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'No pictures, please'

By Christopher Dela Cruz

Special to the Star-Advertiser

LAST UPDATED: 12:52 p.m. HST, Oct 29, 2012

Nancy is so stupid. I told her no take picture of the house. The Japanee-looking one that stay all run down. Heard had some pretty nuts stuff in dea, but I don't wanna find out.

She said one girl had get raped in dea and her eyes was poked out cuz she witnessed everything. Found her body without her eyes.

She tinks it's cool, but I tink it's scary. Yet, she still drag me along with her, down the street by Manoa Valley, where the house stay. Buss out her large camera and everything. Snapped the picture while I trying to tell her stop. She not taking me seriously, she thinks it's only a joke. I had trip out when I saw the curtain move, cuz I know the house is empty.

Even moa stupid, she drag me INTO the house. The door has one crack, so we slipped through. Ho, the house smell like death, like musty death. We had look round the living room and headed for the bedroom. Floorboard squeaking and everything, I followed Nancy down the hallway when we had hear one noise. Stopped us in our shoes.

I thought was one rat, but was larger. Was like sliding across the floor. I couldn't even move, as the apparition started fo crawl toward us. The light from one window had strike the ghost, and I saw blood on its clothes. Choke. It started crawling all disfigured and gross up to us, as Nancy had snap another picture. It then stood up, as fast as the chill ran up my spine, and suddenly had jump in front of us. The black hair was covering its face, but blood still was dripping from its body. It slowly looked up and my heart ran cold.

"Oh frek." Was one girl. Her face was pale white and she nevah have any eyes. Her mouth was wide open, but had no noise. Blood was dripping from her mouth. I was like "F dis!" and I grabbed Nancy and ran for da front door. At the corner of my eye, I could still see the shadow of the girl in the hallway, still looking at us with no eyes.

Nancy had tell me she goin develop the pictures and show me at Ms. Takemoto's class tomorrow. Cept tomorrow nevah come.

I dunno what happened. Nancy left same time as me, only I made it home before dinner and she nevah make um home at all. Nothing. Just disappeared. Police had help the family, but nothing. Vanished. It's been 30 years and I've yet to hear from her, let alone see da picture.

If I recall though, several weeks aftah, Nancy's camera turned up. Smashed lens and the film roll missing. It's like someone nevah like anyone see the picture. I told her; she nevah like listen.

The house still dea, in Manoa Valley. Weeds everywhere, paint chipping, door rotting away. I would show you one picture, but I don't wanna disappear like Nancy did. So stupid.

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