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With Lingle in, Senate race now a 'tossup'

By Derrick DePledge


The Cook Political Report on Thursday rated the Hawaii U.S. Senate race as a "tossup," one of the nine most competitive campaigns next year that could determine political control of the Senate.

The national newsletter that tracks political campaigns had previously rated Hawaii as "solid Democrat" but adjusted after former Gov. Linda Lingle entered the Republican primary this week.

U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono and former U.S. Rep. Ed Case are the Democrats who want to replace U.S. Sen. Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii, who is not seeking another term.

"All in all, Lingle is a solid campaigner and fundraiser with a record of accomplishment on which to run," Jennifer Duffy, a senior editor at The Cook Political Report, wrote in explaining the new rating. "She is the best candidate that Republicans could possibly hope for in a race in a solidly Democratic state. Whether she can overcome the challenges of running in a presidential year isn't yet clear, but she will make this a race that Democrats hadn't counted on having."

Senate Democrats and independents have a 53-to-47 majority over Republicans.

Seven of the nine Senate seats The Cook Political Report has rated as tossups are held by Democrats. Hawaii joins Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Virginia and Wisconsin as the most competitive Democratic seats. Massachusetts and Nevada are the most competitive Republican seats.

While such ratings might not be particularly relevant to Hawaii voters, they can be valuable currency in national political circles because they offer independent assessments of campaigns.

Lingle hopes to raise $8 million to $10 million for her campaign. The more competitive rating could help her build early fundraising momentum. Potential Republican donors on the mainland might be more likely to invest in Hawaii, a traditionally Democratic state, if it appears Lingle is viable.

"This prestigious political report published so early in the campaign acknowledges Linda Lingle's strong record of fiscal responsibility and economic development," retired Maj. Gen. Robert G.F. Lee, Lingle's campaign manager, said in an email. "I am confident the people of Hawaii will once again elect her to office, this time on a national level."

Case called the new rating "a blunt but accurate assessment of this crucial election."

"It should serve as a wake-up call to D.C. insiders and to all voters who want change in Washington but not the destructive far-right agenda Linda would strengthen," he said in an email. "It squarely presents all Democratic primary voters with the choice of who can best contest Linda's candidacy in the general and deliver change that will work for all."

Jadine Nielsen, finance chairwoman for the Hirono campaign, said polls have shown Lingle losing to Hirono by double digits.

"Apparently, some Washington political analysts have a little catching up to do regarding the decline in Lingle's popularity thanks to the super-disappointment of the Superferry, the Furlough Fridays that shortchanged our keiki and public schools, and Lingle's embrace of Sarah Palin over our island son Barack Obama," she said in an email. "We're confident the people of Hawaii haven't forgotten this Lingle litany of troubling decisions and disappointments."

In her campaigns for governor, Lingle was often able to sidestep questions about national Republican politics by focusing on Hawaii issues. She will be unable to distance herself as easily in a Senate campaign, although she already said this week that she will not always follow the national GOP.

"Linda Lingle has never run for office in a presidential year and never run for federal office," Matt Canter, a spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, said in an email. "Now she must explain her party's attempts to dismantle Medicare, cut Social Security, and oppose President Obama on virtually everything. Already in this campaign, Lingle has been unwilling to answer a simple yes or no question about where she stands on the Republican budget."

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clum56 wrote:
I sure hope that everyone doesn't forget what she did not do for everyone when she was in office as Govenor.
on October 14,2011 | 04:10AM
Highinthesierras wrote:
...which was stand up to an overwhelmingly Democratic legislature which was bought wholesale by UNIONS. Yeah, don't forget!
on October 14,2011 | 05:34AM
honokai wrote:
no worries clum56 --- they will spend millions into trying to brainwash us into thinking that Lingle is Palin, Lingle scheduled the days off, and Lingle sunk the Superferry ---- millions and million repeating this ---- brainwashing and repeating ---- you see that is the change that you can believe in --- the end of gotcha politics that got us where we are at --- with only 16% of voters believing we are headed the right direction in this country ---- change you can believe in
on October 14,2011 | 05:47AM
OldDiver wrote:
"Lingle hopes to raise $8 million to $10 million for her campaign. The more competitive rating could help her build early fundraising momentum".............Now that's an understatement. That $10 million has already been promised to her by Karl Rove (Bush's Brain).
on October 14,2011 | 07:26AM
ya_think wrote:
Can you explain how she sunk the superferry? It was the liberial left that sunk it.
on October 14,2011 | 08:35AM
OldDiver wrote:
ya_gotta think this one through. Linge's received contributions from the Super Ferry group to push the project through without proper procedures. It was the lack of following proper procedures that killed the Super Ferry. Ya_think?
on October 14,2011 | 08:41AM
ya_think wrote:
All you need to do is look at who supported it and who didn't to know why it was sunk. If the good old boys network had supported it, it would be running today. Can we say Hawaiian Air, Matson and the unions????
on October 14,2011 | 09:54AM
OldDiver wrote:
You can believe fairy tales or you can join us in the real world, your choice.
on October 14,2011 | 10:07AM
aiea7 wrote:
The superferry sunk itself; its economic model was woefully deficient; it overestimated the demand and that the seas at times were too rough for many people to ride it. Further, they did not consider that the other islands did not want people from other island coming to their land with cars, clogging the roads and raiding their natural resources. Most of the time the superferry was operating as less than breadeven point, and the seas betweem maui and kona were too rough for a smooth ride and demand would not be sufficient. These other factors hastened its demise, but it would have been more costly to the company if there were allowed to continue operations.
on October 14,2011 | 07:19PM
Kuniarr wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on October 14,2011 | 08:50AM
DowntownGreen wrote:
THe Democratic controlled Hawaii State Legislature enacted the law and Governor Lingle worked with them to craft it, publicly and forcefully supported it, and then enthusiastically signed it. The Governor AND the Legislature deserve the blame for what happened.
on October 14,2011 | 09:47AM
LemonySnickets wrote:
lingle is just a marionette of the republican party. lingle had the power to veto as she did veto to the passing of civil unions but her choice was to make money off of deals made on the Mainland when she went to support palin and other big companies. she made money off of the super ferry even when it shut down. lingle cannot make a decision on her own in her Veto speech for Civil Unions. I figured you would follow the rainbow and see that for yourself. I guessed wrong. As you say lingle was to be blamed and the present Governor is cleaning up her mess. Governor Abercrombie voted yes for civil unions.
on October 14,2011 | 10:59AM
DowntownGreen wrote:
Waipahu, my post clearly expresses the fact that the Legislature shares blame for the law you speak of regarding the Super Ferry, but your post (as always) ignores the Governor's culpability. It could and would not have become law without her signature. You can ignore that fact and repeat the shibai over and over (and over and over) that it has nothing to do with Ms. Lingle, but it doesn't change the reality that both the Governor and Legislature have responsibility.
on October 14,2011 | 01:32PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
That's right! Senator Gary Hoosier of kauai took it to court and killed the superferry with EIS rules because the people on kauai didn't want oahu folks taking their cars over there. Lingle did everything possible to help the superferry. That's the truth!
on October 14,2011 | 08:06PM
inverse wrote:
Lingle is 1/3 at fault for the Superferry fiasco. Calvin Say is also 1/3 at fault and Colleen Hanabusa the other 1/3. With a Democratically controlled State House and Senate, the Superferry could have NEVER gone as far as it did without approval from the Democratically controlled State House and Senate, both of which were lead by Say and Hanabusa. And for that matter the Stone's massive multi million tax credits he received for KoOlina and the ghost aquarium he never built would have never gotten through unless all three Say, Hanabusa and Lingle approved. This situation reminds me of the Harlem globetrotters playing a group of Caucasian players in a game of basketball. Two supposedly opposing teams that are as different as night and day, yet the underlying situation is that they are all on the SAME team!
on October 14,2011 | 05:16PM
Bdpapa wrote:
Lingle got my vote!
on October 14,2011 | 06:42AM
1local wrote:
Democrats are worried. Unions are worried. their unsustainable lifestyle and spending are coming to an end. Soon Unions and Democrats will have to live within their means like the most citizens in Hawaii. Hirono's latest tax return listed over $1million in income and lives in Kahala...
on October 14,2011 | 11:11AM
cojef wrote:
Right on! The Democratic voters have been brain washed by the Unions for generation and as a result BRAINDEAD. Super Ferry failed as a result of failure to obtain the proper EIS before proceeding. Yes, Lingle tried to pass a fast one on the Democratics, and unfortunately failed. Shades of the ancient "BIG 5", now it's "BIG UNION" that thwarts any Republican initiative.
on October 14,2011 | 05:07PM
1local wrote:
Lingle beat Hirono before and will do it again. Inouye is voting for Hirono - Inouye has a history of voting for the losing candidate. Remember that he voted for Hillary Clinton instead of Obama. Unions and democrats are bankrupting the state of Hawaii...
on October 14,2011 | 06:14AM
OldDiver wrote:
Let's see....After eight years of being Maui Mayor Linda Lingle left a huge deficit for the next mayor. After eight years as Governor Linda Lingle left a $1.2 billion dollar deficit for Governor Abercrombie. See the pattern?
on October 14,2011 | 08:30AM
OldDiver wrote:
And let's not forget, after Linda Lingle left Maui county in a mess, the majority of voters in Maui voted for Cayetano in Lingle's first race for governor.
on October 14,2011 | 08:35AM
mitt_grund wrote:
Why doesn't anyone point out that under her watch, her budget and finance chief invested $1 billion dollars in academic loan futures, all of which went down the drain with the 2008 national fiscal funk. Who invests $1 billion in tax dollars -- and loses it? What was the deficit at end of 2010? Try $ 1.2 billion. Care to guess where $1 billion of that came from? Of course, people will say it was the B&F Director's fault -- so Lingle had nothing to do with it. And then she tries to minimize the deficit by deferring tax refunds til the next Governor, making the deficit his and not hers. Some model of integrity.
on October 14,2011 | 09:58AM
Changalang wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on October 14,2011 | 01:04PM
mitt_grund wrote:
Good reportage. I had wondered about the outcome as both Lingle's B&F head Georgine Kawamura and House Speaker Say seemed to fudge on it.when asked what it all meant and why the Leg had not followed up on this incredible episode. Seems to be a cover-up. If it smells like a rotten fish, it's rotten. So upshot is we may get some return of funds by 2015, or maybe never. Still what gives a lame duck governor the right to make an investment that extends beyond her term and that of her successor, one-term Neil? And it still leaves the state out $1 billion when it most needs it.
on October 14,2011 | 05:14PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
Didn't the recession play any part in this fairy tale story you tell? Do you think responsibility for the deficit was all Lingle's fault and not the democratic legislature that actually authorizes spending? The unions own the democrats and 75% of state spending is employee salaries and benefits, what does that tell you? If you like the way things currently are then vote Mazie, if not vote Lingle.
on October 14,2011 | 08:34PM
ehbrah wrote:
Lingle has a shot in view of Father Dan's stubborn committment to Mazie. Can someone show me one contribution that Mazie has done for Hawaii?, besides following Father Dan's vote?
on October 14,2011 | 05:03AM
OldDiver wrote:
Check out her congressional web site. She list her accomplishments there. Do your own homework.
on October 14,2011 | 08:38AM
IWAKUNI wrote:
If the alternative is that awful, do-nothing, incompetent rubber stamp (that means Hirono) then sign me up for the Lingle campaign. Seriously, ANYONE but Mazie, please.
on October 14,2011 | 05:24AM
honokai wrote:
she is Palin, she is Palin, she is Palin, she scheduled furlough friday, she scheduled furlough friday, she scheduled furlough friday, she sunk superferry, she sunk superferry ----nanny, nanny boo boo ---- we got you ---- change you can believe in (all 16% of you)
on October 14,2011 | 05:38AM
bender wrote:
Funny thing. Although Obama's ratings are down, he is still ahead of all the current GOP candidates.
on October 14,2011 | 05:58AM
soundofreason wrote:
Not hard when your stance is always " The few rich should pay everyone else's taxes" and automaticcly gain the support of the 47% of the people who pay none. If that's the way this is supposed to work then I'm going to run for pres and say that everyone with 6 fingers on one hand should pay ALL the taxes. Poof!...........97% approval rating!!! Always easier to volunteer somebody else's money.......until they get up and leave.....WITH their wealth.
on October 14,2011 | 06:58AM
bender wrote:
Hawaii being one of nine tossup states is bad news indeed. What this means that we will be subjected to months of mainland style hateful political advertising. And there will be tons of it.
on October 14,2011 | 05:55AM
KeithHaugen wrote:
But the media -- broadcast and print -- love it. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
on October 14,2011 | 07:43AM
sollie wrote:
on October 14,2011 | 05:58AM
honokai wrote:
using all CAPs makes you look like a ranting nutcase --- if you want her to tell you how she is going to spend her money --- that sounds a bit silly --- we have not yet adopted a fascist type socialism where people have to account for their spending to the collective public or governent
on October 14,2011 | 06:13AM
DowntownGreen wrote:
And not using caps or punctuation makes a poster look intelligent?
on October 14,2011 | 08:10AM
1local wrote:
Democrats are worried. Unions are worried. their unsustainable lifestyle and spending are coming to an end. Soon Unions and Democrats will have to live within their means like the most citizens in Hawaii. Hirono's latest tax return listed over $1million in income and lives in Kahala...
on October 14,2011 | 06:21AM
MKZhawaii wrote:
Hirono hides while her fundraiser makes statements that make little or no sense. Saying the same thing false thing over and over again doesn't make it true. Nielsen obviously is an outsider that doesn't know the facts. Governor's cannot unlaterially furlough teachers; they work for the DOE and the HSTA. Superferry came her because of what the LIngle Adminisration working in a bipartisan way with leadership in the state legislature accomplished. DIdn't she hear or read about the special session of the legisiature to pass that one bill? (Oh she was in DC and doesn't know anything about Hswaii!). And, finally, Linda Lingle, just like others in both parties, supported candidates during an election year. DIdn'nt Hanabusa support Clinton over Obama? And, didn't our senior US Senator stand up and say, Cinton is much better than Obama, while he knocked his private attendance at Punahou. As for Case, read man: Governor LIngle as Mayor for 8 years and Governor for 8 years showed with her strong executive experience how fiscally responsible she is was while governing on behalf of all the people, not her party. Retread, tired, worn out attacks from old policians is a turn-off to voters. Lingle said this campaign will be about issues. Maybe Mazie and Ed should win there primary firat before turning unfounded attacks on Lingle. A bit arrogant to assume you've have your parties nomination, yuh?Once on emerges, than the issue and character debate can begin. Until then stop the negative attacks. It's ugly and it ain't right!
on October 14,2011 | 06:19AM
bender wrote:
It's not uncommon to run against the opponent from the other party even though you haven't clinched your own party's nomination. Micehelle Bachman is an example of that. Her platform seems to be based solely on attacking Obama and not questioning the records of her GOP opponents.And Case would be a lolo to attack Hirono, that would bring the wrath of Dan Inouye. So he'll attack Lingle instead. Hirono will eventually attack Case but it won't come directly from her. She will let Dan Inouye and the unions do her dirty work.
on October 14,2011 | 06:54AM
Publicbraddah wrote:
Lingle, Hirono, Hanabusa, Case, and Hanneman. Not much to choose from. Each has burned Hawaii and we keep electing them.
on October 14,2011 | 06:48AM
KeithHaugen wrote:
Who is the Cook Political Reporter and why don't they know about Linda's record as Governor?
on October 14,2011 | 07:10AM
DHappyAngel wrote:
The report is laughable Keith. The only reason she beat Mazie for Governor is that people thought "MAYBE" GOP would be different., because Ben was/is such a JERK! Did Lingle do any good ABSOLUTELY NOT! So I am NOT worried. Why did Aiona get trounced if people were so happy with Lingle? Honestly, I wish we had a stronger third party, but until we do, I'm voting Dem. Just need to decide between Mazie and Case, though I'm leaning more towards her.
on October 14,2011 | 08:04AM
AniMatsuri wrote:
The only thing a strong 3rd party would do is make Hawai'i 99% Demoncat controlled instead of the 90% it is now.
on October 14,2011 | 11:41AM
McCully wrote:
Hirono is one big rubber stamp for King Dan. Time to break up the Hawaii's Mafia.
on October 14,2011 | 07:17AM
senator_bob wrote:
of course, she's a candidate. she's the master journalist. one million for the star, one million for cook political, one million for each of the t.v. news stations in hawaii. give me a million, i'll say anything like 'it's now a race'. i can't wait to see aunti's and uncle's face when she tells them, i'm for the ryan budget which means no more medicare or social security.
on October 14,2011 | 07:21AM
Changalang wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on October 14,2011 | 07:24AM
DHappyAngel wrote:
Mahalo for the "facts."
on October 14,2011 | 08:06AM
DowntownGreen wrote:
Thanks for injecting some sanity into the discussion.
on October 14,2011 | 08:13AM
NiteMarcher wrote:
Ahh, Changalang, their is always room for change. Didn't everyone think that H. Clinton was going to win, and surprise, surprise Obama took it away from her. The media and polling company can throw out whatever they want too, but last minute surprises are always a possibility and sometimes a blessing.
on October 14,2011 | 09:50AM
walrus808 wrote:
Wow, the Dems must be a little frightened by Lingle's entrance into the race, the misinformation and smears have already begun! Hope they keep it up, we're all wide awake and aware of the tricks they play (speaking as a former Dem/Lib), a lot of us aren't buying the shibai anymore. Best of luck Linda!
on October 14,2011 | 07:24AM
mcc wrote:
Ed Case is the logical caniddate. Linda is a tea party follower and Maize, what has she done, follows Uncle Dad. Let's get someone that is independant like Case.
on October 14,2011 | 07:28AM
KeithHaugen wrote:
Repeated references to the Tea Party are very misleading. It is not one of our country's political "parties." It is just a radical right wing of the Republican Party, the GOP. While it appears to be the tail wagging the dog, many Republicans are upset with the image the Tea Partiers have created and are willing to disavow any relationship. As one of my GOP buddies said, "They are NOT Republicans, but they seem afraid to become a real 'party,' since they are so small in numbers and have nothing, no one, to offer."
on October 14,2011 | 07:40AM
Bdpapa wrote:
Agree completely!
on October 14,2011 | 08:58AM
MissingHawaii wrote:
Yes, remember the past accomplishments of Linda Lingle--- Superferry fiasco Furlough Fridays nightmare Sarah Palin as Vice President embrace and her future accomplishments---- Paul Ryan's/GOP Budget-privatize Medicare, Social Security and cut Medicaid Dismantle the EPA and FDA Cut federal regulations that protect clean air and water and food Yes, Hawaii will really be a paradise then.
on October 14,2011 | 07:49AM
Kuniarr wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on October 14,2011 | 02:07PM
DowntownGreen wrote:
And you seem to conveniently ingore and refuse to acknowledge the fact that it would never have become law if the Republican Governor had vetoed or not signed that law. But she did, so she shares the blame with the Legislature. And every time you repeat your factual, but incomplete talking point, you reveal your partisan bias.
on October 14,2011 | 03:27PM
Kuniarr wrote:
This comment has been deleted.
on October 14,2011 | 04:22PM
DowntownGreen wrote:
Not true. The Governor shares the same responsibility since the law could not be "enacted" without either her signature, her allowing it to become law without her signature, or the Legislature overiding her veto, so your premise is faulty. She supported it, she worked with them to craft the language and she signed it. But keep repeating the shibai that she has no accountability for the law...I'm sure there are some out there that will believe you.
on October 14,2011 | 04:40PM
NDN wrote:
I think Linda Lingle did as much as she could possibly do in a democratically controlled House and Senate in Hawaii that was always at odds with her. I always felt she had the best interest of the people of Hawaii in mind. I fully support Linda Lingle in her bid for US Senate.
on October 14,2011 | 08:04AM
NiteMarcher wrote:
I won't be surprised one bit if she gets more votes than the rest. Furlough Friday's were not Lingles' fault, but the fault of the union. King Dan wanted Abercrombie back here to help ensure Hawaii would remain democrat. Lingle is sorely needed at this time to help season the pot of stew with Case and Hirono. I believe like you that she sincerely cares about the people of Hawaii and will not lean towards protecting those shadow interests of the past like the unions, uncle Dan & entourage, and the list goes on. Our Gov. slogan of a "New Day" in Hawaii, has been nothing but a repeat of what's been going on for years. Yes, Hawaii needs a change in thinking, a big time change in thinking, and the only hope at this time would be for Lingle to dive in and stir up the pot.
on October 14,2011 | 09:28AM
tw33t808 wrote:
Lingle will never get my vote after she did nothing to help save Aloha Airlines, state workers/teacher furloughs and the rest of the mess she created and left.
on October 14,2011 | 08:25AM
NiteMarcher wrote:
Why should she have been the one to save Aloha? Aloha did it to themselves. As for furloughs, blame the unions who are always trying to control everything in their path by using their numbers as a way to intimidate govt. Unions are slowly becoming a thing a past and its about time the Hawaii catches up with what's happening throughout the nation.
on October 14,2011 | 09:34AM
kainalu wrote:
One thing I can guarantee - I won't be voting for her. My campaign slogan for this race is "Anyone but Lingle".
on October 14,2011 | 08:40AM
roadsterred wrote:
Don't bother me with the facts! Teacher furloughs was Lingle's fault. The SuperFerry fiasco was Lingle's fault. Our State's budget problem is Lingle's fault. Our underfunded State Employees Retirement System is Lingle's fault. I could go on and on. Isn't it amazing how one woman who was in office for only 8 years was able to single-handedly destroy our State? Especially with a Democrat-controlled Legislature since the early 50's and a slew of Democratic governors. I repeat don't bother me with the facts. I'm going to believe what I want to believe. Lingle was the worse Governor in Hawaii and the Legislature tried their best to marginalize her but apparently their best was not good enough. Not!
on October 14,2011 | 08:54AM
NiteMarcher wrote:
Hey, this one woman needed to come in and bring a wake up call to this Democratic state of Hawaii which is sorely backed up by union thugs and special interests, quite similar to N.Y. She's definitely not a clone of those from the past and I believe, whether you want to hear it or not that she'll be sailing into the Senate seat easier than pie and with the financial backing that the others won't be able to touch.
on October 14,2011 | 09:42AM
OPIDUK wrote:
Although General Lee is a well respected person, I hope that the people of Hawaii do not vote for Lingle based on his reputation and remember the many bad things that Lingle did and did not do. Lingle left the State in a a poor economic condition. I don't think party is an issue in this case but i believe the poor record of Lingle's tenure should be the deciding factor. Her record was not good and her judgement even less...to nominate Palin was the last straw. Air heads incorporated.
on October 14,2011 | 09:02AM
waikiicapt wrote:
"Anybody But Hirono!" You can blame Lingle all you want for a string of alleged failures...as seen by liberals....but you cannot for a moment deny the reality of living in a problem plagued state that has been under a democrat majority ruled legislature for over a generation. Our congressional delegation and our state capitol, and even our City Council have been under the rule of liberal loving democrat politicians during most of the time of this state's history. Broken highways, sewers, airports and harbors, a decrepit system of infrastructure are all the fault of liberal democrats. While Lingle is blamed for furloughs, you have Neil taking a shot at the HGEA and HSTA on a daily basis. Great rapport between a governor and the very people who put him in office. To all you liberals out there, I say keep voting for the local party of failure here in Hawaii, because you deserve it. The ever dwindling number of people who actually get off their okole to go vote, deserve the liberal democrat politicians they end up with.
on October 14,2011 | 09:40AM
control wrote:
It's called voting for the lesser of two evils.
on October 14,2011 | 02:39PM
LemonySnickets wrote:
lingle already has some of her millions for campaign. she started campaigning years ago with her frequent trips to the mainland to support palin and other republicans. 8 to 10 million dollars for her campaign is selfish and she thinks little of Hawaii but being a senator is just another job.
on October 14,2011 | 10:18AM
BT_is_crazy wrote:
This is a test
on October 14,2011 | 11:46AM
honokai wrote:
of the emergency broadcast system?
on October 14,2011 | 12:57PM
control wrote:
Are they kidding???? Too many people got screwed over by Lingle and her administration. The bulk of her funding comes from the mainland and they don't vote here. She won't be holding political office in hawaii any time soon.
on October 14,2011 | 02:35PM
tinapa wrote:
Just the mere mention of Linda Lingle's name makes the Democrats nervous and running scared. They shoud and must be because their dominance in representing Hawaii in the US Senate is about to end and Linda Ligle is the terminator to that dominance. The undeniable truth is, Linda Lingle is simply the best candidate.
on October 14,2011 | 02:36PM
kennysmith wrote:
ijust don't know who can do a good job?, i just wish they just tell the full truth to every one there?.
on October 14,2011 | 04:40PM
squidman22 wrote:
The only thing that sticks in my mind about Lingle is that she rubber stamped Superferry and then when the you know what hit the fan, her office was strangely silent and non engaging. What gives. The State, ie., the Governor, gave their assurance that Superferry was good to go. But when the courts decided that it wasn't, they were strangely silent. I'm not voting Lingle. That's a certainty.
on October 14,2011 | 07:20PM
inverse wrote:
Lingle could have never gotten the Superferry going without the full approval of both Calvin Say and Collen Hanabusa, who lead the democratically controlled State House and Senate.
on October 14,2011 | 08:15PM
saywhatyouthink wrote:
OMG...Changalang should get himself check out by a mental health professional.
on October 14,2011 | 08:15PM
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