12,2011 | 03:21AM
WarriorNY wrote:
This was the funniest thing I read today...
on October 12,2011 | 05:23AM
IWAKUNI wrote:
Even The Godfather has resigned himself to the inescapable fact: Hirono is a do-nothing rubber stamp that NOBODY in Hawaii, even Democrats, is even remotely thrilled about, and Lingle is going to demolish her--again--in the general election. If we can just get Djou re-elected for CD1, Hawaii will FINALLY have true, bipartisan representation in Washington...and that can only be a good thing.
on October 12,2011 | 03:53AM
OldDiver wrote:
Receiving $8 to $10 million dollars from Karl Rove who gets his money from the Wall Street Bankers will put Linda Lingle in the pocket of the Goldman Sachs and the like who drove this economy into the ditch. Why a middle class conservative would support that is a mystery to me.
on October 12,2011 | 09:04AM
Kuniarr wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on October 12,2011 | 09:21AM
Compassionate_Cat wrote:
Best comment I have read in some time on the pollitical front. So tired of wincing every time Obama sends out money to those on social services not recognizing that they are not investing in the US because they can't afford it and most of us can't find anything made in the US anymore either. WE have financed the biggest riches China has ever seen because most Americans seem to think that manufacturing is beneath them. We have some serious problems because of the thinking that was born with the "reign" of Clinton. We have this whole generation that thinks they should make huge amounts of money and drive company cars, carry corporate credit cards and hobnob with celebrities; like that's normal. When I was in my 20's, I did like many other people and worked two jobs to be able to buy a car and by 30 a condo/townhouse. We need to look at what needs to be done to become self sufficient again and vote accordingly. I'm not proud to be part of a nation of consumers, but I am proud to be an American where we have the right to vote for our representatives. It needs to be ALL people being heard not special interests.
on October 12,2011 | 10:06AM
DowntownGreen wrote:
Contrary to Waipahu's attempt at clouding the issue, Karl Rove in his senior advisor and fundraising role with the 527 American Crossroads is very relevant to the conversation. They (and every other 527, regardless of agenda and including the unions) have none of the restrictions that candiates' teams have when it comes to campaign spending. The 527's can do and lie about anything they want to without accountability.
on October 12,2011 | 09:55AM
Changalang wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on October 12,2011 | 09:37PM
DowntownGreen wrote:
My point was that it is mistaken to assert that Rove is "gone". Whether he/they choose to stay out of Hawaii politics is a "wait and see" situation, but his fingerprints are all over the lies perpetrated by Crossroads. It's been interesting to watch his take on Perry. I agree with the rest of your assessment.
on October 12,2011 | 10:30PM
kapoleitalkstory wrote:
That is a long article with not one good reason to vote for the closet case.
on October 12,2011 | 04:18AM
Publicbraddah wrote:
Regardless of who gets in, not looking forward to our future.
on October 12,2011 | 04:21AM
kgolfinghawaii wrote:
Iwakuni-------Well there is certainly no "bi-partisan" representation in the state houses...so that would be a plus for sure....but Hawaii probably has the most brain washed voters in the country next to the black vote at 90% plus for demoncrats. Are there enough thinking people in this state to actually read and learn and not listen to garbage from people like Case that just repeat stupid things over and over again? The demoncrats just know the brain washed voters in Hawaii will just do what they say? These are the same folks that voted for the brain dead Akaka last time, instead of Case,... and he couldn't even answer a question during the debates that wasn't pre-screened. No, I don't hold out much hope for people all of a sudden using their brains to make a decision instead of the "feel good" platitudes coming from the mouths of demoncrats..
on October 12,2011 | 04:25AM
IWAKUNI wrote:
The difference is, Akaka is an absolutely beloved figure in Hawaii. I'm a staunch conservative, and even I will admit that Dan Akaka embodies the true aloha spirit and is truly one of the kindest, most giving people I've ever met in local politics. Is he fit for the job? Absolutely not. He's well beyond senile and was ready for retirement a decade ago. But Dan Akaka was impossible to beat BECAUSE he's Dan Akaka. Mazie, on the other hand, garners none of that aloha. She's an incompetent, grouchy old lady who does nothing, says nothing and dares nothing without the approval of The Godfather, and the 2002 trouncing is proof enough that Hawaii cares not for her. She will lose to Lingle, and for good reason. My biggest concern is whether Djou can unseat that criminal, classless puppet in CD1 and bring back true representation and fiscal accountability, not to mention the fact that Boehner will place him on the Appropriations Committee (King Dan promised Colleen would also get that seat, but I guess that got forgotten along with her promise to move into the district, right?). I'm sad to see Dan Akaka finally go, but it's high time and the right time for Linda Lingle. If we can get back Djou, we'll finally--after two generations--be back on the right track to a better city, better state and better nation.
on October 12,2011 | 06:14AM
AhiPoke wrote:
I couldn't have stated it any better. For me, it's ABM (anybody but mazie). I can't imagine anyone less competent than her. It always amazes me when she's elected. Don't be surprised if/when the hardline democrats resort to their dirty tricks campaign which they bring out whenever the party insider looks to be running behind.
on October 12,2011 | 09:59AM
Limukohu wrote:
As if she has a chance!!
on October 12,2011 | 05:00AM
honokai wrote:
Palin, Palin, Palin .... Party of No .. Party of No ... She doesn't have a chance .... Party of No .... Palin ... Party of No
on October 12,2011 | 05:13AM
IWAKUNI wrote:
And your hero, Barry Soetoro, hired an espoused, professed COMMUNIST (Van Jones) and, bats*** crazy communist fanatic Anita Dunn (who went on record saying her "hero" was mass-murderer terrorist dictator [Chairman] "Mao") to be on his "Czar Cabinet," not to mention proud Socialist Cass Sunstein...and you're going to whine that Lingle endorsed Sarah Palin????? Seriously, just go move to Canada, where your politics might be more welcome. You're a disgrace to this nation.
on October 12,2011 | 06:19AM
soundofreason wrote:
You need to put this ad to the tune of "The Friday Song" (see youtube for full affect)
on October 12,2011 | 06:54AM
rakuroda wrote:
According to Wikipedia "In the United States at the end of 2001, 10% of the population owned 71% of the wealth and the top 1% owned 38%. On the other hand, the bottom 40% owned less than 1% of the nation's wealth." I wonder if anybody know the %age of Republican/Democrats? I now understand why the tax breaks for the rich keep on comming. Can anybody say TEA PARTY! !
on October 12,2011 | 06:18AM
Kuniarr wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on October 12,2011 | 09:08AM
LemonySnickets wrote:
You must be smarter than google cause both of you got their opinions off of google and you telling the other is wrong in facts.
on October 12,2011 | 10:12AM
OldDiver wrote:
Silly, obviously we are talking personal wealth. Only someone trying to be deceptive would include Yellowstone National Park in the discussion.
on October 12,2011 | 05:28PM
bulldog1 wrote:
It's about time the general public has another choice. Hirono did absolutely nothing of importance as Lt Gov and nothing as a congresswomen. Case should get the BS award; he can talk around anything and everything but knows nothing. The price of democracy!!!
on October 12,2011 | 06:40AM
livinginhawaii wrote:
Carroll is a nice guy but he hasn't a chance of beating Lingle. The real race is between Hirono and Case. If Case wins I think he can beat Lingle. If Hirono wins Lingle would probably beat her. I agree with some of the Hirono comments below - that she's never really had an original thought and always seems to rubberstamp. If you recall the election that got her into congress, she vacilated several times over deciding to run for State or Federal office. This just confirms the lack of original thought...
on October 12,2011 | 06:50AM
kauakea wrote:
Love how they use an air brushed, long past pic of Hirono for this article. Has she taken a newer one since twenty years ago?
on October 12,2011 | 06:51AM
senator_bob wrote:
eight to ten million dollars to make the 8 years of governing go away. this should be interesting telling aunti, uncle, grandma and pa that ms. lingle wants to give them the ryan's medical plan. no more medicare under the republican plan. i guess no one has the courage to tell ms. lingle that her party has been out of the dance because of the party's attitude toward the people. it's all about people not corporations.
on October 12,2011 | 07:08AM
McCully wrote:
Anybody but rubber stamp Hirono and recycled Case.
on October 12,2011 | 07:08AM
WarriorNY wrote:
I'm confident people of Hawaii will realize this senate race is going to affect the entire U.S. I mean the Jobs Act last night proves how congress works today... President puts forward a plan and gets rejected by republicans in congress... Voting for Lingle is essentially adding one more vote to reject policies that will help the country get back on track...
on October 12,2011 | 07:54AM
Pacej001 wrote:
A smaller version of the failed policies of two years ago gets us back on track? How? Why? There's no explanation from the Administration of why an anemic version of the stimulus bill would do any better. The pretty obvious conclusion is that Mr. Obama doesn't have a clue as to what, if any, government action will work and the American Jobs Act is (was, since it was defeated) is really a job (singular) act aimed at "creating or saving" ONE job only, Obama's. If this is the best he and his congressional democrats can do, we'd be nuts to give them four more years.
on October 12,2011 | 08:20AM
WarriorNY wrote:
Really? So what have the Republicans put forward to counter? ............... exactly...
on October 12,2011 | 04:40PM
Pacej001 wrote:
Well, the house Rs at least put forward a national budget proposal and a blueprint for dealing for the deficit/debt disaster. The Senate Democrats, on the other hand, haven't produced a national budget in over two years, content to play politics with our national fiscal disaster through the next election. There have also been numerous pieces of legislation put forward in the House aimed at forestalling the idiotic policies of the EPA and the over regulation of American business in general, virtually all blocked/obstructed by the Senate dems. However, even if they had done nothing but stop Obama's march toward unaffordable European socialism, that would have been enough for now.
on October 12,2011 | 09:12PM
Pacej001 wrote:
This bill was a warmed over, half-sized version of the original stimulus aimed at one job only, Mr. Obama's. We'd be nuts to give him 4 more years if this is the best he can come up with. Mr. Obama's policies have failed, it's time to try a new team and that includes congress.
on October 12,2011 | 08:23AM
WarriorNY wrote:
You mean like the team that caused the housing crisis prior to Obama's term...
on October 12,2011 | 04:41PM
Pacej001 wrote:
Fannie/Freddie/Frank/Dodd. Dirtier hands on the Dem side.
on October 12,2011 | 09:07PM
suckseed wrote:
get it straight, the jobs bill was rejected by the democrats. they have the numbers and failed to convince their own on the merits (there aren't any) of this stupid bill. Republicans couldn't stop it if they wanted to.
on October 12,2011 | 02:07PM
DowntownGreen wrote:
The vote was 50-48 in favor of cloture. That's a majority. All 50 were Democrats. It only took 40 Republican votes to kill the bill. They got them all with 2 Democrats. Even if they got those 2 Democrats, the Republicans still killed it with a filibuster, not a majority. From the Associated Press: "Forty-six Republicans joined with two Democrats to delay the plan. The roll call was kept open Tuesday night to allow Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen to vote. But it would have taken 60 votes in the 100-member Senate to keep the legislation alive". So who is it that "has the numbers" and needs to "get it straight"?
on October 12,2011 | 04:09PM
WarriorNY wrote:
Exactly... Thank you DowntownGreen...
on October 12,2011 | 04:47PM
kennysmith wrote:
on October 12,2011 | 07:59AM
cojef wrote:
The Democratic, Union dominated party will win the senatorial seat by sheer numbers. Hawaii is a State in which there are too many entitlement oriented parasites. The "GodFather" had provided the mechanism to the detriment of the people by garnering appropriations after appropriations to enslave the masses. However noble the "GodFather's" original intentions to serve for the best interst of Hawaii, he has failed to recognize the economic and financial impact to our National Debt. The masses that make up the Democratic constituency, the recpients of the Federal largess, do not give hoot about, unemployment, the economy, or the National Debt, which their children and grandchildren will have to inherit. Good Luck!
on October 12,2011 | 08:00AM
Torchwood wrote:
No thanks! Lingle stole the education and future of our keiki to balance the budget, no telling what additional harm she'd do in Washington.
on October 12,2011 | 08:05AM
Matsu wrote:
Lingle tried to make changes in Hawaii's education, but was constantly blocked by the Democratic controlled Senate and House. Democrat controlled politicians, bureaucrats and teachers’ unions have had COMPLETE control over Hawaii’s education system for the past 50 years, and have completely run it into the ground. And somehow you think it was Lingle’s fault?
on October 12,2011 | 04:40PM
NiteMarcher wrote:
My prediction for this race is, Lingle will win this one, hands down! Wait, watch, and be amazed!
on October 12,2011 | 08:45AM
aiea7 wrote:
Since there are many dems, they should cross-over in the primary election and vote for carroll and oust lingle in the primary; then the dems have clear sailing in the general election. lingle is giving a good "story" now, but once elected, she will be a follower for the repubs, like she did previously, where she supported palin and bush, two of the most inept repubs. As governor, she did not work for the people but her perspectives were purely, 100% repub policies. If she wants to do good for the people of Hawaii, then don't run, then she won't be able to screw the people again.
on October 12,2011 | 08:47AM
akuman808 wrote:
Lingle's platform is exactly what the GOP main stream leaders have been advocating for decades. It's ironic that one of the most important "healthcare" is not on her list. Lets not forget that she changed the Quest program from local based to mainland private provider for profit. If she get's elected she will be another vote to kill Medicare and healthcare reform which is serious concerns for Hawaii's aging population. I can't stand HIrono but Lingle is the worst of the choices based on her record for improving healthcare in Hawaii. Good doctors are leaving and others are retiring. The system is broken.
on October 12,2011 | 09:01AM
AhiPoke wrote:
Excuse me I was never a fan of Lingle but she didn't create the problems that is causing physicians to leave Hawaii. The credit for that belongs to both parties and especially the democrats. Both parties have been reducing medicare/medicaid funding for years and the dems have refused to look at things like legal and entitlement reform because they've been bought by the attorneys and their voting bloc. I work in the healthcare industry and I study the financial part of it regularly. What the politicians aren't telling you is the truth, all of these government funded programs are going broke. They've started cutting funding years ago and it's still not nearly enough. There is no painless way out of this mess and the longer our politicians put it off the worse it gets.
on October 12,2011 | 11:17AM
LemonySnickets wrote:
Hirono already lost to lingle in 2002 when she ran for governor. Unfortunately Democrats have no one who can beat lingle. lingle will do nothing in the Senate except be seen and not heard since she will be a junior senator, if and if she gets elected. May God have mercy on Hawaii, if she wins.
on October 12,2011 | 10:08AM
LemonySnickets wrote:
2008 many people lost jobs. lingle could not save jobs nor create.
on October 12,2011 | 10:42AM
akuman808 wrote:
Lingles "regulatory relief" translated into laymans language is No Consumer Protection. Deregulation is the cornerstone of the GOP failed policies that they want to run this election on. Imagine for 50 years there was nothing wrong with the Glass-Stegalll financial regulations. The GOP then killed that and instead advocated no regulations resulting in the sub prime debacle and the financial collapse of Lehman Brothers and CitiCorp and Bank of America and on and on.
on October 12,2011 | 10:59AM
scooters wrote:
Democrats seem two faced calling Lingle a rubber stamp. All you have to do is read the Sunday paper an you can see the weekly voting records of our "Democrats" in Washington...they all vote the same way..Party Line...LINGLE IN 2012...
on October 12,2011 | 11:36AM
Kuihao wrote:
When I look at the four announced candidates for the Senate, and ask myself who among them most closely shares my core political beliefs and is most capable of providing the leadership we need in Congress, Ed Case stands head and shoulders above the rest. Although I would vote for Hirono over Lingle, I hope Ed Case can persuade a majority of Democratic primary voters that he is the better choice, not just to beat Lingle, but to do the important work of the Senate.
on October 12,2011 | 12:35PM
MissingHawaii wrote:
But for the sanity of the American electorate, Sarah Palin now would be a heartbeat away from the Oval Office...thanks to Linda Lingle. No thanks,
on October 12,2011 | 12:53PM
aiea7 wrote:
democrats unite, cross-over in the primary and vote for carroll. lingle should not be allowed to screw up hawaii again.
on October 12,2011 | 01:08PM
tinapa wrote:
Linda Lingle entry into the US Senate race adds another layer of excitement in local politics. Without a scintilla of doubt, she is the best candidate to represent Hawaii's interest in the Senate. Her being a moderate is appealing to both sides of the political spectrum. and this is her most potent weapon in her political arsenal. Her political views coalesce with the majority of the Hawaiian voters. We need moderates like her to dislodge the fringe elements of both parties who are deeply entrenched in their political foxholes for one purpose: to glorify their political ideologies' purity even to the detriment of the average working peoiple. They would disentagle the network of lies and deception created by these irresponsible political factions. I also like Ed Case; he is in the same mold as Lingle. I am hopeful that these 2 would slug it out comes November, 2012. No matter who comes out victorious, Hawaii is the ultimate winner.
on October 12,2011 | 01:52PM
cojef wrote:
Like your unbiased thoughts on the coming senatorial race. For the past 50 years or so, The union dominated Democratic party has retarded Hawaii's growth. We need more candidates that are not beholden to the union, be it democrats or republicans. The US has gone to far to the left, and Big Government is not the solution. Entitlements stifles independent growth and create a society of idiots and imbeciles waiting for hand-outs from "Big Brother", sitting on big obese arses.
on October 12,2011 | 05:17PM
Classic_59Chevy wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on October 12,2011 | 06:46PM
honokai wrote:
Djou might just ride her coattails ... lol
on October 12,2011 | 07:14PM
shaftalley wrote:
i lived in iwakuni, japan 1966-68.
on October 12,2011 | 10:26PM
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